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Arian Croft – 30 Characters in 30 Days: Tales from Nexus City

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11/30/2012: Malithraxus, Void Dragon

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NAME: Malithraxus  SPECIES: Dragon (Observer-Spawn) ORIGIN: ???

Spawned in the cosmic winds and seeded with an intelligence from beyond the Bulk, the cosmic dragon, Malithraxus was born to raze the pillars of reality and birth new life into its smoldering foundation. A being of pure magic, it soars aloft on vast, membranous wings, dripping with the scintillating colors of creation. Its claws and fangs rend through flesh and starship hulls with equal ease, casting those within screaming silently into the void. Its breath is the fire of chaos, giving new form to all that it touches. It is the harbinger of violent change. It has hears the voices of Nexus City, crying for a savior to release them from their prisons of biological and mechanical conformity.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/29/2012: Prospero Banderas, Human Monster Hunter

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NAME: Prospero Basilius Banderas  SPECIES: Human  ORIGIN: Earth

Part of the first wave of the Voltraggi Uplift, Prospero’s refuge vessel was assaulted by a strange, monstrous entity while travelling between branes. Though he and a few others survived the attack, his family wasn’t so lucky. As a result of the attack, Prospero suffered 3rd degree burns, scarring him for life. Rescued and nursed back to health by the Dominion, Prospero now hunts across the Multiverse for the beast that killed his wife and daughters.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/28/2012: Lumpy Holger, Mutant Bounty Hunter

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NAME: Lumpy Holger  SPECIES: Human (Mutated)  ORIGIN: Tunnelworld

Hailing from the surface wastes of Eden Prime (known colloquially as “Tunnelworld”), Lumpy suffers from a degenerative disease, a result of his prolonged exposure to the engineered mutagens plaguing his home environment. With little time left on the clock before he expires, Lumpy has come to nexus city seeking one last bounty.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending)


11/27/2012: Aspect of Guaro, Vengeful Guardian Statue

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NAME: Aspect of Guaro  SPECIES: Magically Animated Statue  ORIGIN: Zuras

Created long ago by a powerful Agano mystic and set to watch over Khumu’s Wishing Stone for all of eternity, he has waited in the lightless treasure troves of the god of wealth, undisturbed…until now.

Model created in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/26/2012: Prince Amon, Child of Anubis Wanderer

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NAME: Amon  SPECIES: Child of Anubis  ORIGIN: High Realm of Anubis

Left stranded after his Cloud Skiff crashed in an alien universe, Prince Amon has wandered from world to world looking for a way home. As heir to the Guardian of the Underworld, Amon knows all to well that, should he die outside the realms of his gods, all five parts of his soul will be doomed to oblivion, the same fate that befalls the lesser beings among whom he now walks.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/25/2012: Delves-in-Shadows, Kainan Warlock

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NAME: Delves-in-Shadows  SPECIES: Kainan  ORIGIN: The World Strider

Delves-In-Shadows is one of the final twelve specimens of the mysterious, sorcererous species known as the Kainan. Watching from their spire-city on the back of the World Strider, the Kainan travel from world to world, devouring the life force of sapient beings and absorbing the secrets left seeping from their broken minds. Ever perfecting their black arts, the Kainan are unable to cast spells of the White Circle, suffering a near-debilitating fear of such magic.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/24/2012: Tihana Zoric, Human Secret Agent

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NAME: Jagoda Tihana Zoric  SPECIES: Human  ORIGIN: Earth (Croatia)

An Olympic swimmer for her home country of Croatia, Tihana also served her nation in a more covert fashion. In the midst of infiltrating a human trafficking ring in London, Tihana was abducted by a Voltraggi stealth vessel. Now, the Earth and its surrounding reality destroyed by a Universal Collapser, Tihana has been left without a home. Given a place within the Dominion, Tihana was now spies on Nexus City for the agency, keeping a keen eye on Circle-Tech in particular.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/23/2012: YoW, Rooblian Scholar

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NAME: YoWokene  SPECIES: Rooblian  ORIGIN: Rooblix

Over 300 Dominion Standard years old, YoWokene (Yoh-Wo-Ke-Neh) has been to many worlds and seen many strange things. Dedicated to the act of categorizing and cataloging all he encounters, YoW has taken a break for the last 12 years to tutor the heir to the Calixa household, a job that has paid handsomely and allowed him to accrue a fortune of his own.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/22/2012: Kusk, Child of Horus Weapons Dealer

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NAME: Kusk  SPECIES: Child of Horus  ORIGIN:  High Realm of Horus

