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#9 – Creature under the bed

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The monster under the bed really isn’t that scary – he just likes to lick feet. Always wear slippers and remember to jump!

Day 9 (sort of): Noel Rhine

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I’m really tired of this right now, my pen pressure went out and everything hurts, so I’m just going to upload the file like this in all its shitty glory.

Anyways, this was supposed to be character #9, Noel Rhine. She’s supposed to be the first existence of another character of mine, “Hildan 01”. This is what Hildan was before she was made into a cyborg being, average bystander Noel Rhine. In her 3rd existence, Noel is brought back as an Angelette as a second chance sort of thing. She does a decent job as a low class Angelette.

Day 9: Dust Bunny

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This is another one where I started drawing …had something going that I really really liked and something happened to the page and it closed out on me. I am soooooooo not happy!!!!! Then my youngest started crying and well I wound up with this. Not the best but guess it will work. I had drawn feet and hands on the other one and decided not to with this one. These are kind of like dust gremlins they travel in packs and are evil lil critters ….cute but evil ;P

#9 Ryan

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I noticed everyone has been doing Zombies lately…I thought I would try something from other end of the life cycle.  Hope you enjoy…


PS for the .08% of you that might have noticed, I just caught the typo but don’t care enough to fix it right now…I wont apologize for being lazy.

#10 – Insomniac

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And now for something completely different… A super hero!  Insomniac is a character I’ve had in mind for a long time, but could never land on a design I liked.  I’m pretty sure I like this one, though.  As a “dark knight” type character, her cloak includes a good so she can look look more dark, mysterious and scary. Her staff is retractable and can be kept in a pocket on the side of her boot. That metal thing on her right arms houses a computer with communication and navigational capabilities. Her mask includes night vision lenses.

In my world of supers, mental powers manifest themselves in different ways. In Insomniac’s case, she’s got a sixth sense that warns her of danger (like Spider-Man’s spidey sense), along with an unusually high intellect.  Also, as the name implies, a side effect of her powers is that she doesn’t sleep; she doesn’t need to. (This was inspired by an article I read a few years ago about why we sleep; it’s our minds that need it, not our bodies, so it makes sense that a person with a super-human brain might not need sleep.) This has given her a lot more time to perfect her fighting skills. It also allows her to live a double life.

Insomniac is Japanese, and because of her genius finished school early. When she was younger, she traveled the world, learning new skills and earning lots of money. She eventually settled down and set up her own company in  big city (haven’t decided where yet, but it will probably be a fictional Asian city state; Singapore meets Gotham?).  Most of her life she has used her powers only for her own good, but after a crisis occurs (???) she decides change her ways and use her powers to fight the crime and corruption of the city she calls home.



#10 Fallen Angel Estigar

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G. Brett Williams #9 – The Aces Wild Programme

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Aces Wild – It was the 1930s and everywhere you looked, if you knew what to look for, you could see that the world was spoiling for war. The avarice of the 20s had led to the financial collapse of the early 1930s and the Great Depression had left many countries in the world weak and susceptible to totalitarian countries and radical ideals. As the world reeled from the Great Depression, wars popped up all over the planet, with smaller nations falling prey to the machinations of dangerous and powerful conquerors. As the world slipped further into despair and poverty, new threats of the scientific and the strange emerged, only now they were more often than not tied to the ideologies of these various warring nations. What had once been the evils of madmen became the implied “progressiveness” of dangerous nations. Samuel Wilde, in his time as the Wilde Card, had fought men such as Master Midnight, a master magician and scientist bent on furthering his own agenda. That was the order of the day for the 1920s. It was a time of exploration, of opulence, of self-involvement, but the Depression had ended that. Now men of Midnight’s ilk worked for dictators and religious leaders, using their powers and their skills to further deadly agendas. Combating these terrifying new villains with backing from some of the most powerful and wealthy nations in the world would require a special kind of vigilance. It would require a team.

