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Day 20: Wood Sister

| November 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

“There are things in this woods that should not bee seen by humans. I mean, it’s not cause you’re stupid or anything.  There are dark, DARK things Snitch that I just can’t talk about. I lose sleep at night sometimes but…it’s my job, you know?” -Fig

Believe it or not, Fig is not all fun and games. He is a faun and the guardian of woods, meaning he is the keeper of many secrets. One of these secrets is know ing the location of and occasioning watching over the Wood Sister.

The Wood Sister is an elder being that is held deep within the forest. Once one of three fated oracles, she betrayed her siblings and stole their eyes in order to be the sole temple of power. As punishment for her greed, she was fused into a great tree which drains her of her magic and feeds the surrounding nature.

She is a force of deep evil and saddens that no mortal can possibly comprehend. As of lately she has been more “active” during Fig’s short visits.  She may be up to something…

Day 19: Ings

| November 19, 2012 | 0 Comments

Ings is Rockcine’s husband and fellow stocking partner. Despite being a man, Ings wears stockings all day, everyday with pride. He always seems to be overjoyed about something, but no one knows what.

Day 18: Rockcine Stockings

| November 18, 2012 | 0 Comments

Rockcine and her handsome are the town’s most popular pair of socialites. From “helping” the mayor make decisions to ruining PTAs, Rockcine is the rock (no pun intended) of the community. It is grand honor to have Rockcine in your home and she knows it.

Rockcine and her handsome, like many in the neighborhood, are very wealthy. This is because they are diligent experts in stockings and run their own business of custom glamours leg wear.

Rockcine is very emotional. When Rockcine is smiling like the Chester Cat on an overabundance of Zoloft, she is a river of tears

To his dismay, she often calls upon Wowster for favors to farther her social endeavors.

Day 17: Scooter Bloomer

| November 17, 2012 | 0 Comments

Scooter is Wowster’s “favorite” cousin or at least Scooter likes to think .The truth is, with much of his family overseas and in far off places, Scooter is the only relative that lives nearby. EIther way, the two cousins enjoy each others’ company and Scooter is often called over for a cup of tea, a pint, a smoke, etc.

Scooter is a bit of an odd ball like his cousin, being obsessive and the proud owner of a ridiculous amount of bloomers. Though not a mad steam-punk like scientist like Wowster, Scooter does hand-sew his own bloomers and they come in many creative fabulous styles.

Besides his large bloomer collection, Scooter is also famous for his deep baritone voice. It is known to be very smooth and wraps around you like a blanket of stimulating verbal cashmere.

Day 16: Mocha

| November 16, 2012 | 0 Comments

Mocha is the polka-dot enthusiast that lives nearby Wowster’s old mansion. Shy and not much of a talker, she barely ever leaves the house. This is because Mocha has a phobia of opening things. She can not open doors and she has a closet (that remains open) filled with old gifts she couldn’t bear to tear. She enjoys polka dots because they remind her of pre-made holes, the only way she can get anything done in her life. For the same reason, Her favorite cheese is Swiss.

She finds Wowster quite dashing and tries her best to visit for tea when she can hire someone to open her front door.

In one of his stories, Wowster prepares a special pair of trousers to help solve Mocha’s fear.

((Once again I tried to make a more storybook feel here. This turned out better than yesterday. I need to redraw Wowster.))

Day 15: Wowster

| November 16, 2012 | 0 Comments

Wowster is a very sophisticated young man. He is a grand collector of trousers, owning thousands of pants varying in style , color and occasion.  He is so passionate about trousers that he actually invents and makes his own, making the world of trousers more expansive day by day. Because if his hobby, Wowster is known for being the best dressed in town and an expert in many things. He goes on many adventures, always sure to wear to right trousers for the right situation.

I tried to make him look a little more storybook-like, but I had a long day and I don’t think I’m at my best. I think I’ll give him another redraw tomorrow if I have the time.

Day 14: Mr.Quaker

| November 14, 2012 | 0 Comments

“I didn’t see nothin’…just doin’ me job.” -Mr.Quaker

Mr.Quaker has been the janitor of Snitch’s national park longer than anyone can remember. For years, the old man has wandered between the forest and the highway cleaning various visitor stations such as the cafe, the picnic tables, bathrooms,etc. For years, despite Fig’s constant night raids and other bizarre things that rustle around in the forest, Mr.Quaker has claimed that he has not seen a single thing out of the ordinary during his job and he is just doing his job.

