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11/23/2012: YoW, Rooblian Scholar

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NAME: YoWokene  SPECIES: Rooblian  ORIGIN: Rooblix

Over 300 Dominion Standard years old, YoWokene (Yoh-Wo-Ke-Neh) has been to many worlds and seen many strange things. Dedicated to the act of categorizing and cataloging all he encounters, YoW has taken a break for the last 12 years to tutor the heir to the Calixa household, a job that has paid handsomely and allowed him to accrue a fortune of his own.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


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#23 The Fiend

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Supernatural detective and man of action, The Fiend uses wit, cunning and prowess to combat evil and embarass those who would exploit the weak.

Does his brass mask impart him superhuman ability? Is he cursed by powers infernal, or perhaps blessed by Heaven? His enemies scheme, his admirers wonder-but only the Fiend knows the truth.

#12: Sirius Thomas Pearl

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Sirius Thomas Pearl is not his real name.  He took his wife’s last name and also chose his first name after the star.  He’s not an ordinary pilot.

#11: Stanley Pearl

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He is more reserved compared to the rest of his family.  Like his sister, he looks similar to his mother compared to his father.

#10: Katherine Pearl

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She belongs to the same story as Derrik.  She, her brother and father have similar differences though she looks a lot like her mother.

#15 Lion Heart

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#23 The Black Angus

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The Black Angus


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The Ladyboy

#23 – “Fur”

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Fur was once a reclusive human who spent a good majority of his life by himself, until a burgular who tried to rob him ended up killing him.


Just another experiment by idiotic scientists, he has been revived as a cybernetic cat.  This gives him the opportunity, should he ever find his killer, to exact revenge.

#15 Bad luck

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#18 Tito Alba

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#18 Tito Alba

Day 23: Mouffette de Chevalier

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Character 1 of the Monochrome Warriors Four. I was trying to do 30 individual character pieces, but I got really excited about drawing this quartet together, so I’m releasing them one day at a time.

Mouffette is the first, a french knight, warrior of honor and possessing the fabled odor of Chateau Champs de Rose.


#23 Blue Planetary Storm

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Blue Planetary Storm can make it rain from his hands. He wears his father’s old whirling hat in order to twirl better when he waters his plants. Some call him a great farmer because his plants are always so big and happy. Some even call him an unnatural miracle during times of drought. Others quite simply call him, Mr. Make It Rain.

Blue Planetary Storm says, “I perfect in order to catalyze, producing energy. I seal the matrix of Self-Generation with the planetary tone of Manifestation! I am guided by the power of accomplishment.”

Day 23: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: THE NEXT KIND’S GELDORN

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Day 23: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: A 30 Character in 30 Day Challenge

Dan Nokes gives you


On a world thousands of lightyears from ours and 3 million years from our time , lies the 7 great nations of the world of Jorol. These 7 civilizations are all evolutionary offshoots of mankind, who have settled the far reaches of this planet and have evolved into separate species from one another.  These nations forced the native peoples of this world: The Frahl Wraiths into the under realms of this planet, and were by the start of their common era to be extinct.

This was not to be so however, as the Frahl Wraith’s returned to reclaim their homeworld.  They began with the Confederate City States of Norlympia: A near human like race, that had several of those city states laid waste, and many survivors taken into slavery.  One of those who managed to escape was a Korthan general noble by the name of Doule.  Doule scoured the seven great nations to find those who would join his quest to turn back the Frahl Wraith threat before they engulfed all of Jorol.

One of those nations was the 2nd Republic of Harlth, occupied by creatures made of living rock known as the Harlthans.  One of their best known citizens was their senior statesman, former Grand Warsmith, and philosopher emeritus known as Geldorn.  Geldorn was best known for his various written works, and was the most celebrated thinker of his age.  But time had made him a subject of redicule to his people, who saw him as antiquated, and out of touch.

When Doule made his way to Harth, the council of 9 heard his pleas, but needed a gesture, that would prove aid would be warranted.  Geldorn no longer sat on the council, but openly scolded their lack or foresight and commitment.  He pledged his aid to Doule, and joined his ranks.  Geldorn though of a more advanced age has proven useful for his still formidable strength, endurance, and military prowess.  Doule was an admirer of Geldorn’s and relies on him heavily for his sage advice and battle prowess!

#23 – Eschaton

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Efren Garifuna Ordoñez. A quiet, simply dressed, weird-looking guy. He’s the end of time, the last days, the final, heaven-like stage of history… whenever an Unveiling is about to happen, you’ll start seeing him in the back of  the crowd, in the corner of the room at all tomorrow’s parties, peering anxiously in the background of scenes on your television.

