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#4 Terrance the Typical Terror

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Terrance wanted so much to be like the other kids.  He was an unfortunate outcast that turned his desire to fit in into a desire to eat all of those who shunned him.  Bon appetite!

#4 Richard

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#4 Anora

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from the science journals...

from the science journals…

Jaramros the Wizard

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My first post for 30 Days 30 Characters Challenge. Nov. 1st (not really, just numbering off with dates 1 – 30 lol)

First character is a wizard by the name of, Jaramros. He’s a skilled sorcerer and bares the horrible hair from my first dabble with fibermesh in zBrush.

I don’t have a lot of down time, so not sure if I will be able to pull it off, but I wanted to see if I could keep up with sculpting every character. I’ll try and make the stories as I go, if at possible I can edit past posts on the site to add the stories.

#4 Hell-Hound

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Hell-Hound! Eyes as red as blood, teeth gnashing and gnawing at the bit, a blur to most…

#4 Shy Freddie

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This is Shy Freddie, he doesn’t have any super powers, he doesn’t really talk very much but he is a very nice guy … wait where did he go? Oh, there he is behind that tree. Wave to the nice people Freddie! See he is waving at you from behind the tree, told you he was a nice guy. That Freddie, always so timid and shy, guess that’s where he got the nickname from. Well you know what come to think of it that is a mighty small tree for a person of his size to be hiding behind, how is he doing that? Maybe he does have some kind of powers after all!?

#4 – Queen Primrose

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Day 04- Queen Primrose

Princess Penelope’s mom. She casts one heckuva ‘Make it Better’ spell.

#3 King Primrose

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Day 03 – King Primrose
Princess Penelope’s dad.

#4 – Magellian Caldwell

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Magellian Caldwell is bored.

A Child on a Stump

#4 Yellow Self-Existing Sun

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Flowers grow from the ground she walks on. Yellow Self-Existing Sun, after she’s had her morning black tea, walks the market to pass out some of her flowers. She’s not afraid to give YOU one either.


#4 – Trevor Blue the “Stylish” Detective

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Trevor Blue is a detective of stylish proportions… or so he believes.


He’s more interested in taking naps than actually investigating things.

#3 – Arnold Palmer

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It's a sort of anthro crow.

Arnold Palmer picked his name when he saw it on the side of a can.

He’s a very curious … whatever he is.

#4- Atyr

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Day 4: Evan

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Day 4: Evan

The local seller

Evan is a young man that is always in a foul, depressed mood and rightfully so.

First, He is the only local seller in the middle of a thick forest meaning he has to travel miles to set his products in other stores or tolerate visits from rich ass-wholes to make any profit.

Second, his store is a perfumery that sells everything from incense and oils to potpourri and flavored tobacco. Every inch of its cherry-wood surfaces is steaming with powerful smells. Evan, since very small, has suffered from asthma that happens to be triggered by aromatics and  spends most of his day struggling to absorb enough oxygen to survive.

Third, the only thing that makes his products worth the travel both ways is that they are made of the best ingredients (aka magic ones). This means that Evan spends an absurd amount of social time with non-human companions, some with god awful personalities.

Fourth, Evan has to constantly has to work his body to the limit in order to interact with half of his supernatural business partners.

Fifth, His full name is Evan Future. Have fun with that.

Evan’s current exist is a miserable one, but oddly one of his choosing. There is a tragedy  in the forest, one that Evans hopes to solve for a long lost friend. He hopes that his supernatural connections will lead him to the answer he seeks.

Till then, life is just a ton of suck.

#3 Hermit Stab

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One day a lonely sailor decided to spank his seamonkey into what he thought was an empty seashell. To his surprise he ended up fathering a half-human half-hermit crab son whom he uncreatively named Herman. Knowing Herman would never be accepted amongst human society, the two stayed at sea until the sailor’s death. Herman was eventually captured by pirates and forced to join their crew. As pirates are wont to do, Herman lost a couple limbs. He was fitted with large blades and was dubbed Hermit Stab by the pun loving captain.

Day 4: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents-RAPUNZEL DARQUE

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Rapunzel Darque is an enigmatic figure in the world of the supernatural.  She is the owner/operator of an coffee bar/internet café in Georgetown in Washington DC.  The establishment known as THE AUTOMATIC DRIP caters to the mystic and preternatural community.  The door cannot be seen by non magic persons.  She is much more than a humble coffee girl as she possesses certain abilities of clairvoyance and other powers which she has been known to use in service of some of her more…affluent and Important patrons.

#3 Grace

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Magical Girl Meets El Kabong

Grace inherited a pendant from her much loved grandmother. It holds magical powers she doesn’t know how to use and a frilly dress she doesn’t appreciate. Not one to let a lack of knowledge stand in her way (or one to bother reading a manual), she repurposes her old guitar into a weapon and attempts to save the world.


#4 Phillip the Dark Overlord

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#4 XZ-15

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beep bo bo beep

Model XZ-15 primary purpose is research and development.  Additional information is classified.  Please input your identification number now…

#04 – Molly Megaton

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“I am a BADASS SPACE GENERAL. Do not fuck with me.” She is not actually a space general; there’s no such thing. However, she truly is not to be fucked with. So you might wanna keep that little detail to yourself. But Molly Megaton (nee Ginny Applebaum) is such an ebullient, life-affirming-in-a-no-bullshit-type-of-way presence, she almost makes Space General a real job by sheer willpower.

She gets her name from from the explosive energy she brings to any situation — and oh yeah, that right hook that’s supercharged by her magical tattoos. Had we not mentioned that? Our bad.

Day 4. Sebastian

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Sebastian the friendly Devil


Kind of inspired by Casper! this guy is cool. I think i may model him in 3D!!

#4 Capt. Seaweed

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Capt. Seaweed is from Innsmouth, a small East coast town with a dark secret.  He is on a special mission for his people that could lead to the enslavement of the human race.

Gnome who NEVER wear stilts to appear taller

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#3 Super Science

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Day Three: Nanobot Lad

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This is what the singularity will bring, a thousand confused teenagers identifying as animals getting the chance to fulfill their animal desire by use of nanobot injections. Call now and get a bonus vial of zoological avatars and a nifty book-light free!

#4 Owl Boo Boo

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“#[Havia fogo em seus olhos]” Day 04

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Havia fogo em seus olhos

#04 Ferret Warrior

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DAY THREE: Elephanteen

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NAME: Elephanteen
POWERS: Being disaffected, but looking cool while doing it.

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