In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President of the United States. His New Deal policies would help combat the continued threat of economic collapse. But what the American people knew nothing about was FDR’s decision to join with the British government in an attempt to reinstate the Wilde Card program. Believing that the failure of the first program could be attributed to their strict insistence on keeping the Wilde Card largely isolated from personal relationships, the British suggested that a team be developed. The team would consist of four people with complimentary skills. The hope was that having to work closely with one another would engender the kind of close relationships in the field that the Wilde Card felt he was missing. They also hoped that having differing opinions and suggestions for how to deal with certain situations would keep the entire team sharp and competitive. The British were contracted to run the program, appointing special officer Nigel Blackthorne to head up the new program, which was now being referred to as Aces Wild. A worldwide search was undertaken and possible team members were culled from various nations friendly to the cause. From China they pulled a martial artist trained in various combative arts. He was a master of barehanded and armed combat, and it was deemed that he would be the Ace of Clubs. From France came a talented and intelligent young adventurer, a woman renowned for her anthropological and archaeological knowledge as well as her ability with a firearm. She would be the Ace of Hearts. America contributed two people to the team. The first was the young heir to the largest munitions developer in America. His family had made munitions for the American armed forces since the Civil War and had done very well for themselves for it. This young man was an engineering genius and preferred to use his family’s money and resources to create gadgets and technology on the fringe of science. He would be the Ace of Diamonds. The second American contribution was something of a mystery. A professional gambler and former soldier, the man was a master with edged weapons. His background was pedestrian compared to the rest, but his connection to the team’s first mission made him invaluable. He would be the Ace of Spades. Those four members would make up the core team and would liaise with various agents and other sympathizers throughout the globe as they carried out their mission to save the world from the terrifying new threats it faced. Each of them was given a codename and they were all strictly forbidden to divulge too much personal information about themselves to one another.


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#7- Monster Monkey

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During the 1800’s, the world was still being discovered and cultural studies were being expedited for the search of treasures of economic and intellectual value for the civilized age. One such Professor brought his family with him on his journeys so that they may prosper from his findings as well. On one such island while studying a hidden civilization in the middle of the Atlantic, his son had gone exploring and stumbled upon an ancient shrine. Literally stumbling, he hit his head at the base of the shrine and a spirit met him and accepted his blood sacrifice to be the island’s protector in the form of a giant gorilla. The rest of the expedition was forced off the island and  left the son as the embodied protector of the island- MONSTER MONKEY.

#4 Uproar

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Art by Michael Powell (@mpowelljr)
Words by Rolando Garcia (@roshow)

Uproar was always one of the scrappiest, smartest  and most opportunistic kids in the North Central slums of Ultra City. He was running his own little gang by fifth grade. But at home he was low man on the totem pole. His mother was never without a boyfriend and they came in all shapes and sizes with two things in common: they liked to screw his mom and beat him up. Uproar’s propensity to talk back didn’t help things, earning him fat lips to go with the rest of the bruises.

His sonic scream developed in his mid-teens. Unfortunately for mommy’s last boyfriend, he chose to smack Uproar around at the wrong time. When Uproar talked back this time, the boyfriend’s insides exploded. Uproar realized he couldn’t speak without letting loose an uncontrollable sonic blast. No problem: he texted his gang to come over. Without speaking, he walked them through getting rid of the boyfriend’s body. The cops never even came looking, anyway.

His inability to talk without blow things up made him intimidating and his willingness to do it made him a force. Before long, Uproar and his gang rose to the top of their heap. He still controls all the major illegal activity in North Central.

Unknown to the general public, Uproar has been able to talk for the past year, thanks to a voice box. The clever device fits in his collar and regulates his voice, allowing him to control you hear him talk or feel your insides liquify. Uproar received the voice box as payment from an employee at Lunar Labs that he helped to move some regulated substances. But Uproar likes the dread his silence provokes in the average Joe, so he keeps it a secret. Mostly it helps Uproar in negotiations with the other bosses and expanding his gang’s reach.

#9- Jay

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A lass who’s in the story with the lady I posted yesterday!!  She is a Very Important Character in the story, but if I said anything else I’d probably spoil it!

Basically, she knows Fernanda in a certain way.

p.s. here’s a larger version of this photo.

#9-Ron Priest-20 years later

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Ron Priest was an up and coming DA the first time the Prick appeared. Believing in him he, helped him in cases and used him as a police agent, though not being able to publicly, often being forced to chase him down when it wasn’t just the two of them. He’s been known to play dirty, but always with reason. He would run for Mayor (with the help of some unknown and elicit promises, he eventually was elected), during which time he would build his own police force, behind even the Prick’s back. When Jet Disco attacked in his new Metahuman state, he used the police force to take him out. He tried to get the Prick to join up with it, but Prick was hesitant for some reason. A year later, the Prick would be hunted down in the streets by the Elite force, and disappeared after getting away. Priest continued to use his force to clean up the city, but eventually, he used it to control it. The city may no longer be the dump of previous years, the slums are worse then ever. The Prick appears to have returned in them, but poses not threat to Priest. Currently.

No sketch, probably get around to it tomorrow. Put up my gallery show today and want to take care of something special tonight.

#8 – Jezebel Phoenix

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I’ve been around.

That is, I think, the best way to sum it up.

Most of the early years are a complete blur. The fact that everything keeps changing so damn fast doesn’t hep either.

When the hell did we started carrying phones in our pockets again?

Anyways, I know it may sound a little hard to believe, looking the way I look.

That is, alive.

