#01 and #02 – Ceta and Chally

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Not a particularly competitive trainer, Ceta’s success at slime hunting comes mostly from the fact that she specializes in an area nobody else reallly wants to try – underwater. She and her partner have found large colonies in the bay where she hunts. Born and raised near the sea, she’s far more interested in swimming than fighting, and hopes to use the scholarship money she’ll get to become a marine biologist.

Ceta built Chally to support her underwater, using its exposed computer core to provide light and improve enemy absorption underwater. Chally’s abilities are highly tailored to fighting in water, which makes it rather vulnerable out of its native element, and contributes to Ceta’s unwillingness to confront other trainers.

The keywords for Chally’s design were Animal, Tall, Plesiosaur Fins, Collar, Plant parts, and Lantern. I decided to throw out the “plant parts” keyword, because I couldn’t find a way to incorporate it without having the design go totally into left field. I’m pretty happy with Ceta and Chally’s names, though. Both of these characters were named for ocean deities; Ceta was named after Ceto, Greek goddess of sea monsters; Chally, though, was named for Chalchiuhtlicue, the Aztec goddess of waterfalls. Pruning it back to a name typical to sea monsters like Nessie or Champ was pretty simple. ^^

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