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#1 – Saturn

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Discription to come later

#01 : the Arsonite : Kyle Higgings

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Name: Kyle Higgings
Age: 37
Ethnicity: American, White
Religion: None

Power(s): Controls/Causes fire.

Kyle Higgings is not your sassy gay best friend. Professionally he can be anywhere from silent and wooden to slightly jocular. He is as emotionally closed off as they come, though he does have a soft, fatherly spot for his team. He has never had a stable relationship, and is something of a whore. He does not appreciate the flaming jokes that OTHER CHARACTERS (namely #03, Dida and #04, Jonah) are want to make — though he has grown used to them. He is a man of few words, and usually just talks about missions and training. He’d try to help any member of the team that came to him, but often feels like he is unqualified if the matters are personal rather than professional. He has the highest respect for the Division and would follow their orders almost blindly. He considers himself an authority figure and would not tolerate being undermined.


+Dark hair and eyes.
+ Well muscled, but not too built, he has to constantly work for his frame, it is not entirely natural, but it is routine.
+Usually wears slacks and a blazer over a t-shirt. When he’s fighting he removes the blazer.
+ His hands are about 10-15 degrees warmer than the rest of his body — and while the heat never bothers him he usually wears driving gloves as to not upset anyone else.

(the AMAZING Maggie G. Vicknair will sketch him later. Go check out her characters, they’re cooler.)

Important Life Events:
+ Acquired powers at 15 upon the death of his predecessor. His predecessor is unknown. (Never revealed?)
+ Left home in a fit of rage at 16 — burned down part of the house, upon exit. He came out to his mother screaming, “I’M A FLAMING HOMOSEXUAL” and left before his family had a chance to accept him (which they might have, we’ll never know.)
+ Was discovered by the government at age 18 and asked to join the division where they trained him for leadership of a team of others like him. Has had many painful physical tests, and until the discovery of ANOTHER CHARACTER (#04, Jonah) the only one of the 12 Legacies the government was aware of.

2011 Challenger: Brandon Perdue

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This probably won’t actually post until November 2nd, but what the heck.

I’m currently a grad student working up to game design, more on the writing & world building end of things, so this kind of challenge is definitely in my wheelhouse.  (I’ll admit it’s also maybe a salve for the fact that I yet again can’t swing NaNoWriMo.)  I don’t art but I do write, so expect to see some character profiles and maybe some flash pieces, depending on what strikes me at the time.  My genre taste can get eclectic, so I won’t make any guarantees about what kinds of characters to expect, but were I a betting man I’d wager there’ll be one or more dragons.

Good luck to all!


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Day 1: Ella Louise “Eli” Brandon

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curvy crimefighter

Real name: Ella Louise Brandon
Nickname: Eli
Superhero name: as yet undecided
Age: late teens/early twenties
Race: African-American

Student by day

Eli lost her single-mother at a young age when the woman was caught in a crossfire between a super-villain and a superhero.
Her mother died as a result of a poison gas attack and while the poison killed the woman, the later interaction between her mother and Eli lead to the girl getting a second-hand dose of the poison. It would lead to Eli’s superhuman powers of the ability to control plants, their movements and growth speeds.
After her mother died, Eli was raised by her then-alcoholic grandmother, who soon gave up the drink to be a better role model for her granddaughter.

Seeing the rampant crime around her constantly, Eli decided that because she had the ability she should do what she could to stop the violence.

Eli is relatively young and works alone, with no one to guide her. This leads to several rash and regrettable decisions in her adventures.
She refuses to give up though, trying to learn from each mistake.

#1 ManGuy

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ManGuy is the ultimate in manguyness. A master in the mystic arts of ManGuy. Keeper of the sacred remote control, buyer of the Ladies Drinks, and drinker of fashionable beverages including Zink. Constantly watches Miami Vice and secretly owns all seasons of the original 90210 on DVD. Super Power: looking interested during conversations while looking to mate the entire female population. Kryptonite: big words.

