Day 5: Weinen

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The draugr

Weinen, once a beautiful young woman envied by many in the past, is now the lone draugr that wonders the edge of the forest.

When Evan was a small child, he met Weinen in his father’s prized flower garden surrounding their private cottage. Weinen spent a lot of time in the area trying to desperately cover her rotting smell with the aromatic bulbs, roots and flowers that grew there.

Evan, who was often quite sick due to the local vegetation and stuck with rather ditzy socialite parents, was captivated by Weinan’s mystery and ghoulish glow. They quickly became friends, Weinan introducing Evan to the woods while Evan brought her new flowers and some of his mother’s perfumes (suffering with a stuffed nose afterwards).

Of course, not all good things last forever. As Evan grew older, Weinen’s temperament began to change. She became easy to anger and increasing in paranoia, suspecting that Evan was after her grave for some reason or another. She became a rambling dangerous mess and, in Evan’s late teens, reacted to the sight of Evan with violence. After a particularly bad bout wherein Evan almost died trying to confront her and her inhuman strength , Weinen slipped into woods and Evan has not spoken to her since.

Evan, who still cares for his old friend, hopes to find the “tragedy” of the forest. He hopes this will give him the ability to lay her and some other victims to rest. Till then, he dreams of her and leaves his most successful perfumes¬† at woods’ edge¬† in hope that it will give her some comfort.

If you listen carefully, you can hear her lightly sobbing…day and night….hour by hour…season to season…

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