05: Jarel

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Character Name: 

Brief Bio/Description:
Jarel is an existential narcissist. He lives in the now and worships health and nature. He prefers to be nude than to cover up the masterpiece that is his body, and revels in the wonders that it can accomplish. He is an eccentric individual who both loves and loathes the convenience of consumerism. If he could, he would live on a private beach and spend all his days eating exotic fruits in the company of like-minded women.

Style Commentary:
Jarel began as an exploration of the male form and muscle definition practice. But I wanted to do a slightly unusual body type, a slender frame with good muscles. I was going through a tiny-neck phase, which irks me in retrospect… but, in person I love the quality of this drawing. It was good to render anatomy again.

Publishing Note:
CC2012 entries 05-09 are SUPER LATE but I wanted to get them online anyway. I did them in November, but was unable to get them online due to life’s circumstances and general busy-ness from November until now.

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