#4 Maj. Gen. Arthur Remo’s White Whale

| November 4, 2011 | 4 Comments

“The origins of the Shoggoth are still unknown.  Those who survived witnessing the creature’s arrival would say that it came from the sky, but its approach was never detected in space.  It just seemed to materialize as it descended over Buffalo.

What is known is that on December twenty-first of twenty twelve, the Shoggoth hovered over the city for three minutes and twenty-two seconds before releasing a steady energy beam into the earth. The creature then drifted northwest. It’s plasma discharge cut a trench from Buffalo, New York to Moose Lake, Manitoba.

USAF hammered the creature for more than seventy hours as the Shoggoth made its slow trek across North America. Finally a nuclear missile was launched at the creature. Sure it survived, but it was also driven away. It de-materialized during its’ ascent into space.

I know many pilots, myself included, hoped for its return. It’s been twenty years, but it still feels like unfinished business to me. I wanted to chase it into the stars. I wanted revenge for the seventy-three thousand people it killed.”

-       Major General Arthur Remo





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  1. J. James says:

    That’s awesome. Suspenseful!

  2. Gregory says:

    Oh, humans. Soo sure about their place in the grand scheme.

    It looks so peaceful there in the sky, were it not for the massive damage it was inflicting on the ground…

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