Day # 3 Jeb the Rathja

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The Rathja are a subterrainian race of diggers. Their extremely hard claws act as pickaxes as they create larges tunnel expances in hard rock. They have no eyes in any recognizable sense but they seem to identify each other by colour and light. Their biolumenesence changes dependant on thier stage of life, ranging fron blue to orange. The brightly coloured markings are for attracting possible mates and warning other creatrues of their toxic venom. Generally Rathja a fairly calm and docile species despice their venomous teeth, and then there is Jeb. The colonists in the undergroud region of Deneral have (affectionatly?) given a name to an uprovoked violent Rathja Jeb. Jeb will attack anyone or thing that comes near him, with the exception of other Rathja and children. No one knows what causes his strange behaviour and very few have been able to get close enough to find out.

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