#1 – Leandra

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Leandra is the main character of Elementalists, the reason for the title of the book, and a very troubled girl (who’s good at looking like she’s coping with it JUST FINE). She’s a Wizard by training, as shown by the signet ring she wears on her left middle finger, which allows her to identify herself and seal official documents. Unbeknownst the most of the world, she’s also an “Elementalist”,  a over-specialized Wizard that the rest of the Academy isn’t too fond of, able to cast spells without using “The Word” like a proper Wizard should. The ring she wears on her right hand is a binding piece, keeping her newly budding powers from becoming strong enough to start altering her humanity. The flexibility of her new abilities is by the loss the gradual loss of all the the Words she learned since childhood, and with them, most of her ability to cast known spells. She’s running from the authorities for many more reasons, though the rest of the characters in the book don’t realize that at first when they ask her for assistance.

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