#1 Alcott

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Alcott’s world is populated by mostly non-human species of all kinds. He gains the public’s support through lies and depception, quickly rising into a tyrannical dictatorship. One of the main antagonists of a project I’m working on, he has no moral obligations and has a sense of rightous entitlement. He loses his temper easily, and has a strong hatred for those outside his species (althoug he hides it from the general public). He has a strong passion for candy and sweet things. However, he doesn’t think it looks good so hides this too. In fact, he keeps so many pointless secrets that they eventually leak out, causing him unnessasary embaressment.

#1 – Isa Jardim

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-Age: 19
-Lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
-salvages junk and sells it for cash
-hobbies: tinkering, baseball, motorcycles

#1 Bigfoot

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The elusive and enigmatic creature known by the native cultures of the north, Sasquatch or more commonly, Bigfoot. Not much is known about this mysterious animal. Some believe he doesn’t exists! Some believe he is the guardian of the forests while others believe he is a dangerous abomination… the truth is he doesn’t want to be photographed or filmed because he’s not wearing pants. That’s why all those eye witness video and pictures are blurry. He was either caught of guard while fishing or bathing. Or he was trying to find something to cover up his shame while some peeping tom perv is trying to get an eye full. If you think celebrities have problems with the paparazzi, ask Bigfoot about being constantly stalked for a photo!

Day 1: Milo the Greatest Adventurer Who Ever Lived

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Meet Milo, legendary adventurer. You may not have heard of him, because he hasn’t had these adventures quite yet.

From the highest mountains, to the most dangerous beasts of the forests- Milo will leave no rock unadventured!

Well, as long as he can make it back in time for supper.

Get ready, world.

#1 Charlie Kellar

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Meet Charlie Kellar.

Charlie is 29 and has never known want. This has less to do with financial security than with the emphasis his widower father has always placed on self-efficiency. He is the kind of person who might do very well in the solitary routines of a lighthouse keeper, and in has in fact served as a lifeguard. He is handsome, though conservative in dress. There is an effortlessness to his appearance. Charlie is quiet and slow to overture, though not out of shyness. This reserved temperament has often been mistaken for aloofness and, in an isolated exchange with a classmate whose affections were not reciprocated during a high school dance, an undiagnosed case of Asperger’s syndrome. In point of fact, Charlie is so amiable as to have never identified a favorite band, perfectly content to listen to whatever song a friend opts to play. Charlie is studious, but has never performed at the top spot in his class. Some have suggested that he orchestrated such results so as to avoid unwanted minor celebrity. Charlie contends that things merely worked out as they did and he is happy with his academic ranking. This is not false modesty. He could not, however, escape some small acclaim in hockey, which he played throughout his childhood.

Charlie dates a woman named Claire and they take turns sleeping at each other’s apartment. This has been a steady status quo for three years. Claire owns a six-year-old cat named Vincent. Asked if he owns a cat, Charlie will answer no. He harbors no ill-will toward Vincent and will take care of him if the situation arises, but he would never claim ownership over something he did not purchase. Claire has jokingly confided in Charlie that dating him is like carrying on an affair with a priest. Not because Charlie is devout, but because his life is spartan and he parcels out any rage or doubt in his hurried gait; he embarks on long walks incredibly often but always with a defined purpose. She does not doubt his love for her. She is minimalist herself. Friends are unable to decide which of the two requires lower maintenance, though most agree they are both equally fortunate to have found such cactus-like lovers.

Charlie works at an architectural firm in the records department. He could likely build a small house from the ground up and outfit it with competent plumbing, electricity, and insulation. It is perhaps unfortunate that Charlie has never been marooned on an island.

