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30 Characters Challenger: Janine Frederick

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Hi!  I’m Janine. 

I’ll keep this short and sweet, which for me, is not easy – So, I’ll make a bulleted list just to be different and annoying. Ready? No? Too effing bad… here i go:


  •  was born in 1979,
  •  am married to an aspiring comic artist – but he’s busy penciling a story,
  •  will be doing my own character sketches this month – I apologize in advance for their extremely crappy crappiness,
  •  work for a University,
  •  used to work for the government… fuck those bastards, 
  • am an auxiliary police officer (3 months of kickass academy training and hundreds of volunteer hours),
  •  went to culinary school,
  •  like guns,
  • could kill you in 15 seconds,
  •  was a child actress,
  •  still have the maturity level of a 5 -year old,
  •  want to know what Marcellus Wallace looks like,
  •  like horror movies and action movies,
  •  like to make horror movies with my friends,
  •  like to read comics that fuck up my world and shake my soul… and that are fun,
  • am a card carrying member of  the Creator’s Workshop at The Comics Experience, 
  •  write comics,
  •  competed in Zuda,
  •  will take over the world and turn small countries into amusement parks,
  •  will eventually own a medieval catapult,
  •  did your mom,
  •  like erotica,
  •  LOVE chocolate cake,
  •  could survive on movie theater popcorn for approximately 3 weeks,
  •  would die from approximately 9 shots of tequila, in a 2-hour timeframe.


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30 Characters Challenger: Dan Jensen

| October 27, 2010 | 1 Comment

What a grinning idiot...

Hey folks!  I’m Dan!  I’m 24, a Gemini, and I like relaxing, playing video games, and am quite fond of cookies.  You should date me because I have a giant– Huh?  Oh this is the 30 Characters thing?  Oh right right.  Sorry bout that!

Anyway, I’m here cause I just love doodling characters.  I do it a lot!  Or at least I used to.  I’ve reached a deficit in my character output these days, and I am hoping to rekindle that fire with this challenge.  Also looking forward to discovering new, exciting, and wacky characters, and seeing the characters they create!

My main passion is just simple illustration, but I dabble in animation and comics now and again.  I’m attacking this Challenge with little plan.  The first week is bound to be super random, whatever compels me as I sit down to the drawing board.  Perhaps in later weeks I will construct some sort of theme, only time will tell!

Until then, hoping to have fun and good luck to you all!

30 Characters Challenger: Melanie Dawn McGreevey

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Not exactly sure what I am really supposed to say, other than I am FAR from being super talented, but when I saw this pop up, I thought “Hey! I LOVE to create characters, why not give it a shot?”  I have attended the Savannah College of art and Design (I was in a volunteer group that helped begin to form the sequential art program there.  I was entirely too young to be that far away from home on my own, and only stayed a year.  I have lived all over the country (almost), and have a LOT of life experience.  I am currently going through something that opens my eyes to a wider world, and i think that give me a bit of a different angle when i create (at times).

I have been toying with the idea of really making a go at a web comic,

but i have 2 kitties that demand a LOT of attention…

Maybe this will give me some inspiration to push forward with it.

Sooooo ya… that’s me.  As you can tell, no gift for gab here 😛

30 Characters Challenger: Micah Weltsch

| October 27, 2010 | 1 Comment

Hello! How’s it going?

My name’s Micah, a near-30 amateur artist and history graduate student from the Midwest. I loved to draw as a child, quit for a while (I was convinced I wanted to do something else), and then came back to it about ten years ago and I’ve been doodling and drawing ever since. I’m not a professional, but maybe someday I’ll get that opportunity! For now I’m trying to finish my masters degree in East Asian history, with an emphasis on China, Japan, and the history of memory. My thesis project is an analysis at how the memory of a particular Japanese figure has developed over the last thousand years or so. Once I get that done and settle into a steady job, I’ll really start pursuing my dream. Meanwhile I feel a little overwhelmed by the number of professionals doing this challenge 😉

Until then, I work as a web developer at the university I attend. I also write and draw Planescape: Metamorphosis, which I need to make a button for so Tyler can post it up over there —->

The comic’s been a phenomenal learning experience for me because it forces me to do a lot of things I wouldn’t have ordinarily done. I was in a serious rut before I started it, but it’s helped me break out and keep trying new things. I look forward to more challenges it gives.

Anyone that has played D&D during the 90s (and even during this decade) will recognize the term “Planescape.” My comic is based on the old D&D setting of the same name and follows the adventures of Qul, a saurian man, and his companions across different worlds. Of course, they haven’t left Sigil, the City of Doors yet, but I have plans after my next story arc!

I joined this challenge to try and grease some character design wheels and have a good excuse to get some designs done that I need to do. I’ll be using the challenge to develop some characters for my webcomic, and try my hand at some other designs I can make use of. I love the superhero genre so I might make a few of those. I’ll probably also work on a bunch of fantasy or sci-fi style characters that I can use for other projects. Since I don’t have time to do fully colored digital art every day, most of my designs will be pencil sketches, sometimes colored with markers and/or colored pencils. Here are some examples of my finished art and some sketches I’ve done! Almost all my art ends up over at my very starkly-decorated sketch blog or my deviantART gallery so feel free to snoop around there, too!

30 Character Challenger: Harold Jennett

| October 27, 2010 | 1 Comment

Hi folks!

This is my first challenge, and probably not the best time to do it, as I’m super busy. But this project will only help me stretch my creative muscles! I was trying to do one sketch per day anyway, so this is perfect for me.

I previously did the art/lettering for a comic called M.I.M.E.S. You can see more at

I am currently working on Geek Syndicate: The Comic. It’s about a couple of geeks who get into crazy adventures, including, but not limited to: Interrogating Santa Claus, Cosplay cross dressing, and fighting mirror universe dopplegangers. You can check it out at 

I’m also working on a comic anthology, who’s profits will go towards the homeless. It’s called “Epic Jam”, and you can read more about it on my sketchblog here:

30 Character Challenger: Victor Dandridge

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HELLO!  I’m a long time comic book fan whose just taken the plunge to begin creating full-time, publishing thru my imprint WizWorld Inc!  I’m a Columbus native, where I live and play and have THE most incredibly beautiful children!

This is what I look like when I'm NOT making comics!

While I’d LOVE to get my hands on more commercial properties, I’m a newly crowned bastion for self-publishing and eagerly look to taking the comic book form and the small-press to new heights!  This year, I released my first solo comic book projects,  Omnibus #1 and Doing A Bid: How to Approach Work as a Freelance Artist. I followed those up with a run of original pulp mags that got me the attention of Ron Fortier, whom I’m currently doing illustration work for thru his Airstrip 27 publishing firm.

I’m taking part in the 30 Character Challenge to FINALLY fill my stock character list for my U Cre-8 Comics line; an activity series that uses comics to stimulate educational fundamentals in students grade 1-5!  Once finished, participants can use these stock characters as either protagonists or antagonists to the characters they’ve created, using the character creation app, similar to most roleplaying games.