Lily Thane

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My goal is to try and at least merge the prose of each of my first few characters. Hope you enjoy.

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 124 lbs
Hair: Auburn Brown
Eyes: Green

Wind roared through the open driver’s side window as strange looking car streaked down a rural highway. Inside the vehicle’s driver seat sits a young woman looking to be in her late twenties. Shifting gears she seems to lack any sort of care for her personal well being as tires squeal around a particular curve. The flash of red and blue reflects into her eyes causing a smug smirk to slide across her face. Pulling her right hand off of the steering wheel, she reaches out to push a series of buttons on the stereo. Almost at once a pulsing sphere begins to expand in front of her, each pulse giving off a white light. Without hesitation she aims directly for the sphere and sends her car hurtling into it.

Almost as soon as it hits the sphere the car begins to seemingly melt away and reform into something else. Moments later the girl leans forward, the steering wheel she was gripping now just a simple piece of rope. Attached to the rope is a metal bar that is firmly lodged into the mouth of a pterodactyl. Tightening her grip on the rope she pulls back sending the her upwards towards the sky. Letting out a squeal of exhilaration, she all but closes her eyes letting the wind wash over her. Leveling out she finally takes a moment to glance around herself and that’s when she notices the cop car lodged into the greenery below.

“Aw piss,” she huffs, seeing that the police officer has already noticed her.

Pulling to the right she forces the Pterodactyl into a dive, the wind lashing at her face. Pulling back at almost the last moment she manages to land the creature as soft as possible. Staring out with piercing emerald eyes at the officer hiding behind a tree, pistol drawn.

“You’ve nothing to be afraid of there fella, this wasn’t meant to happen,” she states matter of factly.

“Meant ta happen?! What the hell are y’talking about!? How d’you even know muh language?!” the young officer yells out, terrified out of his mind.

“Look. I can explain, just calm down.”


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