As part of an undergraduate community service requirement, Charlie volunteered as a tutor at an after school program for inner city children and young adults. The younger children gravitated to his confident demeanor and natural athleticism. He made for a patient basketball coach and demanded focus and discipline during quiet homework sessions through sheer composure. He gravitates toward one girl, the daughter of Cuban emigrants. Beatriz is perhaps even more reserved than Charlie. She is small for her thirteen years and does not require much help with her homework. Charlie quickly surmises that Beatriz is not the difficult child other tutors and faculty described. She exhibits tremendous artistic ability, using study sessions to design elaborate sketches for larger works. Charlie explores opportunities for Beatriz to contribute her efforts to public murals, but she is reluctant to share her abilities with others. Eventually Charlie learns that Beatriz is involved with older children tagging buildings with increasingly risky graffiti projects. Influenced by popular street artists like Banksy, Beatriz revels in secretive late-night acts of vandalism. Concerned but uninterested in causing trouble for the girl, Charlie begins asking her about the group she runs with. As it turns out, Beatriz is not on the older teens’ radar, and is instead trying to make a name for herself as the gutsy “Spirogyra.” Charlie promises not to out Beatriz or try to dissuade her from tagging, but only on the condition that she allow him to accompany her on these expeditions to stand as a lookout.

Initially acting as chaperone, Charlie eventually becomes an active accomplice, enticed by the daredevil challenge of stealthily tagging public landmarks with Beatriz’s stencils. It is not long before he becomes wholly invested in planning larger and larger acts of artistic vandalism. When Beatriz is caught trying to sneak out in the middle of the night by her typically absent mother, Charlie begins venturing out on his own, compelled to continue and unsure of when he might call it quits.

#1 Phoen

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2011 Phoen - Daniel Govar

Little more than a mid-level burner, Phoen is a lonely emissary of the star-torn world of Charn. Her soft amber flame denoted her as a glorified messenger, and she had resolved herself with her fate until the off-worlder pushed her towards more…She didn’t seek more. She never wanted to arouse the blues or purples. Attracting their attention never ended well for ambers.

#1 Valentine Mora

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Val tries to consider himself a fairly normal guy, but he knows enough to understand that he really isn’t. He reads a lot – no, seriously, a lot – and even volunteers at the library to have easier access to new books to read. Sports don’t really interest him much, he likes run-of-the-mill food, and he’d much rather run his fingers through his hair once in the morning than touch a jar of styling gel. People tend to assume he’s a hipster from the scarves he wears about his neck, but he really just wears them to cover up the bite marks from his roommate.

When the cruel fate of college stuck Val with his jock roomie Trent, he had no idea how he was going to get through even a single semester with his sanity still intact. But a freak situation ended up with Trent turning into a vampire, and Val was open-minded – and well-read – enough to be willing to put up with it. He even let Trent feed from him instead of going off to attack random citizens, much to Trent’s continued amazement. The two stayed roomies – and eventually friends – all through college and beyond, where they now share a run-down two-bedroom apartment just outside the city limits.

Val knows full well that people consider him a doormat, but he’s really just happy to help. He has his reasons for helping Trent, and uses his connections at the library to bring in books so he can read more about his roommate’s condition. He’s even learned a small bit of magic, in the hopes that maybe one day he can restore Trent back to full humanity. Until then, he’s more than happy to stay quiet and reclusive, working an administrative day job at a local temp agency to pay the bills while he focuses on his studies.


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Gabir (jyah BEER) Asadi grew up in an affluent Massachusetts suburb, gifted with every luxury, but humbled by the harrowing tales his parents related of their difficult lives in Iraq before moving to the United States. An appreciation soon developed into a fascination, as Gabir devoured any and all books on American history, even pursuing the subject into graduate school. Landing a cherry gig as curator of the Independence Museum in Philadelphia, Gabir thought he was in heaven.

He soon learns, however, that life in a city is quite different from his sheltered existence in New England, finding that his nation is under siege by crime and violence. After he and a group of his friends are attacked by a group spouting racial epithets, Gabir realizes that he may have been wrong about the American Dream.

It’s only after his historical research uncovers a lost legend of a masked man fighting corruption and spies in America during the war for independence that he understands that America’s revolution is not over. Good and innocent citizens are occupied by those that use hate and greed as their weapons. Donning the colors and name of his inspiration, Gabir Asadi leads a revolution against crime as Bluecoat.

