#9 Vera Hulis

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Name: Vera Hulis
Trainer ID: KA1378318
DOB: February 19, 19XX
Hometown: Cinnabar Island
Region: Kanto
Current team (as of last registered battle):

  • Aerodactyl (M)
  • Crawdaunt (M)
  • Luxray (F)
  • Nidoqueen (F)
  • Haunter (F)
  • Shiftry (M)

Current status: Active
Achievements: 8 of 8 badges (Kanto)
Observational notes: Claims hometown is CINNABAR ISLAND but starting location is registered as FUSCHIA CITY. Likely due to strong feelings of attachment to the currently uninhabited island. Currently UNKNOWN how she acquired an AERODACTYL. Suspicions that it may have been revived from the missing GREAT DIADEM OF SAIPH. Investigations are INCONCLUSIVE due to still-missing item, destruction of Cinnabar Laboratory and records, and no discovered connection to known thief JUSTIN LAURE.

Trainer’s account is low. Civilian savings account is BLOATED. Currently not flagged as suspicious. Inquiries suggest long-term plans.

Known associations to REVIVE OUR ISLAND (ROI). Currently not flagged as criminal, but are being monitored. Summary of current findings: NOT SUSPICIOUS. JUST KIDS WHO WANT TO GO HOME. Movement is supported by BLAINE OF CINNABAR ISLAND.

At the moment, no known plans to participate in XXXth INDIGO PLATEAU CONFERENCE. Plans to instead attempt VICTORY ROAD CHALLENGE. Personal observations: attempt to fast-track to Elite Four challenge or suicidal? Possibly both.

Known associations with criminal organizations or persons: NONE. Suspected associations with criminal organizations or person: ONE. SEE FILE ON JUSTIN LAURE. Suspected penchant to piss off criminal organizations or persons: EXTREMELY HIGH. Personal note: fix wording before submitting update.

Assessment: VERA HULIS is, in many ways, a TYPICAL TRAINER. Started travelling at age 10, swiftly acquired first badge and later realized that the battles get exponentially harder. ATYPICAL TRAINER in that she 1) did not give up after first major loss (to LT. SURGE OF VERMILION CITY) and 2) started her journey with two Pokemon, one of which did not officially debut until third official trainer’s battle (AERODACTYL was not officially registered until second battle against LT. SURGE). How she acquired that Aerodactyl is unknown.

Acquired EIGHT KANTO LEAGUE BADGES well above the median length of time. Each time at registering for official league battle, Pokemon levels were well above the median. Speaking with other trainers suggests that she is well-known for over-training before battles.

Appears to have incurred the wrath of TEAM ROCKET EXECUTIVE BRANT. How she did that is currently unknown, but announcement was met with at least one cheer. Does not appear to be in any mortal danger, but will remained monitored until further notice.

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