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#21 – Nathaniel Wolverton

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Even though I’m not sure if those wingy-bits are part of his shirt, he is probably a fae creature of some sort, since his proportions are so weird.  But no one else would form a band, so he has formed his own – parading and trumpeting day and night.
No one has the heart to tell him how bad he is.

Mouse Band

| November 20, 2012 | 1 Comment

Catch the beat and start taping your foot to get in the groove.

#25 Biata Boombata

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When she was younger, Biata’s parents would drive from their home in the suburbs to Kiev’s premier ice skating rink. They had aspired to have a gold medalist in the family. However, once she was dropped off, Biata would wave, watch their car drive around the block & instead head the complete opposite direction to a derelict warehouse. It was there where Biata engaged in rap battle after rap battle, gaining chops & becoming Ukraine’s preeminent MC.

Fast forward to the present day, where the 19 year old is Europe’s top grossing hip hop act & a worldwide sensation. Selling out shows from St. Petersburg to Johanesburg, Biata is a fullblown hip hop phenom. A few times, certain venues barred her, citing her management’s mafia ties. But rabid fans petitioned social media & made those concerts happen. The only market she’s yet to fully crack is the US. But she’s slowly gaining steam through featured appearances & the occasional mixtape. Her next album though, slated to be titled “AKA Kalashnikov” is sure to change all that.


‘Female Russian Rap Prodigy’ was on my jumpoff list. I opted Ukraine instead, but you get the idea. I created her less with a story in mind, but thinking a lot more that at some point, I’m going to have a story where characters are listening to ridiculous music, why not make that up now. Originally, I was toying with making her a supervillain, with like terrorist ties & maybe explosive powers of some kind. But I think it’s better if I just play it kind of plain & normal on this one. Never had to draw a fur coat before. That was new. That aside, I like this character a lot. I’d like imagine that her MC style is pretty grimey & rough given the accent but it contrasts soaring Southern rap synths she’s over top of well. But it’s music in a mute medium so ultimately it’s up to you.

(It also hiccuped as I tried to post this the first time so sorry if there’s a double post situation)

#29 Mehmet and Emmett

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Mehmet and Emmett

Mehmet and Emmett

The first thing you need to know is, they are serious about their values. Mehmet always wears white through 50% gray. Emmett always wears 51% gray through black. The second thing is, they are always in the throes of some kind of contemporary art experience, and cannot be stopped.

Mehmet is from Istanbul and proudly calls what he does “art rock”. Influenced by musicians like David Bowie, Philip Glass, Can, and Laurie Anderson, he fuses it with traditional Turkish instrumentation, with a heavy dose of Turkish rock pioneer Ervin Koray — extending the use of Koray’s electric bağlama in the contexts of experimental and electronic contexts. After failing to get money for his 9-hour song cycle on the life of Klaus Nomi, he’s agreed to accompany Emmett on his current adventure project. He makes field recordings, and is sketching the first stages of a series of compositions exploring the psychoacoustics of fear. “It’s very easy, you know, to evoke a sense of dread by merely using discordant sounds, like Hollywood always does. But eh, I think fear, it can also be beautiful, and kind of still, ok? Like there is the fear that someone is trying to kill you, and then there is the fear of the unkown, the fear of your own mortality. I do not think these fears are naturally so discordant. I am hoping to experience these fears — or maybe, Emmett can experience them and I can stand, you know, back a few paces — and come up with a new musical language to explain them.”

Emmett is from Louisville, and he’s traveling around having adventures and documenting them for his latest work. Among other things, he’s investigating UFO sightings, accompanying Real-Life Superheroes on their crime-fighing patrols, getting his P.I. license so he can solve mysteries, and shadowing insurance investigators tracking art thefts. He plans to document all of these things via a gallery installation incorporating video, machines, and performance art.  In between these assumed lives, he visits other friends of his, contemporary artists, scientists, street artists, makers, and general freaks, and gets involved in whatever it is they’re doing. He calls it “Operation Busybody” and he has a grant for it.

The first stop on Mehmet and Emmett’s next trip is to visit a Japanese artist friend who’s suspending a giant bronze bear head over an active volcano.