Appearance: Bluecoat dresses in a stylized revolutionary uniform with an open coat. The color scheme is predominantly blue and black, with gold accents. He is also wearing a sweet tri-corner hat.

Weapons and Paraphernalia: Bluecoat wields a reinforced Bunker Hill Sword, as well as a modified replica revolutionary pistol, capable of firing both a retracting grapple line and a taser blast.

Powers and Abilities: Bluecoat possesses no superhuman abilities. He has, however, trained his body to the peak of human excellence. His is a master swordsman, marksman and martial combatant.

Day 1 – Jack O’Ryan

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(Note: I’m uploading characters in chunks related to the story their in.  The first batch of characters are from a story I came up with called Medius. ALSO please click for larger image, with better picture quality)

  • Jack was a normal kid, that is until four months ago.  He stopped going to his extracurricular, started hanging out with weird people, and wanders around town late at night, he’s also suddenly fluent in French, Spanish, Chinese and everything else.  He works as a translator and “expert” offer advising people with their stranger problems, since he is a wealth of stranger knowledge.  While offering no insight into himself, Jack is happy to expostulate on anything else.
  • Jack is a mystery to those who’ve known him longest.  No one knows what secrets he’s gained and how he’s gained them.   What’s caused this shift in priorities? How can he do know all of this?  Is he even still Jack?  Even though his methods and motivations are unclear, what is clear is that Jack helps people.
  • He has a deal with Dorthea that he’ll do odd jobs for her and he gets access to her library
  • Ophelia is one of his strange new friends.  They’ve become incredibly close incredibly quickly though, almost to the point of emotional dependence.
  • Appearance: black messy hair, black eyes, has gotten leaner and more weathered looking in the past few months, wears mostly black (also a recent development) wears a band around his left wrist, he’s 17.
  • there’s a red, scar like design on his left wrist which he doesn’t like to show off
  • Family: Mom (Mini), Dad (Rodger), Little Sister (Jennifer)


#1 Elodie

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Elodie, a zombie slayer. Weapon of choice: Skullcracker (aluminum hockey stick).

#2 Thermo Thelma

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#1 – Roscoe

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I wish I could take credit for creating Roscoe, but I happened upon this fellow while refilling my Big Gulp at 7-Eleven one day last spring. Of course, I don’t know what his name really was, but he was short, stout, heavily pierced & tattooed, and rode off into the sunset in a top hat on his beach cruiser bike with a 12-pack under his arm.

I like to think Roscoe was some sort of biker leprechaun, but I didn’t have the guts to ask him to show me his pot o’ gold. ;^)

# 1 Petunia

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Petunia is a spunky acrobatic girl who loves to tightrope! She was born and raised in the circus.

#1 – Angelina Nelumbo

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Mischievous, cute, and daydreaming.

Day One – Hugo

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Here we have a shy yet kind hearted Snow Rabbit. He is very quiet around those he doesn’t know, but around friends, he is very out-going! He only asks that you be kind to him, and he will return the kindness. Despite being a ‘snow’ rabbit, he gets cold very often. Thus be the reason he is wearing a hat and scarf. He is fond of snuggling up to a warm cup of cocoa and an open fire. Although he loves watching the snow fall, he prefers to be in a cozy hole than the winter cold.

#1 Blue Sphinx

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Blue Sphinx

Aisha Allmed was the top of her class at MIT. Some say she could have qualified for over 15 separate majors. But she had no direction, no cause, to which she could apply her genius, and no amount of knowledge was ever enough. Even when she gave herself to the spirit of the ancient Blue Sphinx, transforming herself physically and psychologically, her magnified wisdom still gave her no guidance. She is now the embodiment of undirected knowledge and disconnected secrets.

#1 Edmund Carmine

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Name: Edmund James Carmine (However, he only ever goes by Ed or Carmine… mostly Carmine since students stopped calling him “Mr.” a year in.)
Age: 56
Birthdate: 10/23/11
Occupation: High School Art and Drama Teacher.
PB: Weird Al

From a young age, Carmine knew he would be an actor. He would spend hours alone in his room performing one man shows for his G.I. Joes and stealing his sister’s Barbies to play damsel in distress to his gallant hero.

