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Day 4 -Hermit

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#4 Flintpower Sky-Mountain

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Born as Flint Rockmann in the late 70’s he took on his “spirit name” Flintpower Sky-Mountain

#6 Sir Basker

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I just so happened to download one of those apps where you would have to take care of a pet… and while the app didn’t manage to survive a day, Sir Basker will now forever be living through this doodle as #6!

#3 Dr. Mitchell K. Lowery

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Dr. Mitchell K. Lowery is a very Bill Nye type character. He’s very intelligent college professor so when he gets excited he gets to talking fast and most folks don’t actually understand what he’s talking about. Because he looks very much like Colonel Sanders but has Red Hair his unofficial nick name on campus is Dr. Ginger Sanders.

#6 – The Undead King

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#4 X Plor

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A tiny robot dropped off on a desolate world with no idea what his goal or purpose is.

#6 Barkley

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mmmm apples

A witty half pint who loves to stump others with riddles before they cross the glade.

#3 Larry

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I…don’t even know what this is…

6 – The Alchemist Revealed

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Hundreds of feet long, and as black as desolate night… the last of the great Mystaran black dragons.

The Alchemist is missing a hind limb from an old encounter with a clan of giants that, naturally, didn’t survive the encounter- when disguised as a human, it has a slight limp that it’s shifting abilities can’t quite correct. Over decades of supernatural modification and the ingestion of special elixers, the Alchemist can produce a wide variety of potions and tinctures from it’s bile and breath, like an artist can paint images or a singer many notes. As one of the most successful non-Shemnitic merchants ever to live in Medecca, the resources it has access to are monumental, almost like a Visir.

To leave the desert and wander into Oberonn’s Land can only bode ill-well…

#6 High School Swim Team

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Did anyone else have a swim team for High School?

#1 – Mick Adler

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Mick Adler is unarguably the most financially successful inventor of the last century. He graduated from high school at 16, college at 18, and patented his revolutionary battery at 20. He started Future-Tech with his three best friends, Paul Gaziani, Stuart Ashbow, and Delia Troy (now Burton). His idea was to convert all vehicles to electric power, and with his battery and a freely released conversion manual released a year later, that dream was accomplished. The last gasoline powered car in the AMY was shipped five years ago. All ‘gas’ stations now sell exclusively Future-Tech fuel cells.
Adler is an admitted pervert who will flirt with anyone who doesn’t say to stop (but will stop at the first sign of discomfort). He is also big-hearted and generous to a fault. He relies on his friends to keep Future-Tech running as he works, sometimes for days, in his workshop. He can be over-trusting, but since Delia Burton is in charge of all financial decisions and Stuart Ashbow all personnel that hasn’t gotten the trouble the company in trouble in quite some time. Adler’s personal life is another story…

Mick Adler is a secondary character for my comic series The White Knight. I’m working on Stuart Ashbow right now and I may do Paul Gaziani. Delia Troy Burton (aka the White Knight) won’t be showing up here as I’ve already done her design and that would be cheating.

Ocean#06-Tree Spirit

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“…. ….”

Day 6: Monkfish

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Slighted by the gods as his abyssal deep sea life was ruined as his land was raised to the surface to make a new island to appease the humans. As the lower pressures and lack of water killed everyone and everything he ever knew, he cursed the gods calling them cowards and fools.

Hearing this of course, the smug gods basically said “Prove it” and gave him magical armor to keep him alive on the surface. “For every island you conquer, it will sink back into the sea. You will fail, endling.”

And now he wages war on the surface, trying to reclaim his ancestral home.

#5 – Avanelle Avens

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Avanelle Avens looks sour, because not enough people have been complimenting her new outfit.

And she won’t forget the poor souls who weren’t impressed…

Avanelle Avens and her Parasol


“#[Black]” Day 06

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#6 White Rhythmic Wind

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White Rhythmic Wind is an armored Master Sea Horse. Her favorite food is plankton and her favorite activity is digging up sea shells from the shiny sea floor.

Day 6. Bobby 5.0

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Bobby 5.0

Kid Robot, Bobby 5.0

This guy i guess is inspired by Johnny 5, from the movie “Short Circuit”.

I figured he could be compared to a kid version of Johnny. Same personality, same character, different robot! lol

#05 – Captain Cosmo

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If you’ve seen my last couple of entries, you’ve read about a storyboard contest I entered in the early 90’s. This guy, Captain Cosmo, actually pre-dates Sir Eggplant (#03) and Druckon (#04) by about 4 years.

Captain Cosmo began as an idea for a t-shirt design project in my 8th grade shop class (it was a fictional band – Captain Cosmo and the Intergalactic Airheads), but when time came for a second storyboard contest idea, I decided to give him a makeover and base him partly on Captain Kirk from Star Trek, and partly on generic Sci-Fi B-movie captain-types. His original conception was around 1984-85; his makeover/storyboard was around 1993-94.

Then, Toy Story came out, and later, Futurama, and Buzz Lightyear and Zapp Brannigan were essentially the same character, so it kind of took the wind out of my sails as far as wanting to introduce Captain Cosmo to the masses. Still, he has a crew, and they’re looking for a home, so I’m going to try to make them part of whatever I end up doing.

