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#30 – Sahil

| December 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

You may meet Sahil at the airport, offering his services. He’s what you call, a “jack-of-all-trades”. You name it, he can do get it for you, for a moderate fee, of course. He’s a good-natured man trying to make a living as a guide. What? Were you expecting some low-down and juicy story, or a bit of hi-jinx in his past? Well, maybe… but not anymore. He’s a good guy.

And so ends the 30 character run for me. I didn’t make it on time, but I made it, and I got what I wanted from this. A great experience creating characters, and a sad feeling that I didn’t get to savor it one day at a time. Its so much fun to create a character, and in my case, mostly visually. I didn’t go that far into a background for any of these guys, like last year, but I think its because my time to work on these was segmented to the point that I was always in a hurry, trying to catch up. Oh well. I look at what I did, and its impressive to me. Plus I got a lot of practice, and discovered some things I could do in a rush that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Lots of lessons, and great experiences. Thanks to everyone for participating. It has been an honor to create along all of you. You are all winners in your own path. Keep at it… hopefully with the same momentum.