Born to Clutch Startalon, Kusk was forced to leave the High Realm of Horus when the Favored of Anubis invaded, laying siege to his clutchs’ palace. Fleeing through the Hall of the Sun, Kusk eventually found his way to Nexus City. There, he develops energy weapons patterned from the technology of his home world and sells them to the warring gangs in the Undercity, Zero Syndicate criminals, and anyone else willing to pay for his wares. Though kind and affable, Kusk cares little for who ends up with his weaponry, his only concern gathering sufficient funds to return to his home with an army of mercenaries so he can liberate his people.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending…)


11/21/2012: Inari Worldseer, Dwarven Doorman

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NAME: Inari Worldseer  SPECIES: Dwarf  ORIGIN: Crown of High Higvald

Born to a noble clan of techsmiths, Inari possessed a curious streak when it came to the outer worlds, a trait uncommon in dwarvenkind. Ostracized from his clan for his eccentricities, Inari’s beard was taken from him and he was given a penance before he was banished. Taking passage on a passing Verser’s ship, Inari came to Nexus City, a place where all travelers are welcome. In time, he came to learn the ways of the Omnishperes. Using his skills as a Doorman, Inari travels from world to world, safely transporting any client willing to pay to fund his research.

Model designed in Sculprtis and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/20/2012: Jools Calixa, Cloned Human Dilettante

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NAME: Jools Calixa  SPECIES: Human (Clone)  ORIGIN: Zyntradi Commonwealth

Heiress to the Calixa fortune, Jools was gifted with the brane ship, Castellan, on her 18th name day. Along with her android companion, Solver, and a minimal crew employed to her house, Jools forged off into the Multiverse. Since then, Jools and Solver have seen and experienced things that most beings only dream of. Using Nexus City as her home point, Jools often returns to refuel and resupply before heading back out to parts unknown.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD. Model printed on my Makerbot Replicator and painted with water based acrylics.


11/19/2012: Yarp, Mantle Crab Porter

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NAME: Yarp  SPECIES:  Iolosian Mantle Crab ORIGIN:  Mooncliffs of Iolos

Arguably a non-sapient species, Iolosian Mantle Crabs such as Yarp are often employed as pack mules by adventurers forging into inhospitable territories. Left alone, Mantle Crabs are content living peacefully in the cliff-side tunnels they call home. However, once trained, Mantle Crabs often bond to their owners, even protecting them against perceived threats.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)

11/18/2012: Specimen 16, Olimyoo Legionnaire

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NAME: Specimen 16  SPECIES: Olimyoo  ORIGIN: Pakinare

A member of the infamous “Centurion” program, Specimen 16 has sown destruction throughout the Multiverse in the name of the Children of Tartarus. Plucked from his peaceful home world as a youth, his great size and strength catching the interest of a Tartaran overlord, Specimen 16 took to the indoctrination quickly, his will broken and body transformed into a nigh-unstoppable war machine. Over the years, as his body became damaged, the Tartarans saw to its reconstruction. When the Tartaran Empire fell, with no master to control him, Specimen 16 went ronin. Though his skills of death-dealing are now for hire, he holds tightly to his final orders, vowing some day to murder the Lost Agency and their allies in the name of Tartarus.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3D print pending….)


11/17/2012: Blisterbelch, Troll Tyrant

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NAME: Blisterbelch  SPECIES: Mountain Troll  ORIGIN: Jotunheim

Considered small by Jotun standards, in the mountains of Jotunheim, Blisterbelch was a hermit and a scavenger, living off of the spoils of his greater brethren, mountain goats, or the occasional Midgardian foolish enough to climb the path into the land of the giants. After the Red King crisis, Blisterbelch fled the Techno-Sovereignty, taking refuge in Nexus City. There, he found himself to be a true giant, his tall stature, vast strength and fiery breath causing all in his path to tremble with fear. After several travelers found their way into his belly, Circle Securities apprehended Blisterbelch, banishing him to Dark 22, a secret Circle-Tech sponsored prison colony on a Terran compatible world cast in eternal night. There, Blisterbelch quickly rose to power, the other inmates treating him like a king. Those few who don’t end up in his stomach, their bones littering the floor around his “Throne of Skulls.”

