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#21 He-Boo Who

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Everyone loves He-Boo. He’s a hoot!

Ocean#22- Cheeky Chucko

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“Let see who should I play prank on today… hehehee”

#22 Rob

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#12 Tanuki-gakure

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For fifty pieces of gold, you can buy revenge.

#17, 18, 19 – still not caught up!? argh.

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#22 Nihil

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#22- Manticore

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#22 – Duke Leon

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This is Duke Leon, a human fighter, and an upcoming villain in our current campaign.

Honestly haven’t thought up any backstory yet, just wanted a beefy, crazy-eyed dude for the group to fight.

#22 Microkid

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Real name: Timothy Rolend

Height: 5’7    Age:19

Weight: 215 lbs. Race:Caucasian

Location: New York, NY

Microkid is one of my first characters I created out of a sketchbook back in 1993.

Timothy is the son of a scientist working for a pharmaceutical company. Timothy felt sick one day when he visit his father so he went to find a pill that can cure his sickness but he found out the hard way that it was an experimental pill made to military use. He ended up having it part of his anatomy permanently. He discovered the ability to shrink to almost microscopic size with the use of positive thinking.  As Microkid, he uses his powers to go into places no one else can to fight crime .

Powers: Hand to hand combat along with his power to shrink or enlarge his size.

Personality:Confident and understanding.


#16 Trash Bag Killah

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#16 Trash Bag Killah

“#[Garçonete]” Day 22

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11/22/2012: Kusk, Child of Horus Weapons Dealer

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NAME: Kusk  SPECIES: Child of Horus  ORIGIN:  High Realm of Horus

Born to Clutch Startalon, Kusk was forced to leave the High Realm of Horus when the Favored of Anubis invaded, laying siege to his clutchs’ palace. Fleeing through the Hall of the Sun, Kusk eventually found his way to Nexus City. There, he develops energy weapons patterned from the technology of his home world and sells them to the warring gangs in the Undercity, Zero Syndicate criminals, and anyone else willing to pay for his wares. Though kind and affable, Kusk cares little for who ends up with his weaponry, his only concern gathering sufficient funds to return to his home with an army of mercenaries so he can liberate his people.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending…)


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Day 22: The InvisibLega

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Nick Lega is the twin brother of Indiana. DON’T YOU SEE THE SIMILARITY? 😛

Well, he was visible, until a toxic accident made him invisible. Till then he’s practically nowhere to found. He usually haresses models and beautiful girls and then he lights up a cigar wearing his cool glasses. He is a grey character, not bad, not good. Somewhere between.

#22 – Cadence Clarke.

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Growing up with a name like Cadence is hard for a boy. His parents where old time hippies and didn’t believe in gender stereotypes, they said Cadence suited his kind soul. The kids at school didn’t see it that way. When your five anything that makes you different seems to make you a target, the fat kid gets bullied, the girl with glasses who always does her homework gets teased and of course the guy with the girly name gets picked on for sure.

Cade, as he has been calling himself for years blamed his name for the path his life took. When we moved up to high school he was feed up of being the butt of every joke and the punching bag for the big kids. Cade started to work out, take mixed martial arts lessons, his parents didn’t like the thought of their boy learning such violent things, but when he lied and told them it was the only way he could express his inner self they started to actively encourage him. Cade had learnt at an early age how to play his parents.

By the end of high school everyone called him Cade, he was the guy everyone else was scared of. He liked things this way. It was this new found confidence and respect that lead to some very poor life choices and friendships that ended up putting him behind bars for a few years after a jar jacking had gone bad.

By the time Cade turned twenty-five he was stealing high-end cars for use in gang heists. He made quite the name for himself in the crime underworld, working his way up to be the get away driver for the biggest bank job the city had ever seen. After a few big profile jobs Cade had stashed enough cash to make a good life for himself. He was already to fly out to Tokyo and retire on his ill-gotten earnings. His boss was less than pleased about this.

Talking Cade into one last job with the promise of the biggest taking he’d ever earn, his boss set him up. After the job at the safe house the other gang members pulled guns on Cade, they told him it was nothing personal just the boss couldn’t have any loose ends. Before the guys could even pull their triggers they fell to the floor a single bullet in the head of each of them.

A figure stepped out of the shadows. An old grey haired man, twin pistols in hand. The old guy smiled at Cade as he holstered his guns. He reached out his hand to Cade.

“Evening Cadence Clarke nice to meet you. I’m you from the future”

“We best get outta here we have got a lot to do.”

Cadence Clarke would eventually end up in Tokyo, but not for a long time yet.

#22 – Bruce the “Combat Flower”

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A former police officer and gardener, Bruce once lived an ordinary life.  Until one day, a freak accident left him unconsious, and severely wounded.


That’s where the screwup scientists come in.  After several attempts at turning him into a cyborg, they realized that the “only” way he’ll ever be able to do anything again was to turn him into a cybernetic flower.  As of now, he only has one vine arm which he can use to wield any kind of weaponry he can with one hand.  Aside from that, he is extremely upset, and wishes to force his so-called “saviors” to give him a new body.

Day 21: Leo Ni Das

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Well…Leo is a classical case of a dude stuck in the past. Like, ancient past. Leo believes he is the incarnation of Leonidas, the leader of 300 Legartans, back in the ancient era and he’s usually dressed in 300 Gucci Style. But his spear is an ancient relic which is the real reason he went mad and makes him immortal!

