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#6 The Uxim, Guardians of the Lost White City

| November 14, 2011 | 1 Comment

They say when the full moon reflects on the waters of Rio Platano (Plantain River) in Honduras during certain times of the year, you can see a mysterious glow through the trees of the deep rainforest. Some local fisherman claim that in the areas where the glow is most intense they can sometimes see mysterious shadows move over the tree tops and some even claim to have heard songs of ancient times. Amongst the locals it is believed that to chase the glowing lights in the waters and the forests is to become lost, and that all who are lost will find refuge in an eternal white city but there is no coming back.



#5 Jane and Bá Huraqan, “Papi said knock you out.”

| November 10, 2011 | 0 Comments



“Nice teeth.. maybe ya should pick them up.. keep them.. remember who knocked that crooked smile off of your face.”

Jane Fortin’s father didn’t leave behind much for her after he kicked the proverbial bucket, some outstanding debts and boxes of trinkets; but his old boxing gloves did still have magic in them. So the people used to say, and, turns out they were right, even if they didn’t know just how right. These babies house a one of a kind Mayan Punch-Genie, which only the wearer of the gloves can see and hear.. what’s a girl to do? Yeah, it might not grant her wishes, but you are definitely going to wish you hadn’t crossed her. Now Jane is going to the top of the fighting world.. one punch at a time.. and it’s next stop: the good life, time to leave the hustle behind… or is it? .. See, once you’re on the top of the food chain, the whole world wants a piece of you. So watch your back Ms. Fortin, hopefully you’ll be alright. Just remember what your papi said…

#4 Lt. John W. Smith, Extreme Prejudice S.W.A.T. Draculia Division

| November 9, 2011 | 6 Comments



Not much is known of NYPD’s S.W.A.T. Draculia Division aka. Nightstalkers, but among criminals fear has spread like wildfire. Talk of mysterious voices, low growls and rumbles in the dark. They signal the end, the bloody messy end.

#3 Aki N’Vu, Brave SOL Captain

| November 8, 2011 | 6 Comments


SOL, an incredibly advanced modular Class-HS vessel, traveling through the galaxy with a precious cargo… an entire species. They were supposed to lie cryogenically frozen during their millennial voyage on SOL Module 3 (aka E:A.R.Th.), alas, that was not to be. A malfunctioning defense system allowed a meteor to crash on the module destroying their huge reptilian protectors and releasing all the hyper-coolant into the atmosphere. After a time an unable to maintain the level required to maintain cryogenic stasis.. Man awoke to a destiny still far among the stars. Aki N’vu, brave captain and his trusted crew descended through a crack on the face of E:A.R.Th. to the command center, to take manual control of SOL after it was determined that Gea, the on-board computer had been damaged and their course was feared lost. Time in the command center moves differently you see. Aki N’vu and his brave crew have been commandeering SOL through countless eras while on the surface.. Man lost himself, evolving constantly he forgot that he was meant to be amongst the stars. Now 7,000,000,000 humans populate the surface of E:A.R.Th., a number for which the life vessel was not designed. They face a total system breakdown and on their hour of need.. only Captain N’vu and his crew stand vigilant preventing Module 3 from cracking in two and keeping SOL and it’s modules on perfect motion. Some have (barely) seen them, they are talked of in whispers.. called by many names.. they are the navigators, the problem solvers, janitors, keepers… heroes.


#2 Acheron, Lost Warrior Boy of Hades

| November 2, 2011 | 4 Comments
Son of a poor greek fisherman, Acheron disobeyed his father, navigating into a mysterious luminous fog one night. Believing it came from the place his mother had vanished to years before. Unknown to him, he was sailing straight to Hades on the cold lifeless waters of the river Styx. Now lost among the dead, he has become a legendary survivalist and a cunning warrior. He dresses with the remains of his foes, to move amongst the legions of souls and spirits without attracting their gaze. He is the only living boy in Hades and he won’t rest until he finds his mother and escapes the darkness he walks.

#1 Xiao, Heavy Steam Machine Chef

| November 1, 2011 | 11 Comments



Feared and worshipped in antiquity, hunted in modernity. The Steam God Dragon Xiao Long lives his days in hiding, disguised as a human being. He is Xiao, the Heavy Steam Machine Chef, creator of the ‘God Steamed Dumpling’ and the “God Steamed Noodles’; delicacies that are said to awaken temporary superhuman abilities in those who consume them. Good luck finding Xiao though; he wanders the streets of china pushing the Heavy Steam Machine, his legendary cart/kitchen, and he never stays in the same place for too long. They say he looks for those deserving and in need of his special talent… you see he might look like a fearsome monster, but under his demonic guise there lies heart of gold… and steam.
-Alejandro R.


2011 Challenger: Alejandro Ramírez

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hi i’m Alejandro, 29. i’m from Honduras. I’m a graphic designer but my real passion is illustration, specifically drawing comics. I don’t do it as much as i’d like, can’t seem to find the time to do so, and that’s why when i heard of the 30 character challenge, not only did it sound awesome i think it might help me focus on actually producing ideas and just drawing stuff so that’s great. I’m looking forward to checking out everyone’s stuff  and hopefully getting some feedback. Good luck everyone 🙂