#04 – Druckon

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Sir Eggplant (see my #03 for 2012), in his original (now discarded) origin story, encountered Druckon and they became constant companions. Druckon is half-duck, half-dragon. (Don’t try to visualize how that happened…you’ll be traumatized for life).

Druckon speaks with a nondescript Eastern European accent, and serves as the mind and voice of reason for the bumbling but well-intentioned Sir Eggplant.

Creator’s Note: I first developed Druckon while working on a storyboard for Sir Eggplant’s origin story. Although I scrapped the rest of the story, Druckon kind of stuck, so he’s part of my rag-tag repertoire of characters floating around in my head waiting for a purpose.

#6-The Pouncing Pickle

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The Pouncing Pickle

This is one of my favorites so far.  He just has sooooo much personality.  I can’t wait to see where he takes the guys.

#6 Dynamo

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Dynamo has the powers of Light- She can fly, and project beams of light with concussive force.

#5 The Withe Witch

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#6 Speedway

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Names: Speedway, Amy Bedoya, Amy Asner

Place of origin: Albuquerque , New Mexico, USA

Occupation: Chief designer for a for a racing team

Legal status: Citizen of good standing of the USA

Identity: Publicly known

Marital status: Married

Known relatives: Sister Emily Asner, Uncle Roger Asner, Husband Ernesto Bedoya, Son Loredo Bedoya, Son Michael Bedoya

Group affiliation: Seven Stars

Base of operations: Alburquerque, New Mexico, USA while working. New York City, New York, USA when home or with Seven Stars

History: Amy Asner was born as the youngest daughter of a racing family. Continue Reading

11/06/2012: Iolanda Jan Lagunov, Human Blue Mage

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NAME: Iolanda Jan Lagunov  SPECIES: Human  ORIGIN: Realm of Illus

Born to powerful wizard ruling over the Godborn Isles, Iolanda was schooled in the ways of magic from an early age. Possessed of an inquisitive mind, Iolanda spent much of her youth delving deeply into forbidden magics found in the ruins scattered throughout the islands of her father’s realm. After finding an ancient and powerful spell capable of tearing a hole in the fabric of space, Iolanda, heedless of the warnings of her peers, entered the mysterious rift. After a harrowing journey through the Multiverse, Iolanda found herself in Nexus City where she was taken in by the Academy of Arcane Studies. Within several years, Iolanda became one of the highest ranking Blue Mages within the institution. Her mastery of summoning and mixing of spells and natural chemistry has earned her high honors with the Arch Magi and, there are rumors that she is being groomed to enter their ranks when a seat becomes vacant.

Model designed in TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


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#6 Max

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Max is a young butler following in his father’s footsteps. At 17 he clearly knows everything and that tends to make him very irritable with others who know so much less than he. Every maid that has come to work at the house has quit because Max is never satisfied with their cleaning abilities, so he just does the majority of the household chores himself. If you want something done right, you should probably just let Max handle it himself. He’ll just have to redo it anyway once you’ve made a mess of things.

#6 Mr. Brown

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#6 Battyx

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Day 6: Otis Wonder

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Otis is a former linebacker for the Oakland Raiders. He played ten years of pro football redefining the position of linebacker while becoming the first football player to reach billionaire status thanks to wise investments and not pissing his money away on cars, mansions and hoochies. An injury forced him into retirement and a tragic accident involving his daughter inspired him to give back to others since he had been blessed with so much. He studied law enforcement and became a private detective so that he could work without the restraints of the police force.

Now Otis runs a community center located in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city so he can offer the youths an alternative to gang involvement. It’s a state of the art facility that houses classrooms, computer labs as well as the headquarters for his private investigation firm that accepts no payment for their services and chooses clients that are the most needy.

Day 6-21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: CONSTRUCT

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21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents:
The 30 Character in 30 day challenge:
Day 6
Hisao Hitoshi was born in June of 1940 in a small fishing village on the northern coast of Japan. Hisao at the age of 4 was diagnosed deaf, and as such became the subject of ridicule and spite among the children and some of the adults of his village. But his mother and father took great care to raise him with every bit of energy and love they could muster. When Hisao grew to adulthood he worked in the same cannery his parents both worked. Though seen by many as an imbecile he was well read and managed even to teach himself to read in four different languages, as well as study many subjects such as engineering and botany.
Be it as it may though things seemed like Hisao would lead an unfulfilled life as a low level worker, until an event in 1960 changed all that. He, along with four other people across the globe were abducted by an unknown alien entity, and were experimented on. When they were returned, all seemed normal, and but the exception of strange fractal dreams, the experience was mostly forgotten.
Not long after their return however. A strange mutation took place in all five abductees. Hisaro’s mutation consisted of him developing advanced powers of telekinesis and energy to matter construct. In short, Hisaro can communicate with his mind and build energy/matter constructs on an advanced level! He also found himself connected psychically with the other abductees. So much so, that events led them to find one another, and form a team of costumed, super powered adventurers known as THE PHANTOM FIVE. Hisaro took on the name CONSTRUCT and became a valuable member of the team through a series of adventures lasting over a decade and a half.
Things ended on a sad note however, as a world conquering space dictator known as GHOR THE AHNILALATOR, invaded Earth in 1975 with a large army in tow. He was turned back in the end, but not without brutal and deadly consequences. All but one, including Construct were killed in the battle to repel the invaders.

#6 Finyara

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