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2013 Challenger: Marche’

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Hi all, my name is Carter and this will be my first time taking up the #30 Characters Challenge. So nice to meet you all!


I’m doing the 30 Character Challenge this year to try and improve and inspire myself. I’m trying to improve my anatomy, color and composition. I’m hoping this can help me pull out of it and I’m going to do my best to get as many out of 30 Characters done but the end of the month. Really don’t know what should say I say more BTW I’ll try the best as I can.

I’m really looking forward to this starting, and hope to go all out! Good luck to everyone.

Returning Challenger – Michael Beckett

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Hey folks, I’m Michael, and this’ll be my third year in the 30 Characters Challenge. Last two years have been a blast, so I’m looking forward to the next 30 days. ^^

So in previous years, I’ve done nanomachine monster trainers and historical figures as RPG classes. It’s all been mostly RPG-inspired stuff, with a look heavily inspired by video games. This year, though, I’m going to be designing a series of characters based around something else I’m interested in; the paranormal.

For me, the most interesting thing about ghost stories isn’t the idea of whether spooks are real or not, but rather how people react to the idea. Some people just react with fear, while others become intensely curious. Some people use ghosts as a shield, protecting themselves from a fear of death, while some take the opportunity to dive head-first into concepts of mortality.

So this year, my 30 characters will be inhabitants of a dying city. Hit by a massive flood, the local government has rebuilt, but people refuse to return. The few people who remain report the walking dead, a biblical plague of every shade imaginable. The question is no longer whether ghosts exist or not, it’s how the people who can’t leave the city adapt to survive in a town full of restless spirits.

2013 Challenger: Chaives

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Last year I participated in this challenge and the build up of time between has made me incredibly excited for this month to arrive!

30 characters Arsev 30characters Aves 30characters Teeth

2013 Returning Challenger: Erwin A.

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Sup. My name’s Erwin, and I’m pretty stoked to give this challenge another go.

Here’s last year’s entries , and I’m hoping I’ll have a completed catalog for this year as well. I’m not sure what the character focus will be for this year. Rather, I’d like to do more than just scan doodles this time around; maybe fool around with coloring in a few pieces.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone elses entries, good luck and have fun everybody.

2013 Returning Challenger: Melissa Dow

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Hey guys!

Slipping my intro in here at the last moment!  So, I guess I’m a quasi-returning challenger; I didn’t participate last year, and I only got about a week in the year before, but I’m determined to at least try to get through it all this time!

I’m an freelance illustrator and char designer/graphics artist for a small video game company.  I live in Portland, OR and enjoy pretty much all things geeky. 🙂

You can view my work on my website if you are interested in learning more.

Can’t wait to see everyone’s awesome creations, and hopefully pushing myself for the full run this time around!




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Hi I’m Asher,

I am an aspiring comic artist working on my own stuff on the side. I have a full time job and a family. I even teach comics to Philadelphia youth. I’m not great at introductions. I just hope I can make the challenge. I’m usually bad at updating often and I have been lazy with art lately. Let’s hope I can take this challenge to get me back in the game.

New Challenger: Jerell Drakes

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Hi all, my name is Jerell and this will be my first time taking up the #30 Characters Challenge.

I want to use this as a way to push myself into drawing more every day and try to be quick as well during November. I usually draw or sketch with pencils and inks but hopefully with this challenge it will push me to colour a few digitally and traditionally as well.

My usual problem is not drawing anything complete before or after work so this month I’ll be pushing myself to make that change!


Death God Apprentice

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Day1-Death God Apprentice-01

2013 Returning Challenger: Robert McKeone

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A photo of me, Robert McKeone


I participated in this challenge, for the first time, back in 2011.  I’m proud to say I was successful (barely) in doing so!  I was looking forward to trying again in 2012, but my computer started giving me a LOT of grief and it just wasn’t really possible to use it to deliver the quality I wanted to present.  BUT, got a new computer… and everything is peachy!  So here I go again!