His parents were concerned.

They knew that this scrawny, curly haired Jewish boy had about as much of a chance of becoming a star as Woody Allen had of being cast as the tall dark and handsome hero. As much as they wanted to encourage the boy, they didn’t want to watch him get his hopes crushed by Hollywood. Little did they know that this boy would, indeed, follow his dream… though it wouldn’t turn out exactly the way he’d hoped.

At the insistence of his mother, Carmine went to college. Much to her dismay, however, it was in California and he majored in acting. He did take a few teaching classes to appease her, but he was dedicated to following his passion. All of his teachers and classmates were behind him, watching as he went to audition after audition after audition with no luck. He was starting to lose hope when he finally caught a break. He was cast in a big Hollywood movie as George Clooney’s brother in law. He was only in one scene and he only had a few lines (one of which was “pass the mashed potatoes”) but he didn’t care. He was up on the big screen for all to see. The memories of that day are his most treasured. No matter where he went from that day on his picture of himself with George Clooney always went with him.

He continued going to auditions with renewed enthusiasm after that but he was never able to quite make it. He did a short film here and there and was in the background in a number of films. He even got to play a dead body on Law and Order, once. However as the years passed and he started to age, the opportunities became few and far between. He was down to doing commercials about erectile dysfunction and infomercials for products people don’t want. He was offered a starring roll for a TV show, but it was never picked up by the network. Though, in hindsight, Desperately Seeking Stephen wasn’t really the best idea out there.

Somewhere along the line he’d moved back home to Connecticut. He had his own little apartment in Darby, one town over from where his parents lived. He was still making periodic trips to New York City for auditions and the occasional play, but his big break still remained slightly out of reach. His mother, a substitute teacher, told him that the High School in Aviario was looking for a new art teacher. He wasn’t too thrilled with the idea. He wasn’t as enthusiastic about drawing or sculpture as he was about acting, after all. But his mother gave him that look that she always does. The one he can never say no to. No matter what she’s asking him to do.

So, at 35, he became the newest staff member of Aviario High School. His off beat methods (and tendency to wear Hawaiian shirts and sandals in the dead of winter) made him a fast favorite among the student body. He soon discovered his love of teaching and a knack for inspiring creativity in young minds. It wasn’t long before he took over directing the school plays, pushing students to take on more challenging roles. For a while he still tried to make auditions, hoping for his big break. However, he slowly stopped scheduling them, throwing himself whole heartedly into what he now considered the role of a lifetime.

During the summer he acts in local productions, Shakespeare in the park and the like. He’s also discovered, quite by accident, a love for writing and making music.

He’s been teaching for 20 years now, and has no plans of stopping any time soon. For the past 15 years or so he’s been playing local clubs with teachers and former students. They mostly do parodies, covers and random medleys. They’re not very well received by everyone, but he doesn’t care. He’s doing what he loves and, ultimately, that’s all that matters.

***A short ficlet of the class that inspired him to start writing music***

“No, no, no. I refuse to believe that you can make a collage out of everything! What about acting? What about music?”

Carmine rolled his eyes and waved an arm at the teenage girl currently giving him attitude, “What? Oh c’mooon, you don’t think the parodies on Saturday Night Live aren’t collages? What about that sketch with all the superheroes having a party?”

Glad to see this ‘discussion’ was getting her out of having to do any actual work, she pressed on. “Alright, fine. But what about music?”

“Music, huh?” He glanced around the room at all the faces staring at him, waiting for his brilliant response. He honestly didn’t have much experience with music. He’d taken one guitar class in college and didn’t do too badly, but he hadn’t really picked it up since. But that’s never stopped him, before. He grinned confidently, “I’ll make you guys a deal. I’ll put together a musical collage out of songs you pick and if you guys don’t like it you all get bonus points on your final project.”

