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Ocean#12- Green Horn

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“I wanna eat dessert the whole day…. yum yum!”

#12 – Professor James

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Professor James is a Canadian Archeologist working in Egypt looking for new artifacts for his museum.  He unfortunately uncovered something he shouldn’t have and released something evil into the world.

#12 Drew

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Here’s Drew. a hoodlum.  He likes to spray paint things.

#12 Mentalliac

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Day 12. Lady Valentine

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Mistress of the Dark, Lady Valentine


I’m not too happy with this one :/

oh well. We are bound to create some of those. . .right :/

Day 11. Rudy

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Sorry for the technical difficulties folks. I missed yesterday because of computer problems 🙁

but i’m back!!! so, here we go!

An obvious play on Rudolph the red nosed reindeer! I have to confess, i technically started this drawing a while ago. but i have been working on it for a while! i think i can call it done now!

#12 Roderick the Sidekick

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The Rainman competes with his fellow weather patterns in a quick game of poker or 21 to determine who the loser will be-The loser is in charge of the weather the next day. The Rainman has been on a winning streak for 5 weeks-The apple farmers haven’t been too happy about that.

Day 12: Sister Anansa

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When the Cleric’s Circle met in the first day of spring, the emissaries of many gods were in attendants. The stoic Sun god’s men came on time, as always. The warriors of the god of Battle made their noisy arrival. The goddess of Earth and River sent her strong and solemn daughters to the meeting. But Sister Anansa came alone, and no one knew, at first, which god she served. No one had ever come claiming allegiance to the god of Trickery before. He was a shape-changer, a tale teller, and the master of clever invention and plots. What need did he have of a priestess? What responsibility would he trust to a mortal? What loyalty did she hold to the patron of Chaos, and what contribution would she bring to the Circle?

#8 Zebra-Corn

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When most people hear “Zebra-Corn” they maybe picture a regal unicorn like beast with a single horn and zebra stripes… But it’s actually something far less regal with a horrible reputation for how it “stalks” its prey.

#7 Throat Dragon

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#11 and #12 – Eddie and Venus

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Up until now, most of the trainers and monsters we’ve seen have been pretty low on the competitive scale. Venus here is probably our first real example of a high-level competitive blob monster; Eddie, on the other hand, is nowhere near our first example of a competitive-level trainer. See, Eddie is the son of a very rich construction magnate, and having a very large, powerful monster under your control is a sign of real success. And heaven forbid a rich kid’s gonna walk around without the latest in status-proclaiming technology, so daddy took it upon himself to get the best monster money could buy. He even commissioned a famous artist to design the creature’s final appearance, which is why it seems so completely out of place next to a precocious teenager like Eddie.

Let’s take a look under Venus’s hood, shall we? First off, Venus has multiple computer cores, which are required to manage the huge amount of nanoparticle material that makes up her body. These interlocking cores also boost her defense significantly, since she can afford to lose one or two without going completely offline. The egg-shaped things that orbit her body are used for defense and scouting, as well as giving her a way to explore smaller, tighter areas that her huge body would never fit into. They can also be used for offense, boosting the sonic resonance patterns that form Venus’s main attack method.

Of course, all of this is rather lost on Eddie. Rather than being stunned or worried about the frankly immense power that Venus affords him, Eddie’s decided that the clothes make the man. And since he’s got the latest in blob monster technology, he’s obviously the best trainer ever. In short, Eddie’s the kind of kid who confuses buying his way to the top of the leaderboard with being extremely good at the game.

The keywords I got for Venus’s design were Geometric, Sphere, Whale fins, Lantern, Eggs, Orbitars. Usually, the Geometric keyword suggests that the resulting monster will be an NMSA agent, but in this case, I felt that the strong suggestion of a whale felt better with a student, especially if it was a student with ties to the Agency.


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AeroGale is a superhero whom doesn’t know the word retirement. Been saving the world since his 20’s, hes been in the service for 60 years.  His name is a representation of what hes known for, flying really fast and willing the weather to his whim.

#9 Theif of the night

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Real name – Devin Nox. Son of a merchant on New Free  Freeland (formerly Earth colony 9, formerly Io).  A total poser.

DAY TWELVE – The Infanta

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NAME: The Infanta

The Infanta -technically, an Infanta- is a prince or princess of the Underworld, the reincarnation of a soul sacrificed to Moloch in the Valley of Hinnom. Is the soul still innocent and pure, or has it been traumatized by the knife and the fire? By the time we know, it’s way past time to do anything about it.

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#12 Ernesto Bedoya

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Name: Ernesto Bedoya

Place of origin: New York City, New York, USA

Occupation: Cop

Legal status: Citizen of good standing of the USA

Identity: Public

Marital status: Married

Known relatives: Wife Amy Bedoya aka Speedway, Son Loredo Bedoya, Son Michael Bedoya

Group affiliation: NYPD, formally USMC

Base of operations: New York City, New York, USA

History: Ernesto finished high school without a clear direction for himself. Continue Reading

#6 Gaucho Daniel

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#6 Gaucho Daniel


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The Cuban Missile

He’s smokin’ HOT.


#11-The-Flying Burrito

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The Flying Burrito

The Flying Burrito – no need to say more.

#10 – The Mojito Mesquito

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The Mojito Mesquito

#5 Victor Warden

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Victor Warden has been called a hero and a terrorist. He once fought hard for what he believed in, and the government retaliated against him for it. It came to the point where his only chance for survival was to disappear. So he did, and has been living as a hermit in the wilderness ever since.

11/12/2012: Jedel Parghoga, Zyntradi Gunslinger

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NAME: Jedel Parghoga  SPECIES:  Zyntradi  ORIGIN: Zyntradi Commonwealth

A renowned sharpshooter and notorious psychopath, Jedel’s guns are for hire to anyone with enough credits and moral lenience to meet their price. Little is known of Jedel’s past, though one can often tell where Jedel has been based on the “splatter art” left behind. Jedel considers itself a true artist, canvassing the walls with the its opponents’ ichors.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD, 3d printed on a Makerbot Replicator and hand-painted with water-based acrylics.

#12 RedBird

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After an accident at the Redbird factory, this little guy lit the world on fire.

Day 12 – The Ascendant

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A Technopath superhero I’m developing for a potential comics that’s been in my head for a while.

Day 11 – Polar Individual, Hero of the North

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I’m definitely using this one in my webcomic!

Day 10 – Tom Cockpit, Agent of iBrother

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I was in a superspy mood, having watched The Avengers and Skyfall during the weekend.

Day 9 – Captain Swordfists

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A sea captain with swordfishes instead of arms… That is all!

“#[ Algodão doce]” Day 12

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“# [ Happy 2013]” Day 11

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#10 Uncle Beard

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A bit late, but I’m catching up.