2011 Challenger: Maggie G. Vicknair

| October 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hi there!

Hello there fellow challangers!

I’m a college student by day, and a — well still a college student by night, but I write comics in the middle of all that.  I have a webcomic (see link below) but I won’t be using any chracters from that world, instead I hope to mine my brain for new stuff.

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Hello Y'all! I'm a current college student, aspiring comic book writer, who totally doesn't understand time management so this will be a whole lot of fun. I've been writing my own comics for a while and have so many ideas. Some characters will be part of the same story, some completely unattached. You can find me at the following places online: webcomic: http://www.pennydreadfulcomics.com tumblr: http://www.maggiedreadful.tumblr.com deviantart: http://www.cassieforgen.deviantart.com

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