When I’m not participating in this challenge, I occasionally run a sporadically updating webcomic, called appropriately enough, “Waste of Time“.  When I’m ignoring that, I’m slightly more frequently posting to my art blog, “Side Effects May Include Drawsiness“.  When I’m not being artsy, I’m wasting away my years at a dead-end job in a national retail chain known for the ever increasing need to “save you 5%”.

2013 Challenger: poisonedsodapop

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Hiya! I’m poisonedsodapop, also known as Christina Shelby. I’m doing the 30 Character Challenge this year to try and improve and inspire myself. Unfortunately when I first found out about the 30 Character Challenge it had ended. To be honest I’m not sure what to expect from me this November. I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone and improve my anatomy. Also working digitally is still relatively new for me. Hoping to improve my skill digitally and my coloring ability.


blue profile small bluehaired profile colored small elf color small

2013 Challenger: Randy Haldeman

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Hey everyone! My name is Randy Haldeman. I’m going to do my best to try and keep this simple! I am a freelance illustrator and somewhat designer that enjoys nothing more than drawing and inking comics. I am an artist that does his best to make a living off of my art, and recently I have acquired some jobs that will be seeing publication in the very near future. You can check out my work at the link on my name to get a good idea of what it is I do and what I’m interested in.

I’m doing this as a way to revamp an old comic idea that a friend of mine and I have been working on for years. I want to use the 30 Character Challenge to push myself to fill this comic world full of interesting and expressive characters while at the same time keeping me working on my personal art more often than I do. Sometimes the making money to pay the bills overrules my ability to create personal work. It is a sad truth about being a creator of any sort. It is also something I’m sure many of you know about all too well and something many of you are going to eventually learn about. While I do this, my writer friend is challenging himself with National Novel Writing Month, so I plan to do this in sync with him to keep us both working and on top of our game.

Good luck to everyone, and here is about the best picture of me I think you could find on the interwebs. Again, my art is available at my website for your viewing pleasure!

Randy Haldeman

2013 Returning Challenger: Ozzie Scribbler (Natalia M)

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Hi everybody!

I’ve been entering the challenge since 2011, but never managed to finish it, as my flakiness got in the way.
Third time’s a charm, so I’ll do my best to submit entries regularly (though probably not every day).

As for personal info, I’m a back-in-art school graphic artist from Poland, 23 years old. I’m interested in comics, animation, character design and graphic design.
You can find (some) of my art on deviantArt, I also share my opinions on personal tumblr blog and manage a blog concerning the absurdity of scantly-clad female warriors in popular media.

I’ll try to excessive my creative juices and artistic skills to design some new random character (most likely a fantasy one) for every day of November. No promises regarding quality/technique and schedule of my updates, because of unfortunate technical issues (broken scanner) and overall abundance of work.

Good luck, everybody!

~Ozzie Scribbler

2013 Returning Challenger : Austen Zaleski

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Howdy, folks!

It’s been quite some time since I took part in this challenge, last time was in 2011 and I only made it to about the 15 mark unfortunately. Now  I’m not going to jump up on my soapbox  and promise that I’ll make it to 30 this year, but I’ll sure try my damnedest!

I look forward to working alongside all the great artists this year, let’s make it a good one!

You can check out more of my work a few places online , including tumblr , deviantart, and my personal website!


2013 Challenger: Princendo

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Hey howdy hello just a short intro

Name’s Prin but I also go by Cake Train and Tukari Silver, looking very much forward to tomorrow UuU First year doing this. Occupationally I attend college two days a week entry level for illustration next year and I’m working on my comic Templex’d for the 3rd year running (currently revamping and relauching come the new year FINGERS CROSSED)

I’ve been in a huge creation funk lately but I’m hoping this can help me pull out of it and I’m going to do my best to get as many out of 30 babs done but the end of the month. Looking forward also to seeing the work of other participants.

