30 Characters Challenger: Jay “Mig!” Mcleod

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Hi all, my name is Jay Mcleod. My art name is Mig!, and I am very excited to be participating in this challenge. I have always loved drawing, but did not get serious into the comics artform until about 1997. I spent a few years creating characters and worlds I never thought would see the light of day, but I had a lot of fun creating. I used to spend entire weekends drawing in my home studio, coming out only for the bare essentials.

After a few years of practice, I met a bunch of like minded people who helped drive me into the self publishing world with my character Migrayn. Migrayn is a lone warrior looking for a peaceful world, but finds havok along the way. I self published a few of the books, and then life happened and I stopped drawing.

I got married, had a kid, I opened up my own Internet Marketing company and generally forgot how much fun it was to draw. I never had time anymore to pick up the pencil.

Now, many years later, things are starting to fall into place. I have some more free time now, the urge to draw again is hitting me real hard, and I think I am ready to work on my characters again.

I will be working on background and important characters for my new Migrayn series, so mostly everything you see in the challenge will be part of that world. Thanks to Tyler for making this all happen, and hope you all enjoy the art!

Visit www.migrayn.com, my main art site, and also where the comic book archives are.

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