#7 The Minimal Criminal

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The Minimal Criminal : status: Villain

The Minimal Criminal has the neovidual power of flight , extreme strength and invulnerability. At six inches tall he can lift 2 tons for every inch of hight. Though tiny it would be a foe’s folly to underestimate him. Extremely ruthless with no sense of honor, The Minimal Criminal is known for his short temper and feared for his angry might despite his small size. Known for a history of bank , armored car , and jewelry robberies it is also suspected that the Minimal Criminal is a founding member of the “Haternation”; AKA the “Hater-Eight”. This has not been confirmed.

Artist G.R. on Twitter

The webcomic “Internal Hero Presents” 

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  1. treyjackson says:

    Love this guy. This is pretty great.

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