However, It is hard to believe the old man’s claim. Mr.Quaker is filled with paranoia and PTSD-like symptoms, proofing that poor gent has seen a lot of something not to his liking.

Also, Mr.Quaker is physically incapable of missing anything due to his long, piecing stare . According to his doctor records, the old man has not blinked since witnessing the Texas City Disaster in 1947. His never-shutting dried eyes is the very reason why he was hired to mind the grounds in the first place.

Fig makes sure say hello to the frightened old man whenever he can.

“It can’t just pass him by.  The stimulation is what’s keeping him alive.” -Fig

The local authorities would like to note that a certain faun is “a complete asshat” and polite supernatural inhabitants of the forest should leave Mr.Quaker be….PLEASE.

“Seriously! When he kneels over from a heart attack, I’M the one that has to go to the funeral and look his kids in the face! Don’t do it!” -Snitch

Day 13: Jambalaya

| November 13, 2012 | 0 Comments

Jambalaya was an alligator that had  unfortunately taken a habit to eating the zombified corpses that have fallen into the swamp. Now rotting and fusing with it’s wet home, it wanders the waters in pain and hunger.

Brioche calls him Jambalaya because that is exactly what he will be when she is done.

Day 12: Lyon

| November 12, 2012 | 0 Comments

The Master

There is a person known as “the master of disguise” or “the man with a thousand faces” or for simply “Le Maitre” the Master). Very little is known about the Master. There are only three facts know by the highest authority of the French government:
1. It has been confirmed that Master’s true body is physically female.
2. He/She is from Lyon, France ( and thus used as his/her name till they find the real one)
3. His/Her current “evening wear”

Lyon is a person of incredible almost supernatural like skills that allow her/him to become any person in image, mind and talent. His/her mind acts as a storage place, collecting skills, talents, and mannerisms from old disguises that can be used for news one or when ever it is needed. This a double-edged sword for the master because, once he/she is a certain person, he/she is truly that person (dreams, loves, faults and all) and much function as the person through out the case. Because the disguises are as true as the real thing, no one is sure if the master has a TRUE personality.

Lyon does however have “evening wear”, which are disguises he/she relaxes in when he/she is done with a certain mission or task. The master have had both female and male evening wear, making penning a gender on him/her very difficult. Even the pronoun “Master” was chosen out of the fact that the disguises are often male since males tend to be in higher positions in secret organizations.

Lyon’s current evening wear is of a young masseuse with a fasciation with theater.

Day 11: Thomas

| November 11, 2012 | 0 Comments

the experiment

((related to a character from last challenge 2011))

“If this whole ordeal proves anything it is that mankind is not longer fit to exist on this plane….yet I was created to preserve them. Yes. I do see quite an irony in all of this.” -Thomas

Thomas, aka #821, is from the same US government project that Joe-Jack.

A reminder from Joe-Jack’s profile, it was the last attempt by the US government to preserve the human genome in some shape, fashion, or form when the undead began to destroy society as we know it. Very little was known about the project except it involved nearly indestructible artificially created humans who were not only immune to the infection, but had the ability to take on other organic matter as their own in case of need for emergency repair.

Unlike Joe-Jack, who survived through pure luck, Thomas used his cold-head intellect to escape the fire incident. He lost one of his hands in the process and his body is now de-zombifying a newly attracted limb. Ever since then, he had secured himself in a motel where he has been taking care of a few survivors.

Unlike Joe-Jack, Thomas has yet to mention the “goal point” location…which makes you wonder if Thomas has other plans for his survivors then programed. Unlike Joe-Jack, Thomas does not have a hole in his head and all of computer, database-like mind is in perfect running condition. This means that he is very intelligent AND actually sane.

Thomas does not think much of Joe-Jack, but he does have an interest in Brioche because of her apparent immunity to infection. When the two arrive in the hotel that he had been living in, he began to scheme on how to separate Brioche from the “defective unit”.

Thomas is very much unlike Joe-Jack and Joe-Jack maybe at a great disadvantage…

Day 10: Maple Fairy

| November 10, 2012 | 0 Comments

“They are the most irritating creatures in existence! They dance around you and leave little creepy crunchy corpses all in your space…They get in your fur, in your food…”

“Well, at least they are better than the cicadas. Those fuckers get literally EVERYWHERE.”

“I rather have the cicadas. They don’t scream when I try to eat them.”
“Yeah I gues-wait. What?”
-Fig and Snitch on Maple Fairies

Maple fairies are little wood spirits. At the very end of winter, they awaken from the elder trees and spread throughout the forest like a plague in absurd amounts. Many die in the first month, their corpses giving off life magic to promote growth for Spring. Those who survive, mate till the end of summer so they may grace us with their presence in overwhelming numbers the next spring.

