#23 Kat Ealing

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Seven-year senior. Knitting fanatic. Womanist upstart.

Image from Feminist Hope

Name: Katarina “Kat” Ealing.

Age: 27.

Appearance: Average height (5’5). Long curly brown hair, olive skin, brown eyes. Of Jewish descent. Nose ring and various tattoos in undisclosed locations. Mostly a plain dresser, but can usually be found sporting a hand-knit item of some kind.

Personal: Outspoken and outgoing. Can be harsh. Inherited her ethics from her mother, a noted feminist activist and academic in Atlanta. Loves to knit and enjoys learning for the sake of learning, which explains why she has yet to graduate with any kind of degree.

Overview: Tentatively embarking on a relationship with a certain red-headed dude (because who can resist an Irish accent, or the opportunity to corrupt a former Mormon?), Kat has just moved her plants and knitting needles into Molly Fletcher’s nouveau Love Shack, where, in lieu of rent, she’s been knitting like a fiend for all household members.

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