#8 Wanda Diels

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Wanda is the wife of the Ballooner explorer extraordinaire, Jack Diels. She met Jack when he happened upon her homeland of Iridnia. Being an island in the middle of the vast ocean Iridnians had never seen anything like the human Jack and Jack had never seen anything like the aquatic mammalian species with blindingly beautiful iridescent skin and the ability to not only breathe under water, but also fly through the air as if it were water. The Iridnian princess Wanda was one of the few who was sure Jack was not the harbinger of a coming invasion to their peaceful island and fell for the charming Jack while teaching him the Iridnian language. And Jack fell for Wanda’s mysterious and exotic eyes and sweet, gentle manner. So when Jack was finally allowed to continue his journey, Wanda decided to accompany her beloved human and leave her homeland to travel the world at his side.

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