#01 : the Arsonite : Kyle Higgings

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Name: Kyle Higgings
Age: 37
Ethnicity: American, White
Religion: None

Power(s): Controls/Causes fire.

Kyle Higgings is not your sassy gay best friend. Professionally he can be anywhere from silent and wooden to slightly jocular. He is as emotionally closed off as they come, though he does have a soft, fatherly spot for his team. He has never had a stable relationship, and is something of a whore. He does not appreciate the flaming jokes that OTHER CHARACTERS (namely #03, Dida and #04, Jonah) are want to make — though he has grown used to them. He is a man of few words, and usually just talks about missions and training. He’d try to help any member of the team that came to him, but often feels like he is unqualified if the matters are personal rather than professional. He has the highest respect for the Division and would follow their orders almost blindly. He considers himself an authority figure and would not tolerate being undermined.


+Dark hair and eyes.
+ Well muscled, but not too built, he has to constantly work for his frame, it is not entirely natural, but it is routine.
+Usually wears slacks and a blazer over a t-shirt. When he’s fighting he removes the blazer.
+ His hands are about 10-15 degrees warmer than the rest of his body — and while the heat never bothers him he usually wears driving gloves as to not upset anyone else.

(the AMAZING Maggie G. Vicknair will sketch him later. Go check out her characters, they’re cooler.)

Important Life Events:
+ Acquired powers at 15 upon the death of his predecessor. His predecessor is unknown. (Never revealed?)
+ Left home in a fit of rage at 16 — burned down part of the house, upon exit. He came out to his mother screaming, “I’M A FLAMING HOMOSEXUAL” and left before his family had a chance to accept him (which they might have, we’ll never know.)
+ Was discovered by the government at age 18 and asked to join the division where they trained him for leadership of a team of others like him. Has had many painful physical tests, and until the discovery of ANOTHER CHARACTER (#04, Jonah) the only one of the 12 Legacies the government was aware of.

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