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#29 – Joey Fuhggedaboutit

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Joey is a swell guy from the Bronx. You can get a sense that he’s ok with most anything, as all his friends will no doubt vouch.


G.R. : The Internal Hero Universe’s “New 30”!

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As my longtime follows on Twitter know, I’m creating my own comic book universe: Internal Hero. ( @Retrospect360 ) on Twitter. The webcomic “Internal Hero Presents” was the first incarnation of this universe. For over a year I’ve chronicled the creation of Internal Hero’s first 40 characters, a few have been revealed as development sketches , but the majority of the “1st 40” won’t be revealed until the launch of “” which is currently under construction.

How beautifully ironic, spontaneous, strange, and wonderful that the next set of characters for Internal Hero would be revealed before the initial “1st 40″!  ‘The NEW 30”-second wave of Internal Hero Characters were drawn for the first time in November via participation of “The 30 Characters In 30 Days” challenge!

I love how “wave 2- The New 30” has been revealed before “wave 1- The 1st 40” ! Life is so wonderfully unpredictable! The Internal Hero Universe is now 70+ characters strong. It has been an absolute pleasure to take part in this challenge! I hope you enjoy my work. Congrats , shout outs, and kudos to all the creative participants of the challenge this year!

A very special thanks to God, my family, and my family on Twitter for all of their support, positive energy, and encouragement. I love you.

Best regards,


30 characters 2011 video

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My 30 characters can be seen in video form on YouTube

Don Urquhart 30 characters

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