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Hello Y'all!

I'm a current college student, aspiring comic book writer, who totally doesn't understand time management so this will be a whole lot of fun. I've been writing my own comics for a while and have so many ideas. Some characters will be part of the same story, some completely unattached.

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3 – Dorthea Young

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments

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  • The resident witch.  She lives in the old mansion on the edge of town by herself.  She’s misanthropic, to be polite about it.  Her connection to Jack and co. and the increasing weirdness of events has lead her to interact with the world more.  She’s not happy about that. 
  • Dorthea and Jack: Dorthea is suspicious of Jack because she knows enough to be.  Jack’s abilities make no sense which worries her, she recognizes that Jack is hiding a lot of secrets.  Her secret is that she actually sort of likes him as company.
  • Appearance: Freckles everywhere!  Short blond hair brushed back, bags under eyes, smokes, wears sports wear (sweatpants tang tops, doesn’t care about appearance), no chest, blue eyes, looks a bit like death warmed over, she has a burn around her wrist that comes from using her illumination spell too much
  • She inherited the mansion, she was a debutant once
  • Family: deceased (or so we assume)
  • Don’t call her Dotty

2 – Ophelia Sinclare

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments


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  • Ophelia is an odd duck.  Introverted and quiet, Ophelia has gone through her life mostly unnoticed, probably because those who try to talk to her find that conversing with her is like trying to talk to someone who knows the technicalities of English but has a hard time translating their thoughts into it.  Being unnoticed has made Ophelia a good spy and thief, which has made her very useful to Jack.
  • The only one who really gets Ophelia is Jack, they have telepathy or something.
  • Appearance: Black hair, black eyes, big coat and concealing clothing that dwindles as she gets more confidence later on
  • Family: Mom, Dad, Older Sister – her family doesn’t get her, they’re bourgeoisie


Day 1 – Jack O’Ryan

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

(Note: I’m uploading characters in chunks related to the story their in.  The first batch of characters are from a story I came up with called Medius. ALSO please click for larger image, with better picture quality)

  • Jack was a normal kid, that is until four months ago.  He stopped going to his extracurricular, started hanging out with weird people, and wanders around town late at night, he’s also suddenly fluent in French, Spanish, Chinese and everything else.  He works as a translator and “expert” offer advising people with their stranger problems, since he is a wealth of stranger knowledge.  While offering no insight into himself, Jack is happy to expostulate on anything else.
  • Jack is a mystery to those who’ve known him longest.  No one knows what secrets he’s gained and how he’s gained them.   What’s caused this shift in priorities? How can he do know all of this?  Is he even still Jack?  Even though his methods and motivations are unclear, what is clear is that Jack helps people.
  • He has a deal with Dorthea that he’ll do odd jobs for her and he gets access to her library
  • Ophelia is one of his strange new friends.  They’ve become incredibly close incredibly quickly though, almost to the point of emotional dependence.
  • Appearance: black messy hair, black eyes, has gotten leaner and more weathered looking in the past few months, wears mostly black (also a recent development) wears a band around his left wrist, he’s 17.
  • there’s a red, scar like design on his left wrist which he doesn’t like to show off
  • Family: Mom (Mini), Dad (Rodger), Little Sister (Jennifer)


2011 Challenger: Maggie G. Vicknair

| October 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hi there!

Hello there fellow challangers!

I’m a college student by day, and a — well still a college student by night, but I write comics in the middle of all that.  I have a webcomic (see link below) but I won’t be using any chracters from that world, instead I hope to mine my brain for new stuff.

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