Maple fairies are very wise, but not very intelligent at all. They are very in tune with the woods and emotions, but otherwise fail at everything else. Because they can’t think their way out of a paper bag, they get stuck in everything from your ice cream cone to your fur. Like many fairies, Maple fairies enjoy sweets and can be attracted by vinegars or syrups.

When Maple fairies are in danger, they change their faces to look more child-like and cry loudly like a baby. Despite this, if they are strong-willed enough, some supernatural creatures find the small creatures to be great junk food. According to Fig, Maple fairies taste like a combination of roasted chestnuts and honey-glazed bacon.

Day 9: Snitch

| November 9, 2012 | 0 Comments

The ranger

“Listen. Mother Nature is loving, spiritual, free force. Her ways of mystery can not be controlled or hindered. If someone tries to do so, I am obligated by law to shoot them in the face. With that noted, Sir, I suggest you get back into the fuckin’ car.”- Snitch

Snitch is the local forest ranger and Fig’s BFF. He is a huggable, lovable kind of guy once you get to know him. Some may think he is a bit…mouthy but that is only because they catch him in a bad mood. He has a very, VERY low tolerance for stupid and, in an occupation wherein he deals with a lot of tourist and red neck hunters, he is often faced with stupid. Though he tends to be sharp tongued, he is a boy scout at heart and does his best to help others. Though his responsible manner can be quite the contrast to the fickleness of Fig, Snitch is close friends with the faun. In fact, if they are not busy “passing the peace pipe”, the two are getting into some other kind of trouble.

When Snitch is not tending to his ranger duties or making bad decisions with Fig, he is a big heavy metal fan and partakes in the Goth scene. He is also a bit of a chubby chaser, preferring his men to be a bit on the chunky side. His current endeavor is trying to swoon his oblivious roommate Tracks. He get along well with Audrey and feels a bit bad about the tension between them.

((Snitch has been drawn before. I feel like this is a bit of cheating, but this is the first time I have drawn him in uniform, gave him a background, connected him to the other characters, etc.))

Day 8: Stud

| November 8, 2012 | 0 Comments

the centaur

“I see you have been interacting with him a lot lately and I just want to say…as a friend…you should probably not mate with him. He kinda has t-rex arms. You know? Like, they’re too thin at the ends… I mean…raising babes in the woods is hard enough with them fumbling around without freakish t-rex arms. Just sayin’.” – Fig and his thoughts on Stud

Stud is a male centaur. Male centaurs tend to control large circle-like territories which they protect with great passion and vigor. Female centaurs tend to travel from territory to territory. If they are impressed by the territory, they’ll stay during the mating season.

Stud is the centaur whom territory lays within Twigs and Fig’s forest. Twig, who has been much distracted by Fig’s antics and human interactions, completely forgot about mating season (at least mentally) and was surprised to be suddenly courted by a complete stranger.

Despite being a forest creature and spiritually in tune with the woods, Stud is head strong and the definition of gladiator. He pretty much solves everything with brute strength and intimidation. He doesn’t know what “No” means, which has made Twig quite uncomfortable in many occasions. He is also a polled centaur. It is unsure if he is naturally polled or by some other means, but he is very sensitive about it.

Due to a clash of personalities (and maybe some other unsaid causes), Fig and Stud do not get along AT ALL. Stud bull-headed mentality tells him that he is king of this land and Fig, who is the rightful guardian, begs to differ. Farther more, Fig is more then a bit annoyed by how Stud treats Twig…and the amount of time they spend together. It is a wonder that the two have not come to blows…yet.

Stud’s design is based on the Shire horse which is the largest horse breed.

((I haven’t been that proud of my last few drawings. Let’s hope I do better as I go…))

Day 7: Audrey

| November 7, 2012 | 0 Comments

The Vet

Audrey is a veterinarian who works closely with the local Wildlife Federation. She has a ridiculously busy schedule, altering between caring for any creatures the forest rangers pull in and documenting any diseases/injuries

she witnesses why patrolling the woods.

On one of her late night patrols, she came across Fig. After a long conversation with Snitch and understanding that she has not gone completely insane, she has built a comfortable working relationship with the faun. She often questions him about the animals and their health, knowing that the ancient creature would understand them better.

