07: WOMan

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Character Name: 
WOMan (Wireless On-board Maintenance)

Brief Bio/Description:
WOMan, or Wireless On-board Maintenance, is a humanoid computer system designed to complete repairs and general maintenance in various space, land, air, and sea vessels. WOMan comes equipped with full schematics and mechanical instructions installed, specifically for the vessel in which it will be used. WOMan also comes with a self-preservation pod, for repairs and updates to its chassis and software. This pod is also a storage space for any time when WOMan is not in use. Please consult your regional distributor for price quotes and package information.

Style Commentary:
I believe I’d gotten myself into a Ghost in the Shell kick when I started this one. I believe I’d also re-watched Hugo around that time. I wanted to create a mechanical character, one that was very obviously non-human, but still held an element of female attractiveness. I enjoy the idea of many pieces coming together to create a whole, and had a great deal of fun setting all the lines and joints and bolts in her design. It was also fun to eliminate the need for human anatomy, and focus on a more purely mechanical approach to a humanoid form. The flexible compression support that makes up her waist was definitely a move toward blatantly disregarding normal human proportions. Which is fun to do, sometimes!

Publishing Note:
CC2012 entries 05-09 are SUPER LATE but I wanted to get them online anyway. I did them in November, but was unable to get them online due to life’s circumstances and general busy-ness from November until now.

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