#2 Catherine Dubar

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Catherine Dubar

Age: 26
Place of Origin: Region of Ghamia in the continent of Yhun
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 126
Eye color: heavenly blue

Catherine comes from a noble family in Ghamia. Raised as a sorceress, the best in Ghamia, since she was
born she was blessed with the light of Ahrmnahda making the prophecy of this region true, that the
chosen sorceress would be born in golden linen and blessed with the light from above. She grows bored
of constant attention and the noble life, but has an ambition for jewelry making the one hanging from her neck special; symbolizing the mark of the “chosen one”. Catherine prefers quiet and tranquility, specially when she trains. One evening  Catherine got lost while ambushing a group of thugs with the high ranking sorceress order of Yhun, she lost balance and fell from a hill rendering her unconscious. When she woke up she was in Captain Zohar’s ship and ever since she pledges allegiance to him and his cause. Both Catherine and Zohar have an attraction, but their ambition for riches makes them forget about feelings.Catherine is a gatherer for the ship, now sailing the world looking for a good fight, and shinny stuff that Catherine can keep.

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  1. G.R. says:

    Great art! I really love the color of her hair, her hair mesmerized me for a good while! Great character story too!

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