Day One – Hugo

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments


Here we have a shy yet kind hearted Snow Rabbit. He is very quiet around those he doesn’t know, but around friends, he is very out-going! He only asks that you be kind to him, and he will return the kindness. Despite being a ‘snow’ rabbit, he gets cold very often. Thus be the reason he is wearing a hat and scarf. He is fond of snuggling up to a warm cup of cocoa and an open fire. Although he loves watching the snow fall, he prefers to be in a cozy hole than the winter cold.

Category: Manga

About the Author () Uh. Im a total noob to this place so please dont yell at me if I do something wrong...;; Perhaps kindly correct me? Im not sure...*timid* But anyways! Im a sixteen year old girl hoping to get through this all the way! Ive wanted to find something like this for quite awhile~! So wish me luck! OH! Im also a complete anime artist. So you will be seeing many sexy men lol. Unless I actually come up with a girl. Haha!

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