2013 Challenger: Jeremiah Spoon

| October 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

My name is Jeremiah Spoon. I am a freelance digital artist and 3d animator. I used to work professionally, but have moved on to a different profession and no only do freelance work or personal projects. I’m not really sure what kind of work I will be putting out this year. I participated in 30 characters 2011. I had several categories of characteristics written on note cards that I would pick from to make characters. I did
mostly people during that event. The majority were inks only, no color. I think it would be fun to stipulate no people at all during this event, and see what kind of stuff I come up with.  I’m glad to have the time to put in this year and I really look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. There is always some really interesting and creative work that comes out of this event.


Never take yourself to seriously.


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