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#29 Claude Claus

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2012 Challenger: Mike Gallagher

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Hey, I’m Mike!

I am a freelance artist. I’ve been matriculating in the small press for a few years now. Currently I am working on an issue of Argo 5 and a comics album with Rosencrantz. I design T-Shirts and book covers.

I completed all 30 days in year one and two. Sadly I didn’t get to participate last year.

I enjoyed the first year’s concept of getting a character out a day. So I took that literally and try to do a good, quick, different character each day. I hope you will enjoy them!

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#18 – The Sleighbot 2000

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#18 – The Sleighbot 2000

The time has finally arrived for Santa to join the 21st century. With the help of Willie the Cyborg Elf and the North Pole Computerization and Robotics Division, Santa has been implementing new technology to make Christmas Eve less Stressful.

One of the first innovations was the Sleighbot 2000, an automated helper that has been hooked to the Santa’s sleigh. The sleighbot gives Santa that extra edge in preparing presents and stocking treats for each house, all the while giving the most current readings of temperature and wind direction.

Santa’s life is changing for the better with the help of technological advances.

#15 Santa-Kong

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Santa Claus. For years Christmas has grown in power and influence. At this point in time Halloween and Christmas sections go up in department stores at the same time. The ever growing consumer importance of Christmas has slowly but definitely driven Santa completely mad. Now as Santa-Kong he stands on roof tops and if anyone tries to remove him he threatens to lob heavy presents at them. He has become particularly fond of “wrapping” presents inside of barrels. He also likes standing near the top of industrial construction sites lobbing presents at unsuspecting passers by. Plumbers for whatever reason send him into an absolute rage…

#13 – Pizza Luvin’ Santa

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#13 – Pizza Luvin’ Santa

People picture Santa as a jolly old man who eats nothing but cookies and sweets all year long. Really though, who could eat that stuff all the time? You would have to take a break every so often and eat a real meal.

When Santa’s craving something that will fill him up, he turns to the North Pole Pizzeria where Antonio the elf makes a special pie with his favorite toppings. Recently Santa has been getting a slice or two left for him on Christmas Eve and it’s made his busy night go so much smoother. He’s even decided to modify his outfit to reflect the love he has for the classic dish.

Be a sport and leave Santa some pizza this year instead of the same old cookies and milk.

This picture is another one done in homage to the coolest artist I know, Mark Mariano. Check out his art at his website, www.mypalmark.com, and don’t rub in the fact of how much better he is than me when it comes to drawing.

While you’re out surfing, I’ll put a plug in for my site, www.nosweetsforsanta.com, for a cool story about Santa getting pizza on Christmas Eve.

#6 Santa-1

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Santa-1 is an agent for the United Nations Secret Committee on Extra Normal Events. U.N.S.C.E.N.E. is a clandestine organization that investigates extraterrestrial and supernatural threats and oversee activities of the superly-abled.

It is unknown whether agent Santa-1 is the true Santa, a clone or just an imposter. The only thing known about Santa-1 is that he has been an agent with U.N.S.C.E.N.E. since its secret founding by the United Nations in 1947, after the Roswell UFO incident alerted the U.N. to the existence of extraterrestrials and also released an energy that would later mutate people conceived after the crash.

Roadkill Santa

| November 1, 2010 | 3 Comments

I don’t have my CeltSpace stuff together enough yet (still inking) and I am crunched for time. So I decided to use a few filler ideas.
This is the kind of Santa America needs right now! One that is honset, modern, jolly.