Catchup #2 day 13-19

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#20 – Lady DeWolfe

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Lady DeWolfe was orphaned at a young age and brought up in a well-to-do family.  She wasn’t treated well by her step-sisters and had an unhappy childhood. Fortunately she was rescued by a handsome young man and lived in the lap of luxury the rest of her life …  which wasn’t long since she was possessed by an evil spirit and went on a killing spree until she was killed by her husband

Day 22-Mixed

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Mixed is an experiment by a secret cabal of scientists working in an undisclosed location to see if they could combine robotic parts with a college student who thought he was volunteering for a fraternity hazing. If the scientists had been working in a disclosed location they might have better parts, but working with what they had Mixed was the result. Once back in the world the student didn’t really know what else to do with himself, so he has decided to defend the Earth from evil and protect other dumb college kids from volunteering for experiments with weird scientists.

#19 – Old Mi’kmaq Storyteller

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The old mi’kmaq storyteller remembers all the old stories from long ago and tries to remind the youth of their heritage.  Many refuse to listen, thinking they are just silly old stories.  However, many of them are based on fact which they will soon learn to their horror.

13 – Kennet Mak San, Pictish Warrior

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A reimagining of the look of Robert E. Howard’s Pictish warriors, brought under the influence of Bran Mak Morn under one banner in the face of Rome’s might. Kennet was one of hundreds of Picts brought from the Highlands to stand firm against the assault of the Roman advance- his skill with a greatsword, and the story of his aquisition of a Tuathe necklace while young, making him an outstanding folk hero, even under the shadow of their legendary King.

#22 White Solar Mirror

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White Solar Mirror. “I Pulse in order to Reflect, Realizing Order. I seal the matrix of Endlessness with the Solar tone of intention. I am guided by the power of Timelessness.”

Day 22: Mack Machismo

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The third in my creation of antagonists:

Mack is a jerk. It makes it all the worse that he is a respected officer in the honorable Blunt Tusk war band. He is a decorated warrior, revered by his brothers as a fearless fighter, holder of great traditions and loyal to the fraternity. But he torments those weaker than himself. He makes life miserable for the drum keepers that aren’t strong enough to fight. He mocks those he considers small or effeminate. The very idea of women in the war band (or anywhere out of the kitchen) is laughable, and any man who disagrees is no sort of man. According to him, only the strong, meaning the most masculine, deserve any sort of power and honor.

#22 Lumumba Sagan

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Lumumba Sagan. Native of the Planetarium-City of Altered Brazzaville, he forsook medicine to become a wandering fighter. He looks like a Congo dandy gentleman, fights like Bruce Lee. A former finalist in the Gangster Island Rumble, ally of the Altercationist, a fighter, a tailor, a scholar. Everything is communication – dressing, fighting, speaking. “Losing a fight is simply and only a failure of communication”.

Day Twenty-Two – T-Bag

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Happy Thanksgiving! Try not to secede from the Union over pumpkin pie!

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Day 22: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: ZHEL OF THE NEXT KIND

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On the distant world of Jorol, 3 million years into our own future lies THE NEXT KIND: 7 descendant races of humanity, who have evolved to their climates and environments, manifesting incredible new powers, abilities and challenges.  The world of Jorol though, was not uninhabited when humanity’s children first reached this world.  The Next Kind’s forefathers called them The Frahl Wraiths: Beings made of living metal, who were forced bellow the surface by the first settlers of Jorol.  2 million years later the Jorol returned to the surface for what they believed was rightfully theirs.  They struck first in the Nation State of Norlympia, decimating the city of Kortha.  One of the few surviors to escape was a nobleman military commander by the name Doule.

Doule began scouring the globe for allies to aid him in the common threat of The Frahl Wraithes.  This eventually brought him to the Western Fire mountains of Piras Terran.  This land was occupied by a nation state known as the Ferras: A matriarchal society of pyrokenetics  where women occupy most of the warrior, political, and social positions of high importance.  Their queen, Mahlbeth III was at first apprehensive about lending any aid.  She was then swayed by her youngest sister, Zhel, to allow her to be a military attache to Doule, for the purpose of gathering information about the Frahl Wraithes and the danger they present to the Great Western Empire of the Ferras.

At first Zhel was adversarial to Doule’s command and authority.  But over time, both proved eachother’s worth.  Doule eventually rose to be Doule’s most trusted advisor and second in command as they fight together to turn back the Frahl Wraithe Threat.

#21 and #22 – Cynthia and Paracycle

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At last, we meet the mysterious owner of the underground hack shop Stygia! Though rarely in the store, Cynthia’s influence is undeniable; she’s a button-down, serious competitor who calmly analyzes any situation before taking action. As one of the oldest trainers around, Cynthia has a lifetime of experience around blob monsters that informs the way she treats the creatures. That is to say, she sees blob monsters as sentient creatures, and this belief dictates the actions she takes, and even the strategies she uses in combat.

Cynthia’s partner is Paracycle, a spectacularly dangerous foe for any trainer to face. Though not particularly resistant or able to dish out big hits, Paracycle is nevertheless a fearsome opponent because of the abilities displayed by its unique exposed interlocking core. This core fires a transmitting beam that can suppress the connections between individual nanoparticles, turning a coordinated ooze monster into a pile of confused individual nanomachines.

Keywords for these two were Modern Art, Sphere, Six Legs, Shell, Fungus, and Screws. It was a pretty wacky collection of phrases, and it actually took me a while to figure out how to fit them together.

#14 Riton

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#22 – Gangstar 03’s daughter

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His daughter