08: Portrait of Loss

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Character Name: 
Portrait of Loss

Brief Bio/Description:
This piece is more a conceptual exploration of emotion than a particular character. The Portrait of Loss is consumed by sadness and grief, trapped in the suffering that happens after losing something or someone dear to them. Her face contorts shamelessly in emotional agony and tears run sloppily down her face, overflowing from eyes that squeeze shut and blur more often than they can hold themselves open to see. But she is honest in her pain, and pure in her heart. She mourns for what has been lost. But she must yet accept that it is not coming back, and she must steel her heart against the reminders that will exist and come back to haunt her all the rest of her life.

Style Commentary:
November was a very stressful point in my life, and I definitely let that channel into some of my work. It was a very challenging thing – trying to use your own negative emotions to create something; trying to spin such negativity into something positive. The hardest thing was facing it – literally – in the mirror. This is not a self-portrait, but I heavily referenced my own face to make this image. Again, I cannot really convey just how challenging that was. Even still, it was ultimately therapeutic; I did create, I did turn it around into this piece, and I can look back on it now and fully appreciate what it took to pull it off.

Publishing Note:
CC2012 entries 05-09 are SUPER LATE but I wanted to get them online anyway. I did them in November, but was unable to get them online due to life’s circumstances and general busy-ness from November until now.

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