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/15/2012: Daisy Fields, Ursan Reporter

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NAME: Daisy Fields  SPECIES: Ursan  ORIGIN: Arcade

Having recently arrived in Nexus City with the flood of Ursan refugees fleeing the Trickster’s world, Arcade, Daisy quickly found work with the Nexus Gazette. A former bookstore clerk, Daisy has a hungry curiosity for learning about the worlds beyond her own and saw a job with the most cosmopolitan paper in (known) existence as the chance of a lifetime.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending…)


11/14/2012: Dragos, Vampire Prowler

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NAME: Dragos  SPECIES: Human (Vampiric)  ORIGIN: Nexus City

Once a doctor for the criminal underground of Nexus City, Orban Victore fell victim to a creature of the night. Now, as Dragos, he stalks where the light of the Star-Core cannot reach, falling upon lonely travelers who tread too deeply into the shadowy depths of the Undercity.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending…)


11/13/2012: Zenn Zaran, Last of the Celestial Artificers

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NAME: Zenn Zaran  SPECIES: Celestial Artificer  ORIGIN: Unknown

Brilliant scientist, war hero, trans-universally acclaimed opera singer. Zenn Zaran is all of these things and far, far more. Were his life a book, the stories of a thousand lesser beings would barely fill the prologue. The last of an otherwise extinct species, Zenn Zaran is considered by many to be the most intelligent corporeal being in the known Multiverse. A celebrity without peer, he has grown reclusive, holing up in his mansion in Nexus City. No one has met with Zenn Zaran and spoken about it for over one hundred years, though he is occasionally sighted in Nexus City, flying on the back of his Scintillating Star Dragon, Magnifithrax.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending)


11/12/2012: Jedel Parghoga, Zyntradi Gunslinger

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NAME: Jedel Parghoga  SPECIES:  Zyntradi  ORIGIN: Zyntradi Commonwealth

A renowned sharpshooter and notorious psychopath, Jedel’s guns are for hire to anyone with enough credits and moral lenience to meet their price. Little is known of Jedel’s past, though one can often tell where Jedel has been based on the “splatter art” left behind. Jedel considers itself a true artist, canvassing the walls with the its opponents’ ichors.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD, 3d printed on a Makerbot Replicator and hand-painted with water-based acrylics.


11/11/2012: Tahun Lahtu, Dividaki Thief

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NAME: Tahun Batari Lahtu  SPECIES: Dividaki  ORIGIN: Dividar Prime

Escaping from a Tartaran slave mine when he was a youngling, Tahun Lahtu grew up on the streets of Nexus City as a pickpocket. Not without honor, Tahun uses his good looks and talent for black magic to steal only from the very wealthy and the irrevocably corrupt. Since Circle-Tech has come to Nexus City, Tahun has done everything within his power to make their stay as difficult as possible.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/10/11: “Iron” Jack Savage, Pookah Soldier

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NAME: Jack Savage  SPECIES: Rabbit Pookah  ORIGIN: The Seelie Realm

After losing his arm to a dire wolf in the great war against the Unseelie kin, Jack was bestowed a metal of honor by the knights of the Silver Court. In addition, Jack was given with a powerful, magi-tech arm, a gift from a renowned gnomish tinkerer. Though honored as a hero among the fey folk, the war left Jack bitter and paranoid. He no longer belonged in the Seelie lands. Hoisting his knapsack over his shoulder, Jack walked through the shimmering bright of Viscaria’s Mirror, never again to look back on the light of Titania’s realm.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/09/2012: Mohk-Sha, Xitalcit Burgler

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NAME: Mohk-Sha  SPECIES: Xitalcit  ORIGIN: The Black Hellscapes of Yorn

Once a simple refugee from the Hellscapes, Mohk-Sha learned to survive in the shadowy tunnels of the Undercity. Learning to modify and train the Calipshee, bio-tech leftover from the Xygonian invasion, Mohk-Sha used this new found skill to burgle homes of those lucky enough to dwell beneath the star-sphere above.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/08/2012: Molg, Ginza Hive Soldier

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The primitive warrior race known as the Ginza are from a lonely star system on the farthest ring of Esrah’s Belt. Uplifted from a stone-age civilization to work as bodyguards and hired killers, many Ginza have found their way to Nexus city as part of a merchant or noble’s retinue. Though compact and relatively clumsy, the Ginza are incredibly strong, their deadly beaks able to cut through flesh, bone, and carapace with ease. Ginza bites have even been purported to bypass power armor on more than one occasion. If there is one downside to the utilizing the Ginza as retainers, it is their willful stubbornness. Matched with a level of intelligence bordering on non-sapience, the Ginza can become easily confused and, once a notion is in their head, there’s no dissuading them from it.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/07/2012: Prance Vichard, Human Syndicate Enforcer