But, hey. I know who I am and I know where I’ve been and what I’ve seen. The rest is your problem.

Half the people I meet prefer to not believe, mostly because of what that would mean for their own personal believe systems, for science, for history and what not.

The other half likes to believe I’m just making stuff up.

Like I said, it’s their problem.

No one likes to hear that the messiah had a nice caboose. Either because its blasphemy or because it confirms there actually was a messiah.

So, I try to mostly keep to myself. When you’ve lived as long as I have, you tend to not get too attached to, well… Everything.

The people I know and the places I visit tend to end up turning to dust sooner or later. It used to hit me real hard. Left a big hole in me. Like the equivalent of phantom limb for nostalgia or something.

The children were the worst.

My… Children.

Lets just say no one cheered higher when we came up with the first condom and move on, OK?

As far as what I do, well… I’ve done a bit of everything.

Or at least everything they would let a woman do.

Even tried to get into the hero business once or twice. I think the first time was in 1722, when the concept first appeared. Then in the early 40’s but that just didn’t go well AT ALL. And one last time in the seventies.

Thank Buddha I stopped smoking whatever I was smoking back then. That costume… I’m sure there are pictures on your world wide web or somewhere in there.

I never did too well at the hero thing. Mostly because compared to guys who can build giant zeppelins, move mountains with their minds and turn into living energy, the amazing ability of “Not Dying” leave much to be desired.

It does have its perks though. I’ve never been sick in my entire life. Not even a cold. Not even a migraine. Never had any acne problems or anything of the sort.

Even my teeth are completely flawless!! And let me tell you, having leaved most of my life without knowing proper dental hygiene, that is saying something.

But anyway. Starting my own business was mostly a matter of necessity more than anything else. It’s real hard to open a bank account or take a loan when your birth certificate is a museum piece. OK, that was a joke. When I was born, the concept of birth certificates, fire and the freaking wheel had not occurred to us yet. But my condition does make me rely on cash a great deal.

So I started thinking what I could do with all of these millennia of experience that benefits from the fact that I cannot be killed no matter how hard you try.

It’s actually rather silly that it took me all this time to figure it out: Professional Bodyguard.

Got myself a license, a couple of people who are crazy enough to work both for and with me, and there you go!!

Now, don’t believe what the movies have told you: Being a bodyguard is mind numbing job. Cubicle drones get lucky compared to us. But then again the pay is GREAT, you get to meet interesting people and, once in a while, something blows up. Mostly because of me.

It’s a flaw of mine. I’ve been working on it.

So, what do you say kiddo?

You want in?


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Symane Braxis


General Symane Braxis comes from the planet Argonis, a founding member world of the Unified Interstellar Conference.  Braxis comes from generations of military service and rose prominently in the UIC Starcorps to the rank of Field General of the 1st Frontier Army.  It was there that Braxis first met a promising young officer by the name of Kraul from the reptillian race of the Sal H’ar.  Kraul’s prowess as a soldier was matched and surpassed only by his ambition.  Braxis took Kraul under his wing and together they were instrumental in the UIC/ Thrallian Starwar of 2480-2485.  But Kraul believed the peace afterwards was too soft on the Thrallian Empire.  Lustful for conquest he eventually betrayed the UIC and switched sides.  Braxis although not at fault was held responsible for not having the forsight of Kraul’s betrayl.  He was relegated to desk duty as a result, and was being transfered to a backwater outpost for stationing.  Braxis would eventually get retribution for his dishonor by joining the adventurer group Golundan Corp and its many dealings with The Thrallians and their military Commander Kraul…

#9 The Collective

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Your neighbor, your teacher, your driving instructor. Are you sure these people are who they appear? Is there something off about them, something alien? Does it seem that instead of looking you in the eyes as they talk with you, their head flails about like a ragdoll’s? Do their voices not match their moving lips? Are their hands cold and hard? Maybe even a bit sharp? What you may have here, instead of a person, is what is known as “a collective”. These little creatures take shape in clothing they’ve tailored and function together as one unit. They each think independently, but can all function well in making this one “person” not only mobile, but in several cases, a believable human being.

Some folks are just gullible like that.

# 8 – Scratch

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Just a Gengar-inspired design of a monster. A ghost/demon thing that likes to burrow into the walls of old houses like some kind of paranormal vermin.


Day 9: Antonia Saltatio

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A woman wearing a hat with a flower pattern, and holding a parasole. She is also wearing a dress with a low belt and puffy sleeves.

I’m making an adaptation of The 12 Dancing Princesses that takes place in 1927, where the daughters sneak off every night to a speakeasy.

Antonia is the third oldest of the twelve sisters. She loves nature, especially the sunlight. However, being incredibly pale, she burns very easily, and carries a parasole with her whenever she goes outside.

