#12 – Varian, the chameleon princess

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Princess Varian once ruled over a small prosperous kingdom until she was lured into a pact with an evil spirit who promised her immortality and magical powers. The spirit ended up cursing her and placing her within the closest body he could find, that of a jungle chameleon. Inside this chameleon body she did in fact had her wish of immortality and magical powers granted so she immediately started to practice regaining her human form.

Her magical powers eventually did grant her the ability to return to her human form. While she can turn into a human, her form is disfigured and she is left with a scarred face and one chameleon eye which often scares those that she talks to. Her kingdom has since crumbled without their princess so she has become a vagabond, traveling from kingdom to kingdom with no purpose. As time goes by she resorts to killing local livestock in the night and often leaving townsfolk scared and bewildered at their dead livestock and at the frightening appearance of a lizard woman on their property.

A couple thousand years later she is still alive but has gone slightly insane. Parents often tell their children the legend that the demon chameleon princess will devour them in their sleep if they misbehave. What these parents don’t know is that she really is out there, still alive and still very hungry.

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