And then one day Eschaton steps out from the crowd, almost sheepish, and says those four hushed words, that turn all our works to dust, and leaves ashes in the mouths of the mighty.

“That’s it. It’s over.”

# 23 Gentle heart

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The Saint of the ripped. He cares a whole deal he just doesn’t want us to know.


# 22 Sunshine

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Sunshine is loud but friendly and sweet. Although after a while it gets too much.

#23 – Katelyn Anderson/ColdFusion.

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The young Katelyn Anderson or as she is now better known under her superhero moniker ColdFusion was the greatest hope mankind had ever had for a bright future.

During an experiment into low-energy nuclear reactions Katelyn was exposed to microscopic particles when an accident had her trapped in the sealed chamber during testing. The resulting exposure warped her DNA.

Hospitalist for months in a coma doctors told her family and friends to be prepared for the worst. Every test they had done had come back with readings never seen before. Even the leading experts seemed perplexed by the young girls comatosed condition. By all accounts the accident should have killed her, somehow she come out without a scratch on her, just unresponsive to the world.

After nearly a year she woke up. She seemed to be perfectly fine, she remembered the accident clearly and was shaken by the thought of missing a year of her life but friends and family where so pleased to have her back that things soon returned to normal.

A week after returning home Katelyn started to notice the changes. Going to turn the kettle up and it would boil at her touch; she hadn’t filled her car up since returning home, the fuel gauge hadn’t moved at all. After confiding in one of the doctors from her lab she agreed to let him test her.

The results changed the scientific world forever. It appeared as if the very body heat Katelyn created was actually producing a low-energy nuclear reaction. She had become cold fusion itself.

She was on the cover of every newspaper the world over. Within the week everyone know her name. She was being taken all over the world to meet presidents, kings and queens. By the end of the year the United Nations had funded a project to set about using this miraculous gift to help the world.

It turned out the more she used her powers the greater the energy output became, before the end of her first year from waking up she was out putting three quarters of the entire worlds energy.

A horrific fact become clear during a routine test with the doctor who had originally made the discoverer. The cold fusion process was slowly killing Katelyn.

Would the world let one young girl die for their energy desires? Katelyn was scared to find out.

#17 Nestumbarf Monster

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#17 Nestumbarf Monster

#23 Jesse “Hip Cat” Herrera

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#23 Joe

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Val G. (nittoai)

#23 Tamahori

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Real name: Takano Tamahori

Height: 239 lbs.  Age:42

Weight:6’1 Race: New Zealand/Japanese(Okinawan)

Location: New York, NY

Tamahori is a family member of an ancient warrior family whose mission is saving this world from things that are considered impossible to stop with other means alone.  Able to take his adventures wherever those adventures take him.

Powers: None but has super-strength and endurance. Personality: Observant, full of confidence.


#23 Seed Rocket

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Day Fifteen: Vid-helm

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Just because a girl still lives on tape doesn’t mean she’s a damned hipster, just, archaic.

Day 23-Ocellus

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A professor of optics developed a device that allows him to shine spots of color on different objects. Most people would think they had created a cool thing for entertaining at parties. But not this professor, he decided to make a jumpsuit, strap the device to his back and become a crime fighter. So if you see Ocellus on the street and you are up to no good watch out, he just might shine a dot of colored light on you.

Day 23 | Monk Manchu, Private Eye

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2012 – DAY 23

All characters are created by my 5 year-old son, The Junior Partner.  He has either drawn these characters on his own and I have recreated them here, or he has sat at my elbow dictating design and conceptual ideas like a creative, but frenetic, taskmaster.


After staring at some of the Hellboy statues in the home office, the Junior Partner, mentioned that Hellboy looked like a big red monkey with a giant gun.  I threw together a sketch on a post-it of a chimp holding a giant Hellboy gun.  The  Junior Partner then asked who he was and his story and I turned it around on him.  I suggested the name “Monk” and then the story unfolded that the chimp was a cop who solved crimes and his gun shot grappling hooks and nets, etc…  I drew a fu-manchu style mustache  and gave the character sixties love beads and patterned kung-fu shirts for a hippie vibe.  Those were all vetoed and eventually the character became more of a orangutan with no ‘stache so the name, “Monk Manchu” doesn’t really fit anymore.  Nevertheless, here he is…a monkey private eye with a big gun and knows king-fu.


#14 What does Dracula get when his on the wrong list??

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#22 Waterdragon

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#14 Amiis

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