Day Nine – Oswald

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Dis is Oswald. And he is a cow, that eats fish. The end :I

Day 7- DadBeard

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#7 – Sophie

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Normally I don’t create detailed illustrations like this but I’ve been trying to practice… I’m not too happy with it but I’m posting this with the chance of getting some critiques.

She’s an old character idea I had… a character is slowly loosing his memories. The things he’s dreaming about each night are parts of his life he’ll never remember again. It’s very slow and gradual. The things he forgets are very subtle and unimportant at first.

Every once in a while Sophie shows up in his dreams but he doesn’t fully know who she is, he’s already forgotten. She’s not a girlfriend or a family member but it’s something important. Every time he sees her, more of her has disappeared into wispy smoke. She’s kind of like a spiritual guide (or hallucination).

Day 6- Nemesis Pigeon

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Day 5- Draelyn

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Day 4- Caffeine

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#4- The Expedient Caffeine

#9 – Queen of Nightmares

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This is the Queen of Nightmares….

Still feeling sick…and kind of burnt out…

Don’t feel like writing anything today, until next time then…

#3- Mr. Mittens

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#9 Vera Hulis

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Name: Vera Hulis
Trainer ID: KA1378318
DOB: February 19, 19XX
Hometown: Cinnabar Island
Region: Kanto
Current team (as of last registered battle):

  • Aerodactyl (M)
  • Crawdaunt (M)
  • Luxray (F)
  • Nidoqueen (F)
  • Haunter (F)
  • Shiftry (M)

Current status: Active
Achievements: 8 of 8 badges (Kanto)
Observational notes: Claims hometown is CINNABAR ISLAND but starting location is registered as FUSCHIA CITY. Likely due to strong feelings of attachment to the currently uninhabited island. Currently UNKNOWN how she acquired an AERODACTYL. Suspicions that it may have been revived from the missing GREAT DIADEM OF SAIPH. Investigations are INCONCLUSIVE due to still-missing item, destruction of Cinnabar Laboratory and records, and no discovered connection to known thief JUSTIN LAURE.

Trainer’s account is low. Civilian savings account is BLOATED. Currently not flagged as suspicious. Inquiries suggest long-term plans.

Known associations to REVIVE OUR ISLAND (ROI). Currently not flagged as criminal, but are being monitored. Summary of current findings: NOT SUSPICIOUS. JUST KIDS WHO WANT TO GO HOME. Movement is supported by BLAINE OF CINNABAR ISLAND.

At the moment, no known plans to participate in XXXth INDIGO PLATEAU CONFERENCE. Plans to instead attempt VICTORY ROAD CHALLENGE. Personal observations: attempt to fast-track to Elite Four challenge or suicidal? Possibly both.

Known associations with criminal organizations or persons: NONE. Suspected associations with criminal organizations or person: ONE. SEE FILE ON JUSTIN LAURE. Suspected penchant to piss off criminal organizations or persons: EXTREMELY HIGH. Personal note: fix wording before submitting update.

Assessment: VERA HULIS is, in many ways, a TYPICAL TRAINER. Started travelling at age 10, swiftly acquired first badge and later realized that the battles get exponentially harder. ATYPICAL TRAINER in that she 1) did not give up after first major loss (to LT. SURGE OF VERMILION CITY) and 2) started her journey with two Pokemon, one of which did not officially debut until third official trainer’s battle (AERODACTYL was not officially registered until second battle against LT. SURGE). How she acquired that Aerodactyl is unknown.

Acquired EIGHT KANTO LEAGUE BADGES well above the median length of time. Each time at registering for official league battle, Pokemon levels were well above the median. Speaking with other trainers suggests that she is well-known for over-training before battles.

Appears to have incurred the wrath of TEAM ROCKET EXECUTIVE BRANT. How she did that is currently unknown, but announcement was met with at least one cheer. Does not appear to be in any mortal danger, but will remained monitored until further notice.

#2- VoldeMonkey

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“Volde” is an Arcanish prefix that means “who brings doom”. “Monkey” is common for “monkey”.

Day 9: Grayscale the Wolf

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An explorer of superior intelligence who navigates the globe using a vast array of his own high tech weapons!

#9 – Allen

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#10 Third Section aka Three

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Section 3 member

a member of the mysterious third section


‘Three’ as she likes to be called is a member of the much feared and rather mysterious Third Section. The third section is officially the secret police of the wood elven city of Lycolis. Unofficially they act as a quasi-fascist organization that quashes all opposition to the ruling class. ‘Three’ is now one the front lines of the war against the orcs-she is there to drive the troops to victory(she has just killed the local commander who was deemed too cowardly and disloyal by the royal family)-by any means necessary.