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| November 17, 2011 | 0 Comments

RabbRabb is the kind of guy you meet out in the middle of a desert. Enigmatic and full of trouble, yet one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. Though if your trying to avoid confrontations with the New Empyrean Order, it’s best not to befriend the guy who used to be their top engineer. Also it’s best not to befriend the guy who used the New Empyrean Order’s prized prototype super mech to defect. Hanzle and Finch got WAY more than they bargained for when Rabb started to tag along. And how is it that he knows so much about the Gradian colony from it’s golden days?







Geela Clutch

| November 16, 2011 | 0 Comments

GeelaIf being a three and half foot tall space gnome wasn’t whimsical enough, Geela Clutch takes whimsy a bit farther. Geela was attending an Ardorian boarding school for girls when she met up with Hanzle and Finch. When the New Empyrean Order came to shut down the school for harboring fugitives, (The Gradians) Geela and a large portion of the school left with the two scouts. Now Geela aids the intrepid duo in their search for a new home world.

Finch Greely & Hanzle Duncan

| November 15, 2011 | 2 Comments

FinchFinch Greely was born shortly after the fall of the Gradian colony and grew up in the refugee camps that took shelter deep underground. As part of the Advance Patrol, he volunteered to take part in a scouting mission to vanguard a new home for the Gradian colonists. Finch tends to be quiet and observant, prone to wait for a solution rather than dive in head long.

Unfortunately he was paired with…

HanzleHanzle Duncan. The colony’s top fighter pilot. Brash, impatient, and some what arrogant. Hanzle first thought he was being awarded the job of scouting for a new home world, but soon realized he was being “dumped off”. The truth being the former, but Hanzle insists it’s the later. Fueling this is the polar opposite partner he’s saddled with. Finch. Differences aside, there mission is of utmost importance. The colony is in near squalor, and the Ark ships they live in are becoming over crowded.