#10 – Insomniac

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And now for something completely different… A super hero!  Insomniac is a character I’ve had in mind for a long time, but could never land on a design I liked.  I’m pretty sure I like this one, though.  As a “dark knight” type character, her cloak includes a good so she can look look more dark, mysterious and scary. Her staff is retractable and can be kept in a pocket on the side of her boot. That metal thing on her right arms houses a computer with communication and navigational capabilities. Her mask includes night vision lenses.

In my world of supers, mental powers manifest themselves in different ways. In Insomniac’s case, she’s got a sixth sense that warns her of danger (like Spider-Man’s spidey sense), along with an unusually high intellect.  Also, as the name implies, a side effect of her powers is that she doesn’t sleep; she doesn’t need to. (This was inspired by an article I read a few years ago about why we sleep; it’s our minds that need it, not our bodies, so it makes sense that a person with a super-human brain might not need sleep.) This has given her a lot more time to perfect her fighting skills. It also allows her to live a double life.

Insomniac is Japanese, and because of her genius finished school early. When she was younger, she traveled the world, learning new skills and earning lots of money. She eventually settled down and set up her own company in  big city (haven’t decided where yet, but it will probably be a fictional Asian city state; Singapore meets Gotham?).  Most of her life she has used her powers only for her own good, but after a crisis occurs (???) she decides change her ways and use her powers to fight the crime and corruption of the city she calls home.



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  1. G.R. says:

    Love this character! Love the solid black used here. She has a great name and story. She’s great!

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