Below is Emmett’s artistic statement. Mehmet never misses a chance to point out how douchey it makes him sound.

“Emmett Pierce’s work explores the intersection and interplay of memory, culture, and the socially constructed nature of reality through mixed media installations, sculpture, and performance art. Through directed praxis, he interrogates the scientific shibboleth of ‘the unexplainable’, inserting himself into situations as a participant, or a kind of flaneur. By documenting his experiences, he alchemically transforms his life experience into an emergent artistic situation that forces the viewer to confront their assumptions about identity, the tyranny of existence, and the permeable boundary between danger and complacency.

His artistic practice, influenced by such diverse thinkers as Derridas, Rousseau and Buckminster Fuller, incorporates Jean Tinguely’s sculptural machines, the legacy of Fluxus, and the latest in multimedia technology to create a postmodern tableau that requires the viewer to question the undefined elements of their existence as they maneuver through the works.”

Emmett’s actually an okay guy, though. But he won’t change the damn statement.

Day 15 Matik

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Day 15 Matik for the 30 CharactersChallenge!Thanks for Checkin in!

God Bless,
-Marshall aka Calmplex

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#13: The Cellist

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The ones who play the cello

are puppeteers at best

because the instrument is human

just the voice, the very best.

A cello couldn’t move;

it’s up to her to bow.

A cello cannot cry

but the sound will let us know.

A cellist is the one

who puts life into the shell.

With breath and blood and tears

and the will to play it well.

SECRET: This one’s probably my favorite so far.

If you can’t tell, I played cello once upon a time. I just really love this instrument.


#11 Jackie (dressed in cobras)

| November 12, 2011 | 1 Comment

jackie (dressed in cobras) was drawn because i was trapped wandering a stripmall while the car got repaired. the last song i’d heard was The New Pornographers and well these things happen.

jackie is clearly a snaketamer. in nudist land.

Day 9 Slick

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Day 9 Slick for the 30 Characters Challenge!

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Day 7 Daisy Crates

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Day 7 Daisy Crates for the 30 Characters Challenge!

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Buy #30! – GLYF and the Terror of Tusk by Marshall (Calmplex)

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In the late hours of night Glyf a lone graffiti writer searches the subway tunnels hoping to find a place to practice his street art. Little does he know he will be meeting up with his enemy in “The Terror of Tusk”

Finally my first comic! I’ve been wanting to make comics for over 20 years and now i have finally finished the first in hopefully a long line of comics down the road.

“Glyf and the Terror of Tusk” is a mini comic 6″ x 5.5″ containing 15 pages that are mostly black and white in a traditional action comic style. This comic is suitable for all ages with no profanity and mild comic book style action sequences.

Your comic will ship promptly within 1 business day. If there are any issues feel free to contact me at [email protected]

$3 US $4 Outside US


Day 2 “uoOZi”

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Here’s # 2 entry for the 30 Characters challenge. Meet uoOZi who is an old battle buddy with the previous character GLOK. These two know just what to do in the heat of battle and won’t hesitate seek, maim and destroy especially if the price is right! Thanks for Checkin in! More updates to come throughout the weekend. Better quality images coming soon once i get my new scanner in the mail.

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Anna has a coolness about her that attracts some, but turns others off. If they don’t like her, though, she’s too cool to care. She’s quiet until she has something to say, sporatically enthused by things no one can predict, and prone to mood swings. A difficult personality to get along with, but inspiring and fun for those patient enough to get to know her. She associates more with males, who don’t mind her silence and frankness than females whom often feel intimidated or offended.

Plays bass guitar and does pen sketches. Rarely seen without headphones.

#19 Chara

| November 19, 2010 | 3 Comments


Screw the eerily gorgeous songs that most sirens are known to sing.  Chara here would much rather belt out retro pop tunes than lure guys to her rock any day!  It still winds up snagging her the occasional sailor, funnily enough; she usually ignores him until she’s done singing, says hi in a friendly way, and nudges him back in the direction he came.  Maybe she gives him a kiss if he manages to slip in a compliment.  But in the end, for this girl, the music is all that matters.

Fun Fact: I had “Only Yesterday” by the Carpenters stuck in my head when I started sketching.  Looks like there’s a correlation here…