Though she knew Fig first, she has become close bosom buddies with Twig. The two talk to each other about their life woes and have found that they can give each other good advice. They also trade medical techniques, Twig with her witch herbal remedies and Audrey with her modern medicine.

Audrey has a continuing crush on Snitch, one that has fallen into a depression now that she had been told that she was not Snitch’s “type” if you know what I mean.

Day 6: Moss

| November 6, 2012 | 0 Comments

the faun

((We interpret the previous storyline to develop an older one))

Despite Fig’s pranks/tendencies constantly occupying everyone’s attention, He is not the only faun in existence. Fauns are  guardians of the forest and each one is master over a  fairly large territory, some having whole forests to themselves.  However, fauns are herd-like creatures and those with territories close to each other are considered to be in the same pack. During mating seasons, females would seek out the males.

Moss is a local faun that protects a valley within a nearby mountain. Moss is very much a traditional Fawn in nature meaning that she is sharp-tongued and tending to palter. She knows that she is clever and uses her quick wit at any and every moment, such that her plots are so crude (and sometimes deeply cruel) that it makes Fig’s look like a tap on the hand.

Due to the attention she receives from Fig, Moss has a special hard-on for Twig and takes an opportunity to torment her. Twig, who already has some confidence issues, obviously does not respond well to Moss’s present. Also, do to her guarding habits and living in the mountains for months, Moss does not care for humans and is quick to bad mouth them.

Moss, due to her beauty and the animal instincts within them, thinks she is a great catch and believes that courting Fig will be easy peasy.  Meanwhile, Fig is trying to find the best PC way of telling her she is a b***h and rather hump a moldy log. Fig calls her Moss because she is unwanted and really hard to get rid off. Moss, of course, took it as a cute pet name.

Moss’s design is based off of the Rocky Mountain Goat.

Day 5: Weinen

| November 5, 2012 | 0 Comments

The draugr

Weinen, once a beautiful young woman envied by many in the past, is now the lone draugr that wonders the edge of the forest.

When Evan was a small child, he met Weinen in his father’s prized flower garden surrounding their private cottage. Weinen spent a lot of time in the area trying to desperately cover her rotting smell with the aromatic bulbs, roots and flowers that grew there.

Evan, who was often quite sick due to the local vegetation and stuck with rather ditzy socialite parents, was captivated by Weinan’s mystery and ghoulish glow. They quickly became friends, Weinan introducing Evan to the woods while Evan brought her new flowers and some of his mother’s perfumes (suffering with a stuffed nose afterwards).

Of course, not all good things last forever. As Evan grew older, Weinen’s temperament began to change. She became easy to anger and increasing in paranoia, suspecting that Evan was after her grave for some reason or another. She became a rambling dangerous mess and, in Evan’s late teens, reacted to the sight of Evan with violence. After a particularly bad bout wherein Evan almost died trying to confront her and her inhuman strength , Weinen slipped into woods and Evan has not spoken to her since.

Evan, who still cares for his old friend, hopes to find the “tragedy” of the forest. He hopes this will give him the ability to lay her and some other victims to rest. Till then, he dreams of her and leaves his most successful perfumes  at woods’ edge  in hope that it will give her some comfort.

If you listen carefully, you can hear her lightly sobbing…day and night….hour by hour…season to season…

Day 4: Evan

| November 4, 2012 | 0 Comments

Day 4: Evan

The local seller

Evan is a young man that is always in a foul, depressed mood and rightfully so.

First, He is the only local seller in the middle of a thick forest meaning he has to travel miles to set his products in other stores or tolerate visits from rich ass-wholes to make any profit.

Second, his store is a perfumery that sells everything from incense and oils to potpourri and flavored tobacco. Every inch of its cherry-wood surfaces is steaming with powerful smells. Evan, since very small, has suffered from asthma that happens to be triggered by aromatics and  spends most of his day struggling to absorb enough oxygen to survive.

Third, the only thing that makes his products worth the travel both ways is that they are made of the best ingredients (aka magic ones). This means that Evan spends an absurd amount of social time with non-human companions, some with god awful personalities.

Fourth, Evan has to constantly has to work his body to the limit in order to interact with half of his supernatural business partners.

Fifth, His full name is Evan Future. Have fun with that.

Evan’s current exist is a miserable one, but oddly one of his choosing. There is a tragedy  in the forest, one that Evans hopes to solve for a long lost friend. He hopes that his supernatural connections will lead him to the answer he seeks.

Till then, life is just a ton of suck.