The kids cheered and immediately started shouting song titles his way. The remainder of the class was spent writing the song titles on the board and voting on which ones he had to use. After the bell he stood there for a moment, staring at the board. It was a daunting task, to be sure, but he was confident he could make it work.

#1 Ailís

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My newest character and first submission for the 30 character challenge, Ailís! She is one of the main characters for a story I have playing around in my head, with a ton of faeries and monsters and shit in it. I think I’ll let it develop further.

Ailís is a type of monster who can pull away her skin, and have it instantly form back to the way it was. Also, she has skin covering her eyes. She can pull back the skin on her eyes, and when she does so she is able to see a person as their metaphysical self, what they’re worth, their emotions, their values, everything that makes them them. She is, of course, sightless when the skin is over her eyes. Also she only has one arm and tentacle legs.

(This is my first submission ever for something like this so uh hey guys!)

#1 – Leandra

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Leandra is the main character of Elementalists, the reason for the title of the book, and a very troubled girl (who’s good at looking like she’s coping with it JUST FINE). She’s a Wizard by training, as shown by the signet ring she wears on her left middle finger, which allows her to identify herself and seal official documents. Unbeknownst the most of the world, she’s also an “Elementalist”,  a over-specialized Wizard that the rest of the Academy isn’t too fond of, able to cast spells without using “The Word” like a proper Wizard should. The ring she wears on her right hand is a binding piece, keeping her newly budding powers from becoming strong enough to start altering her humanity. The flexibility of her new abilities is by the loss the gradual loss of all the the Words she learned since childhood, and with them, most of her ability to cast known spells. She’s running from the authorities for many more reasons, though the rest of the characters in the book don’t realize that at first when they ask her for assistance.

2011 Challenger: Laurel

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Bit of a delayed introduction here, but, HEY!

I’m Laurel, this is my first year attempting the 30 Characters Challenge. I’m not really an artist, but I’m attempting to push myself to create richer back stories for original characters. My plan is to write out their history and personality, as it were, and at least a short ficlet if not a full story about/including them. If I’m feeling especially motivated, or inspired… or have the time… I might draw something for them, but that’s not going to be my goal. At the very least I’ll be picking PBs or write descriptions if they’re not entirely human.

Concrit always welcome!

#1 Queenie

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Queenie is a wise, but weak queen. She is too impressionable and listens far too much to outside sources who are leading her astray…
I use ball-point pen for most of my preliminary character designs, because I apparently like to torture myself. I always hesitate when doing straight inks. But sometimes I end up being interesting clothing designs, so I continue to use it ^^

#1 Astaroth

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Edit: God I will never get the hang of this site. Hopefully the post will actually appear this time…

I’m still clueless about photoshop, so I just drew it on paper, scanned it to the computer, and copied it to the format.

Okay so, this is part of a concept based on the Ars Goetia, a book detailing how to summon 72 different demons. In this story, however, the demons are actually sealed in the book and they escape. 4 of the demons want to rangle up the others so they can get back to heaven. The rest, however, pretty much want to be free an do whatever they want (which is bad because they’re evil).

Astaroth is one of the demons, as you could probably guess. Although the book says it’s male, I made it female since the name “astaroth” is derived from Ishtar, a female deity (the star on the headdress is one of her symbols).

ANNNNYWAY, Astaroth is one of the Five kings of the cardinal directions. However, she’s actually the center of the compass, and thus the leader of the others (North, South, East, and West, of course). The element she controls is earth, and she can also turn her fingers into thorns and spikes and all that. Her and the other kings are working towards some sort of evil, as of yet undecided, plot (possibly releasing the devil or something. Not sure yet…).

She’s more or less pure evil, and is utterly emotionless (atl east she tries to be; she is actually filled with hatred, but pointing out how flawed she is will just make her destroy you). Don’t worry, though; the other kings have actually personalities, but they’re pretty terrified of her despite their own power. She’s pretty much a psycho killing doll, but is the cold, calculating kind of psycho. She was one of the main instegators during the rebllion that got all the demons banished in the first place, since she thought the humans didn’t deserve free will or life in general.

