30 Characters Challenger: Luke Burchfield

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Hello, Internets! I’m Luke Burchfield, a sixteen year old writer from Texas and quite possibly the youngest challenger so far. I enjoy Italian food and long walks on the beach…

Heh. I’m actually just a budding sci-fi/fantasy nerd who found this challenge exciting. I usually have troubles with just character creation, because my writing style focuses more on plots and ideas than people. I hope to use this challenge to break out of that habit and grow as a writer.
Anyway, once the Challenge gets into full swing, I’ll be putting up short vignettes and a crappily hand-drawn, crappily scanned doodle of what I used to help form the character in my head. I apologize in advance for whatever harm I may cause to your brain cells in doing so, as I am a terrible drawer.

Some more personal info: I’m both an actor and a techie for my high school’s theatre troupe, and just got casted as the lead in a small play that goes on in February. I’m learning how to play guitar, and have been for about six months. If I’m not acting, playing guitar, or working on homework, I’m reading. I absolutely love to read, and will read just about anything. I have a strong preference for fantasy, with most of my influences and most favorite authors being Stephen King, Darren Shan, JK Rowling, JRR Tolkein, and Jenny Nimmo. Sci-fi is also one of my loves, with Frank Herbert and Isaac Asimov being the forerunners. Anyway, that’s me. I look forward to seeing what awaits me in November! 🙂

You can find me here on Facebook. Just tell me that you saw me on the Challenge site and I’ll accept your request. 🙂 My Twitter is GotItAllWrong. I’ll be posting updates on those two sites whenever I post up a new character.

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I'm a sixteen year old writer who's trying to build experience and ability. I saw a link to this challenge, so here I am! :) I'm largely influenced by such writers as Stephen King and... Stephen King, heh. Most of my writing experience actually comes from non-writing sources, such as films, American comics, manga, etc. I also play D&D with some friends of mine, but haven't been able to in a while. My Deva Warden Lalbero needs leveling! D: And that's just about all there is to know about me. You can friend me , just say you saw me on 30characters and it'll all be good. :) I'm really looking forward to being a writer in a mostly comics-oriented challenge, and I hope that I'll get a lot of good criticism! Thank you all. :)

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