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Gabir (jyah BEER) Asadi grew up in an affluent Massachusetts suburb, gifted with every luxury, but humbled by the harrowing tales his parents related of their difficult lives in Iraq before moving to the United States. An appreciation soon developed into a fascination, as Gabir devoured any and all books on American history, even pursuing the subject into graduate school. Landing a cherry gig as curator of the Independence Museum in Philadelphia, Gabir thought he was in heaven.

He soon learns, however, that life in a city is quite different from his sheltered existence in New England, finding that his nation is under siege by crime and violence. After he and a group of his friends are attacked by a group spouting racial epithets, Gabir realizes that he may have been wrong about the American Dream.

It’s only after his historical research uncovers a lost legend of a masked man fighting corruption and spies in America during the war for independence that he understands that America’s revolution is not over. Good and innocent citizens are occupied by those that use hate and greed as their weapons. Donning the colors and name of his inspiration, Gabir Asadi leads a revolution against crime as Bluecoat.

Appearance: Bluecoat dresses in a stylized revolutionary uniform with an open coat. The color scheme is predominantly blue and black, with gold accents. He is also wearing a sweet tri-corner hat.

Weapons and Paraphernalia: Bluecoat wields a reinforced Bunker Hill Sword, as well as a modified replica revolutionary pistol, capable of firing both a retracting grapple line and a taser blast.

Powers and Abilities: Bluecoat possesses no superhuman abilities. He has, however, trained his body to the peak of human excellence. His is a master swordsman, marksman and martial combatant.

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