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#9 Pofigs Gerand

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Pofigs Gerand: Another from the Hand Puppets Series. Trapped in the Holo-Verse by Frederick’s Holocapture ray (Very confusing?… connected to this story line ) He was something of a Hologram Projection guru for the underclass puppet class of Melnovia he helped educate the lower class to better use their innate abilities much to the chagrin of the King… until he mysteriously disappeared at the hands of Frederick. He has since been in the Holo-verse trying to decipher what technology Frederick has used to block him from returning to the physical realm.

11 – Nulish Ambassador

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In the past, the people of Nul that live below the mountains hated man, and small mining towns and remote colonies of settlers often disappeared mysteriously over the winter season, leaving empty huts and silent squares come the thaw. Absent in the memories of the people of Galacia is an idea of what they even look like- just that they own the depths, and even the stout folk of the Dwarven Houses stay in mines that encroach on no caverns or natural vaults, their dour fortresses and strongholds designed to repell the deeps as much as surface aggressors.

The sudden passing of the Great Doom, a catastrophe that mirrored the passing of the Rain of Blue Fire in other wrealms, has given hope to the masses that the madness of the previous disaster has given way to better times, that the people of Galacia will now rise from the ashes, each heart singing and proud, each voice raised in joy.

From out of the black of the cthonian depths came a voice as well… and as the terrified deep miners stared in awe and terror, that voice claimed a desire to parlay. The People of Nul, for the first time recorded, sought counsel.

Day 18 – Professor Abyss

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Evil supergenius, archnemesis of the agents of iBrother.

Day 17 – Jenny Gunn, Agent of iBrother

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Another superspy, partner of Tom Cockpit.

Ocean#18- Mad Pig

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mad pig

“C’mon I’m not quite mad~ I am the map to everywhere!”

The mad pig is as cheesy as he is mad. Yap.

#15 – Prototype Cyborg Type Super Sprinter

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Once the star runner in his college’s track team, he learns of his sister’s kidnapping.


As overprotective as he had been towards Sparky (Taser), he decides to give up his track career to visit a friend of his who had been secretly experimenting with a robotics project to make his robots faster.  After a while of explaining what’s going on, his friend finally agreed to turn him into a cyborg with enhanced speed so he can save his little sister and punish the one responsible for her kidnapping.


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Galvinix, name given due to his predisposition with metal sticking out of his body. These pieces of metal cause him to be grumpy. Soon the population which resides around him casts him out, labeling him the forsaken.

#14 – Delusional Detective

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An unnamed detective who wounds up believing that everyone is a suspect no thanks to one hell of a headache

Day 18: Rockcine Stockings

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Rockcine and her handsome are the town’s most popular pair of socialites. From “helping” the mayor make decisions to ruining PTAs, Rockcine is the rock (no pun intended) of the community. It is grand honor to have Rockcine in your home and she knows it.

Rockcine and her handsome, like many in the neighborhood, are very wealthy. This is because they are diligent experts in stockings and run their own business of custom glamours leg wear.

Rockcine is very emotional. When Rockcine is smiling like the Chester Cat on an overabundance of Zoloft, she is a river of tears

To his dismay, she often calls upon Wowster for favors to farther her social endeavors.

#18 Queen Icarus

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Name: Queen Icarus, Molly Nikas

Place of origin: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Occupation: Professional Superhero

Legal status: Citizen of good standing of the USA

Identity: Publically Known

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: Father John Nikas, Son Jack Nikas, Son Johnny Green

Group affiliation: None

Base of operations: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

History: The only daughter of inventor John Nikas, Molly grew up in his lab as his assistant. Continue Reading

#17 Seven of Cups

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Names: Seven of Cups, Philip Gianakos

Place of origin: Newark, New Jersey, USA

Occupation: Orthodox Priest

Legal status: Citizen in good standing of the USA

Identity: Secret

Marital status: Married

Known relatives: None

Group affiliation: Tarot Men

Base of operations: Newark, New Jersey, USA

History: While never as centralized as Catholic efforts, the Orthodox Christians maintained their own traditions in dealing with the demonic and the dead. Continue Reading

#16 Googly Eyes Jones

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Name: Googly Eyes Jones

Place of origin: Unknown

Occupation: Criminal – enforcement and security

Legal status: Convicted criminal, currently no outstanding warrants for his arrest

Identity: Secret

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: None

Group affiliation: Various crime families

Base of operations: East coast of USA

History: Not much is known about Googly Eyes Jones before he received his superpowers. Continue Reading

#16 Pilgrim

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#8 Strafe

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Strafe is an aging superhero. His strength and reflexes have diminished over the years, but he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Well timed sonic booms have been the downfall of many villains.

#11 Edward

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for honor

The dark prince defending the realm.

#13 – Olivia

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Daughter of the founder of an amateur wrestling league, Olivia, at only the age of 16, became one of the top members of the high school wrestling club.  Her arrogance is matched only by her overwhelmingly “superb” strategies to outwit her opponents.


Seeing herself as the “queen”,  she claims to have no equal and is much better than anyone else in the school.


But once Denise, her peer and the (rumored) younger sister of a delinquent brawler enters the wrestling club with the possibility of being able to surpass her, Olivia becomes enraged and attempts to turn the entire school against her.


With every student on Denise’s tail, Olivia’s plan seems to be working…  But what will happen if her father finds out about this scheme?

Ancient Emperor from Snake Luster & the Monster Pirates

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First character is one who should play a marginal role in a graphic novel I am trying to develop. This is an ancient king who ruled an empire of a world a bit different than ours. The characters are searching for his crown, which has some special power to it and will give the empire a ruler again, taking control from the council which has ruled for centuries. This is late because of issues I am having with my computer.

#10 Richard

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for the White Rose

A man of the white rose fighting for his family.

#9 Timmin

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checking out the caves...

Always exploring the caves of the Underground with trusty torch in hand.

#8 Magnus

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positive or negative?

The fully charged master of magnets.

#17 – Frederic Belhumeur

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Frederic Belhumeur is a thief for hire who lives in the woods of Northern Nova Scotia.  He is very good at getting into places he shouldn’t be and getting out unseen.  He pretends to be a crazy old woodsman and no one expects he’s really a master thief.

Day 18 – The Valkyrie

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“#[Verão]” Day 18

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Day 16 – Earth-80s Kat

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Another eighties parallel-earth counterpart for my webcomic.

#17 Ladybugs

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This ladybug family is on their way to the Annual Ladybug Picnic!

Day 15 – Vampire samurai hooker

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Because why not?

Day 14 – Earth-80s Sinclair

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I had to design eighties-inspired parallel-earth counterparts for the characters of my webcomic.

Day Eighteen – Old Man Ra

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NAME: Old Man Ra

Though not as tall nor as svelte as he used to be, Ra still walks his way around the world, hiding his light except to those who most need warmth or to be burnt.

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Day Seventeen – Eye of Horus

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NAME: Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is kept in the dark of the hood he wears in order to better prophecize. He can see where others cannot through visions and through the eyes of others. He is, however, intensely secretive and will not always reveal what he knows.

Yes, I’m late for yesterday, but I’m also ahead for tomorrow.

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#18 Sniggle Wartooth

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Sniggle is a proud member of the Wartooth clan, fierce barbaric hunters. He is also the largest member of his entire race, standing almost 7 inches tall. When not impressing the ladies with his freakish height, he stalks and kills the elusive tomato, which roam throughout the kitchenlands his people call home.