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#16- Tix

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#20 – “Candi” the Succubus

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Day 20 - Candi the Succubus by George Ward

Candi is a friend of Ian (day 19) and is jealous of his and Shaylah’s (day 7) relationship. She acts pleasant and supportive but she secretly wants to split them appart.  She doesn’t think Shaylah is good enough for him and wishes she would just disappear.  She knows about the secret meetings but she fears that Ian would suffer if she were to expose them.

#20 The Pseudopodlings of the Cycloptopus

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We had retrieved a genetic sample off of one of the bodies, and our suspicions were confirmed: The gene sequences matched exactly.  It’s surmised now that, beneath the surface, the feminine forms are in fact attached to the mysterious animal; Mere shape shifting, temporary projections extended from the large alien creature.


The Pseudopodlings of the Cycloptopus © & TM 2011 Mike Dubisch

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#15 The Vision Worm

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It was perhaps inevitable that the men would call the creatures Succubae..  That the Vision Worm had the effect it did on us just added to their allure.


The Vision Worm © & TM 2011 Mike Dubisch,

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#7 – Shaylah the Succubus

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Day 7 - Shaylah the Succubus by George Ward


Shaylah is a failed succubus who was exiled to earth because she was unable to seduce anyone.  She has a natural tendency to flirt with everyone she meets, but she isn’t interested in going further then that.  She can seem a bit creepy if you don’t know her but she really is interested in learning more about humans.  She misses her home world but she knows she can never return unless she learns how to seduce people.

#9 Karynn

| November 14, 2010 | 1 Comment

Karynn is a succubus unlike any other.  Sure, she’s a female demon who seduces her victims into having killer sex, literally, just like any other succubus.  However, unlike others of her kind, Karynn has a predilection for consuming her victims once she has had her way with them.