#1 – The Fury

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Rebecca Costas has been an orphan for half of her life.

As the youngest daughter of the Costas family, which had controlled organized crime in Bell Town since the 30’s, she enjoyed a childhood filled with comfort and luxury. And Fabbiano Costas may had been the scourge of mobsters and police men alike, but behind closed doors he was a devoted family man and dotting father to all of his children.

For ten years, Rebecca’s life was heaven.

And then the Greek invaded.

Three families, the Marinos, the Stavros and the Colonomos, had been pushing to expand their territory without success, mostly due to Fabbiano’s efforts and dealings with the police.  However, through a slow and furtive operation and guided by Dionysos Colonomos, the three families successfully turned the tables on the Costas, uniting the rest of Bell Town’s crime under their banner and overtaking all of their business and territories.

Never one for loose ends, Dionysos had the entire Costas family executed as his first and only message for anyone who would challenge his reign. Only Rebecca survived, smuggled out of her bedroom under the cover of the night, the screaming and the confusion by her maid, who went on to raise her as her own.

That was ten years ago.

Now, the Colonomos’ grip over Belle Town’s is absolute. Shortly after the coup, they even took care of the other families just to further cement their hegemony. Everyone, from purse snatchers and street vendors to drug dealers and terrorist organizations and even the police and city hall, must pay tribute to them.

Dionysos, who was already an old man when he took over, is still as sharp and deadly, never relenting his power to his lieutenants or even his sons, Nikon and Pavlos. He will clutch his throne with all of his might until his dying breath.

And yet, something seems to be happening.

A masked figure has appeared over Bell Town, determined to wage a one-woman-war on the Colonomos. Dressed in sharp crimson, wearing a red mask with black tears painted under its eyes and armed to the teeth, this person lives and breathes to bring ruin and misery to anyone and anything affiliated with them.

It is for this reason, her unrelenting commitment, her blood lust and drive, that Dionysos underlings have dubbed her “The Fury”.

All attempts to find her have been for nothing. The vigilante works for no one and has no allegiances. The morgue is filled to the brim with her previous business partners who were discarded as soon as they served their purpose. All ruined operations are stripped clean and re purposed into more weapons and money for the Fury to keep her vendetta alive.

Whoever she is, she’s highly trained and effective. The only reason the Colonomos know of her existence is because she wants them to know. For her, this is clearly personal. She enjoys not only hurting their pockets, but also their pride. Even though she covers her face, her form-fitting costume and bulletproof vest are designed to clearly show she is a woman in order to further emasculate them.

Dionysos has used every resource he has, either legal or illegal, to try to find this person to no avail. He knows whoever she is, she needs to be stopped as fast and as publicly as possible before his standing in the underworld begins to deteriorate and his ruling is placed under question.

How would he react if he knew the woman he’s moving heaven and earth to find, the woman who a lifetime ago was Rebecca Costas but who now goes under the name of Rosa María Guzman, is actually one of the maids under his employment, hiding in plain sight and taking advantage of this to gain valuable information on his criminal operations?

And even worst, what could happen were he to find out that his youngest son Pavlos has fallen in love with her? And what could this mean to the Fury?


#1 – first wave

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first wave zombie

The Charpel clan has learned to graft power tools on to the limbs of zombies, and power them with batteries and gas which are stored in the chest cavity.
This is the first wave of zombies that march forward to batter the barricades and defences of anyone that the Charpel clan wants to destroy.

2011 Challenger: Joseph Trahan

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My name is Joe. I’ve been collecting comics for almost 19 years, and drawing way longer. Art is my wind-down activity after work everyday.

I teach middle school math in the greater Washington DC area and often share my art with my students. Since teaching takes up so much time, I draw lots of characters but never really have time to make stories out of them. I’m excited about the 30 character challenge.

The website brought me here. If you love comics and haven’t seen it, check it out.