Good luck out there! Excited to be here C: ~Prin

Throwing my hat in

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Let me try this out, seems like a fun challenge that could lead to some cool developments. Good luck everybody. Cheers

New Challenger: HALsurfer

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Hi there,

I´m an artist who draws for fun. I read about this challenge last year or even the year before but I´m too lazy to scan every day. This changes now as I have a new Wacom Inkling just for this problem. So I finally try this challenge and hope you can bear with me getting used to my Inkling.

When you want to see some of my works, take a look here:

Have fun!


New Challenger: otakutaylor

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Hi everybody~

I’m otakutaylor, very unprofessional artist. I rather enjoy making characters so this seemed like a lot of fun to do. I’m really hoping I can work more on faces and body types through this challenge. You can check out most of my stuff here:

Don’t know what else to say, but I can’t wait till tomorrow to get started!

2013 returning challenger: Lorenzo Ross

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Hello everyone, this is my second year participating in the challenge. I was fortunate to finish last year’s challenge but it was by the skin of my teeth. This year’s strategy is going to be a little different as I will not try to post all finished artwork (pencils, inks, color) but go for a more sketched look. Like everyone else I’m really busy with other projects so to help with expediting the process all my posts will be drawn in sketchbook or manga studio to save time. If you’d like to check out some of my work you can visit Thanks and good luck to everyone!

Introducing: Fred

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My name is Frédérick Letendre-Cyr. Last year, without knowing this was going on, I basically fulfilled the challenge as it was happening, though I wasn’t really focusing on individual characters as much. So this year I know and I’ll be doing it right. I want to experiment with my range, which I feel has thinned a bit over the recent past.

The end.

New Challenger: Andrew B Crisp

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Hello all.   I’m Andrew Crisp, and this will be my first time taking part in this challenge.

Not a whole lot to my story: I’ve been drawing off-and-on for the past fourteen years, and in the last two I’ve made some attempts at creating a comic.   My hope for this challenge is to push my thinking into new areas and have a little fun in the process.

(Re) Introduction – SEGibson

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SEGibson - More than kind of a dork


Hey everyone, 9 minutes late to the party by Australian time, but here’s a little doodle to introduce myself!
I’m SEGibson, also known as Kashizzle. I didn’t participate last year because of work and uni commitments, but this year I’m back in action and ready to obliterate this challenge!

Although I finished the challenge in 2011, I wasn’t terribly happy with the results (they’re actually kind of embarassing aaaah), and although I’ve improved a lot since then, I’m going to really try and experiment this year without really caring what the end result looks like. I’ve hit a wall regarding my art and I figured that this was the perfect opportunity to tackle it while  having fun designing some new characters!

Looking forward to progressing along with everyone else, as well as see what everyone else comes up with too!

2013 Challenger: Sebastian Chow

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I registered in 2011 but sadly didn’t produce anything. I then re-entered in 2012 and completed one pic 🙁
Its 2013 and I’m back again with the plan to complete all 30 characters!

I’m a comic book enthusiast with a passion for drawing. I am a one man band trying to write and produce my own comics.
Check out my blog or deviant site below.

Here are a few random scratchings from my sketch book and a test page from one of my comics.


clandestine_sketch_by_sebastian_chow-d5ays1c (1) clandestine_sketch_by_sebastian_chow-d5ays1c more_scratchings_by_sebastian_chow-d4lqk3m sketches_by_sebastian_chow-d4lqjgo

2013 Challenger: Sid Bane

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Howdy! I’m Sid Quade, a recent art graduate and aspiring comic/freelance artist. I recently stumbled onto this website and decided to give it a try. I have a great passion for character design and I’m looking forward to challenging my skills, as well as expanding my portfolio. This is my first time doing this, so I am excited to see what everyone else will come up with.

Currently I’m working on a fantasy webcomic called “Old Bones & New Meat”, as seen here-

Portfolio work can be seen here-