06: Theodoreo

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Brief Bio/Description:
Theodoreo is one of the many racers in Sugar Rush. He’s soft-spoken and sweet. His favorite drink is milk and he loves making people smile. Theodoreo’s race car resembles a train engine, where the stacks and wheels are made of – you guessed it – Oreos. His color scheme is black, brown, white, and denim blue. Due to his sweet demeanor, he refused to bully Vanellope even after King Candy altered the game’s code, and retired himself from most of the games. With Sugar Rush’s reboot, he is in much higher spirits and is excited to get entered into the player roster again.

Style Commentary:
Obviously, this is an original character based on the movie Wreck-It Ralph, specifically from the game Sugar Rush. I adore that movie, and I adore Oreos, and I thought the little Oreo guards were amazing, and I got the brilliant idea to make an adorable racer that fit the Oreo theme. I didn’t use any reference, sadly (there wasn’t much available at the time) and there are huge stylistic differences between Theodoreo and the other racers, but I think I managed to capture the “wholesome, fun, boyishness” that I was going for with him!

Publishing Note:
CC2012 entries 05-09 are SUPER LATE but I wanted to get them online anyway. I did them in November, but was unable to get them online due to life’s circumstances and general busy-ness from November until now.

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