#10 – Gelra Mastinde

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Gelra Mastinde is quite the big-boned woman, but she’s got a big enough heart to match. When she’s not working in the metal shop or bodyguarding, she’s usually found either at the bar, or hanging around Haltenti Pan Gherten and Dormere Velhandel.

Gelra specializes in creating metal sculpture and architecture. While she’s quite capable of magic, she has little patience for common practice – she weaves it into her metalwork instead. All of her tools were made by her, each specially crafted to a specific need. Sometimes, she creates cheap weapons to use for her bodyguarding work – which usually pays fairly well, but she doesn’t like to waste good metal on beating around people. She does have one special beating stick, though. She keeps it under her bed in her home.

Gelra is one of very few people who have taken a liking to Haltenti. She finds his arrogant attitude more amusing than annoying, and she’s always trying to get the little guy to drink himself into a stupor. She also thinks of Dormere as a family friend, much to Dormere’s displeasure, as she has a habit of thinking punching his back will make him feel better…

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