#7 Sybil

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#7 is a hamadryad named Sybil (hamadryad meaning that she dies if her tree does). She is an evergreen tree born in Canada around the 1960’s. She was bored being in basically the middle-of-nowhere and, after hearing so much about it from other trees (they have a rather large network) decided to dig up her tree and replant it in Central Park. She was a bit of an outcast among the other trees at first but because she was very friendly and told them strange tales of such a faraway place, she became very popular. She loves to gossip and also adores the hustle and bustle of the new, high technology place that is NYC. The only time she isn’t walking about the city is Christmastime. So many cut down evergreens…
Alcina came across her one day, deeply puzzled at what an evergreen was doing among plane trees. Sybil told her story and now the two are good friends. Although Sybil is generally more hyper about everything, she is laid back about the issues that Alcina loves so much.

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