30 Characters Challenger: Martha Schwartz

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Hey, I am finding this a very fascinating thing to do and hope to meet and understand all you out there and why we are doing this.  Me?  I love the idea.  I feel that art should be about fun.  Many of us are trying too much to make an impression out there, and I am sure that you are taking the opportunity to do so as much as anyone else.. but I am solely

self portrait

Super Warrior

Super Warrior

doing it for the fun.  I love this because we can share ideas and get them out there as well as see what others can do and put up to the challenge.  I feel that I can learn a lot about this for myself and for others.  I want to do this to see if I can not only do the art once a day, but to come up with something that says or screams.. me, the creative.  I hope that we all get more out of this, but I want to thank the time to do such a thing.

From the happiest place on earth, well to some people, I just think that life is fun but when it comes to art, it can be the best.  I want to take the time to show others what I have to offer.  Art should be fun, and that’s what I am about.  I hope that it will all go great and to share with many of you guys.

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