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#6 Lonely Traveler

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Ocean#08-Bao Twins

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fried little bao

“Happy to be fried~”

#7 Gravlax

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#6 duck face

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The next time your mother says “If you keep making that face, it will stick,” you might want to listen to her.

#08 John Henry

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John Henry is a Universal Algorithm, an avatar of life that keeps inorganic beings and control systems in check. He is a living set of instructions that fights an eternal war against The Machine, The System, Control.  He’s a machine that beats machines – any machine – but the greater the feat the more likely he will have to die and reincarnate. His greatest power is sacrifice — he is able to work himself to death to achieve some great feat (often one people think only a machine can do) and then arise, Phoenix-like, from the ashes.

#07-The Unlikely Neighbour

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Certainly, Fish can get tired of their scenery too.

#6 Emma

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Jerry Khaba brother of the pharaoh, was buried alive with the fallen king’s body. He was a man of looks, fashion and self preservation. He loved tanning, and he wasn’t finished his tan when he was locked in Khaba’s tomb. So he used sorcery to keep himself alive so that when his brother’s tomb was raided – hopefully not long after the ceremony – he could bask in the sun one more time before passing. Only 4660 years passed when the tomb was unsealed, Jerry was so excited! After all the scientist were scared away,  taking one step into the sun, he was overwhelmed by its brightness. He went to block what eyes he had left from the sun, he burst into dust. The above picture is a depiction of what his last moment was like… total and utter euphoria.

#8 Green Avenger

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“#[ The picture]” Day 08

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#6 Lord Duck

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#8 Vinnie the Apple

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“And anudder ting Doc, you’re gonna tell ’em you were wrong ’bout that apple-a-day ting, or I’m comin’ back here wit a few of da boys and it won’t be pretty.”

DAY EIGHT: Gold Mouse

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NAME: Gold Mouse
Occupation: Pirate, Scourge of the Seven Cheeses

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#8 Jericho

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Aiden Jericho has the ability to “turn on” and “turn off” superhuman’s innate powers.  He can also (temporarily) augment them.


~~~I hadn’t planned on using him, because this was finished for coloring, but my markers died 🙁 and I have had a BAD, here he is.

7 – Sandra The Glimmersneak

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Ah, the deceptive Sandra Ilandac. A master of illusions and a thief of no small renown, she loves the hunt for the forbidden- be it ancient treasure from a forgotten vault, or the crown jewels of a Royal family. Her mastery of slight of hand and sorcerous trickery has experienced a… setback, when the Blue Fire began to fall. But through cunning (and perhaps some stolen sorcerous artifact of antiquity), she perseveres.

#8 Wanda Diels

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Wanda is the wife of the Ballooner explorer extraordinaire, Jack Diels. She met Jack when he happened upon her homeland of Iridnia. Being an island in the middle of the vast ocean Iridnians had never seen anything like the human Jack and Jack had never seen anything like the aquatic mammalian species with blindingly beautiful iridescent skin and the ability to not only breathe under water, but also fly through the air as if it were water. The Iridnian princess Wanda was one of the few who was sure Jack was not the harbinger of a coming invasion to their peaceful island and fell for the charming Jack while teaching him the Iridnian language. And Jack fell for Wanda’s mysterious and exotic eyes and sweet, gentle manner. So when Jack was finally allowed to continue his journey, Wanda decided to accompany her beloved human and leave her homeland to travel the world at his side.

#7 Jack Diels

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Jack is the preeminent Ballooner, those brave men who take to the air in their personal hot-air conveyances. They travel the world exploring new lands and coming back with fantastic finds from around the globe. Having traveled extensively Jack had seen more of the world than any other person. This makes him celebrated by some and envied by others. He is brash, speaks his mind and knows no fear. Women want him and men want to punch in his smug face (actually some women want to do that too).

#08 Fox Guy

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#07 Sad Boy

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#8 Elephant Rider Yamin

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Yah-Meen?? Haha, I don’t watch too much television but for a split second, something caught my eye on the National Geo channel and I drew a hoard of elephants. She may not seem like much now, but just you wait 😉

#8 Magnus

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He’s not a doctor… Just so happens to be a kid Scientist… with a very large syringe..

Day 8. Maddie Pearl

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Porcelain Horror, Maddie Pearl

Porcelain Horror, Maddie Pearl


This character was actually the brain child of a friend of mine.  I drew this from her description of her and im really digging it!

#8 Dex

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Here’s Dex, a fighter turned bodyguard turned astronaut.  The astronaut he was working for decided to bring him along on an expedition, which he obviously feels so great about.

#8- the lost cadre

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#8 Evil GameStore VP Mike Doofus

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Evil GameStore VP Mike Doofus:

Name says it all. Wines and dines on lobster, stylin’ and profilin’ in limos, expenditures include: Hair plugs, spray tan, and plastic surgery…all while exploiting workers nationwide.

Day 8: Shadow Child

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#8 Patience the Ogre

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Names: Patience the Ogre

Place of origin: The Dim Realms

Occupation: Sorcerer

Legal status: Wanted for crimes committed in the USA and elsewhere

Identity: Public

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: None

Group affiliation: None

Base of operations: The Shadow Mansion

History: Between goblins and demons stand the ogres. Large, humanoid, vicious, and intelligent, they have plagued the heroes that defend humanity for millennia. Continue Reading

#8 – Naevia

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This is Naevia, a half-elf fighter played by my buddy Ruby.

She’s one of the tanks for our 6-man party.

Here’s what I had to work with:  Pale skinned, with white shoulder length hair; the front is braided back. She has gold eyes. Her ears are pointed enough to recognize that she has elf blood. She’s tall and strong.

For the outfit, I went with a variation on Tom Cruise’s suit-up from Legend.


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Day 7 – The Prisoner

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This man stands behind the Kin’s throne whenever the monarch is present. He can easily be mistaken for a advisor or ambassador, until you see the chains binding his arms. He never says a word, to the king or any others. But he is always there. Some speculate that he is the prince from whom the king usurped the throne, others believe he was the first opponent to be defeated by their king. The strange thing is although the King has been ruling for almost 40 years the prisoneer behind the throne has not aged a day.