Day 3: Rico

| November 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

the Ramidreju

Rico is  an old bitter man that spends most of his time telling you about the good old days. He’ll spend hours telling you about the times of heros, riches, adventure and how pretty much everyone in your generation sucks.

This seems odd because Rico is a Ramidreju and carries many scars from hungry travelers hunting him down for his precious pelt and treasure. One such injury, a broken hook of some kind, is so deeply wedged into his mouth that no (including himself) has dared to try and pull it out.  These attacks have not only makes Rico the bitter old rag he is, but also gives him the paranoia of a Vietnam Vet housed in a firecracker factory.

Despite this, like many of his odd ball neighbors, he has   grow a shine to the local seller. In the old days, Rico use to collect gold. Since gold is no longer a popular form of currency (don’t get him started on that), Rico has agreed to trade the  fragrant and healing musk oil from his fur for any jewelry and non-copper coins the seller can find.

Rico is not fond of Bog (talks too much) or Mikhail (talks too little) and demands that they get off his porch.

Day 2: Bog

| November 2, 2012 | 0 Comments

Day 2: Bog

the water leaper

Bog (or Bogthe before he decided that the “the” was too bothersome) is a water leaper. Bog is a very traveled and cultured being,  there being very few waters (magical, salt, fresh or otherwise) that he has not swam in.

When preparing for travel, he swells himself with water and expands. The expansion cause his bat-like appendages to widen out and allow him to leap incredible distances. Once he is airborne, he releases the water the from two gaps in his bottom which is usually covered by wing-like fins. Now light, he glides the last few miles before starting again.

I have heard that “Bog”, besides referencing to a swamp-like area, also means “lukewarm” in Irish Gaelic. This is very appropriate name for this flying amphibian because many feel lukewarm about Bog. Its not that he is not social or entertaining because he can ramble on for hours if inspired to. He is just the type of being that always has a second plot behind spending his time with you.

You see, being a water leaper, Bog is obsessed with eating and is ALWAYS hungry for some reason or another. Bog loves seafood (his favorite being crab and other crustaceans) and would do anything to get more. This has caused him to get into much trouble with local fisherman and others, one event even involving a poor foolish man who happened to fall into the wrong ocean wearing a lobster suit.

As of recently, Bog has become a good friend to a local seller.  In his pimple-like bumps, he carries salt samples of the  water- bodies that he has been (as a means of adaptation). He has began to trade his salts with the seller for crabs and other meals. He also gives the seller information about other “exotic” means of finding product and life advice…in exchange for more food of course.

His current goal is to learn hebrew so he may convince Mikhail to cough over some of his delectable crayfish friends.

Day 1: Mikhail

| November 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

Mikhail the golem

Mikhail is a golem formed out of mud-based clay. Mikhail was made by a despite rabbi who ran a synagogue in a small village snuck in the middle of thick woods. It is unsure what trouble the rabbi was preparing for when he formed the poor unfinished creature, but the synagogue has long vanished and Mikhail was left to wander the woods with no master. Spending years in the woods and having a body contracted of fertile damp earth, it took little time for Mikhail’s body to began to spout all types of floral bits, fungal patches and random sticks. In his month, under a patch of moss and branches,is a tiny scroll with the words אמת and some other letters.

Mikhail, being golem and very simple minded, does seem to have many goals in his bleak existence. He also lacks most emotions, mostly out of not having the brains for complicated feelings. One can not say it is a gentle creature because one is not sure if he knows what gentle is.

Despite these facts , Mikhail can understand simple orders (if given in hebrew) and well do so to “help” others. Also, though one can not say he actually enjoys it (or is capable of enjoying anything), Mikhail seems attracted to water and finds means to remain wet. Sometimes, in attempt to suck up moisture, Mikhail accidentally takes in small river organisms like crayfish and leeches.

He has even been known to actively collect fragrant plants to grow on himself in order to trade these fresh, slightly magical flowers for flavored/scented water. This deal is often taken advantage of by a local seller….

2012 Challenger: Jive Chameleon

| October 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

Allo one and all! I am Jive Chameleon aka Camille McIntyre  and this is my second time doing the 30 day challenge. The first time I did not get to sign up and hang with the community ( I did it through posts on facebook and tumblr), so I really looking forward to it this year. I took animation as my minor in college and I am a big comic book fan, so I love making new characters and giving them a back story.

I was pretty random about what I drew during my first challenge, but I have a theme I think I want to follow this time around and (as usual) they may follow a single story that may turn into a comic if all goes well.

I wish everyone  luck and let’s have an awesome challenge.