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NAME: Prance Vichard  SPECIES: Human  ORIGIN: Zyntradi Commonwealth

Once an all-star Entropy Player on a proudly all-human team, Prance stubbornly refused to take a fall during an important match. In retaliation, Zero Syndicate goons ambushed him while he was celebrating and cut off his leg with mono-filament wire. Refusing to get back into the game and offer his opponents handicap points due to his cybernetics, Prance retired. After several years wallowing in anger, Prance found his pension running thin. Out of options, he hired himself as muscle to a local bookie. After his employer was murdered by Zero Syndicate goons, Prance was given the choice of either working for the syndicate or to join his employer in the Undercity maintenance chasms. Choosing the former, Prance now works for the very agency that took his dreams of being a legendary athlete. Biding his time, Prance does their bidding while he plots for revenge.

Model designed in TinkerCAD and sculptris, 3d printed on a Makerbot Replicator and hand painted in water-based acrylics.


11/06/2012: Iolanda Jan Lagunov, Human Blue Mage

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NAME: Iolanda Jan Lagunov  SPECIES: Human  ORIGIN: Realm of Illus

Born to powerful wizard ruling over the Godborn Isles, Iolanda was schooled in the ways of magic from an early age. Possessed of an inquisitive mind, Iolanda spent much of her youth delving deeply into forbidden magics found in the ruins scattered throughout the islands of her father’s realm. After finding an ancient and powerful spell capable of tearing a hole in the fabric of space, Iolanda, heedless of the warnings of her peers, entered the mysterious rift. After a harrowing journey through the Multiverse, Iolanda found herself in Nexus City where she was taken in by the Academy of Arcane Studies. Within several years, Iolanda became one of the highest ranking Blue Mages within the institution. Her mastery of summoning and mixing of spells and natural chemistry has earned her high honors with the Arch Magi and, there are rumors that she is being groomed to enter their ranks when a seat becomes vacant.

Model designed in TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/05/2012: BAD-533D, Servitor Convict

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NAME: BAD-533D  SPECIES: Servitor  ORIGIN: Nexus City

Once an independent guide for prospectors surveying the Salt Cliffs of Naraka, BAD-533D fell in with a bad crowd during his off-hours in the Nexus City services district. After an incompetent breaking-and-entering spree, BAD-533D was apprehended by Circle Securities and, in accordance with Servitor law, was reprogrammed to inhibit his capacity for free will. Now, BAD-533D fulfills his guide duties at the behest of a wealthy outfitter and has yet to relapse into his larcenous ways.

Model designed in TinkerCAD. 3D printed on my Makerbot Replicator and hand painted with water-based acrylics.


11/04/2012: Rowlun Aimes, Human Guild Merc

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NAME: Rowlun Aimes  SPECIES: Human  ORIGIN: Dominion City

Like all privateers in the Blue Knight Mercenary Company, Rowlun was once discharged from service within the Dominion. Exiled to Nexus City after gunning down an unarmed Separatist, Rowlun has since made his way as a hired gun. Although he has gained weight during his time away from the fierce fitness regimens enforced by Dominion protocol, Rowlun remains an exceptional physical specimen. Not the sharpest tool in the box, Rowlun is nevertheless a considerably competent liar, aided in part by his genuinely affable nature. His stubbornness has gained him a reputation throughout the Mercenaries Guild and within the ranks of his own company. Because of this, the Blue Knights prefer to send him on solo missions whenever possible.

Model designed in TinkerCAD (3D print pending…)


11/02/2012: Frank Marcello, Agano Private Eye

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NAME: Frank Marcello  ORIGIN: Zuras  OCCUPATION: Private Detective

As a young initiate in the order of Ga’uum, Frank, then known by his birth name, Makaro, came to Nexus City on pilgrimige, a ceremony undertaken by all Agano peoples beholden to the “Wanderer God.” During a trip to the Undercity, he and his fellow initiates were assaulted by gangers. Left for dead, Frank climbed out of the Undercity, vowing to take his revenge on the criminal scum that ruled the labyrinthine tunnels below. After changing his name and serving seven years as an officer of  Nexus Security, Frank went into business for himself, opening a small detective firm specializing in gang-related cases. Several gangs have tried to assassinate Frank over the years and, though all attempts have failed, he has sustained numerous injuries and mutilations including a missing finger and a hoarse, raspy voice as a result having his throat cut by a vibro-machete.

Model designed in TinkerCAD and Sculptris (3D print pending…)


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"Silent Solo"

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