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Day 29: Irielle, Angel of Wrath

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It is a secret why she fell to earth. She will not explain her past or her mission, even as she walks with mortal vigilantes. She seems to have a single-minded purpose, just for catching the wicked and delivering fiery judgement on them. But she burns away the fear in her c9mrades, leading them with her blasting voice, flashing blades and roaring flames. 

#29 Animatrix

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Animatrix has the power to bring children’s toys and action figures to life.

#27 Used Spaceship Salesman

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#29 – Spider Lily

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Red Spider Lily

Spider Lily is a master trouble shooter and contortionist.  Her small frame allows her to get into tight spaces and other places people wouldn’t look for her.  She is very smart and has a masters degree in computer programing; however, she looks and sounds like a young girl and is often underestimated.  She loves the color red and considers it a personal challenge to wear red where ever she goes.  No one knows her true name, she is called Spider Lily because of the flower she uses as her calling card.


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#30 The Golden Hero

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In the darkest times, The Golden Hero will lead the world against all threats!

#29 MetulHed

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Respect the hed!  He is the heavy metal hero!

#28 Stinky

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Day 28: Starshot

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#29 – Genzy, The President

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Genzy Maskoon Saudade is the President of People in a future where earthlings are nearly extinct. She’s the president of the Networked Nations, a federation of all living things from Earth – ‘raw’ humans, animals, AI, robots, virtual constructs, that all fall under the category of ‘people’ – whether they still live on the Planetary Preserve or are part of the Diaspora. Her inheritance as ruler of earth is her access to the Akashic Record, the memory of all the People of Earth throughout history.Unfortunately, that inheritance no longer includes what natural resources are left on Earth (all preserved now, by universal edict), so she uses her presidency to hustle jobs and deals that make life better for the scattered Earthlings.

Like any cosmopolitan traveler of the day, she travels with an enhanced cephalopod diplomat, named Bacha. As the commander-in-chief of People, she’s protected by a sentient flying drone called the Baraka Bomber, that attacks her enemies with doses of weaponized compassion. The letters P.O.P. that she has stenciled on her jumpsuit stand for her official title, “President of People.”

Maskoon is Arabic for ‘haunted’ but literally means ‘lived-in’. This is a family name for the President of People adopted in the 30th Century, when more people had left an increasingly deserted, haunted Earth for the stars than had chosen to remain on the home planet.

Saudade is a Portuguese word that describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves. It often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing will never return. It has also been described as the duality of envisioning, before you should, a future swamped with nostalgia. Adopted as a family name for the President in the 25th Century, in anticipation that Earth would eventually be turned into a Planetary Preserve, unable to sustain the lives of its many varied inhabitants.


#23, 24, 25, 26 Fairy Panda & Steampunk Man

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A Peppermint Panda, a Steampunk guy, a confused Naga, and various other stuff.

I am forever playing catch-up. Gah.


#29 – The One Known as “Blight”

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Calling herself “Blight”, this half human half spider creature aims to make things as painful for others as possible.  Is a possible ally with Nightmare.

Day 27: Sergeant Warnicorn

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“Fall in, you slackers!”

Day 26: The Dentok

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I want to point out that I could have been lame and made seperate entries for each of these types of Dentok. But I lumped them together cuz I’m like that.

#29 The Crew

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Are we done yet?

#21 Lectracute

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“Go ahead and run. It won’t help you.”

Characters 10-20/30

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10/30 – Roxie the Racer Queen. Figured on some Mad Max post-apocalyptic type thing. I wanted to draw a squished up minibike, like Akira Toriyama would back in the day.

11/30 – Funcrusher Plus. Upgrade on Funcrusher, the 2.0 if you will. It was inevitable.

12/30 – Razorblade Romantic. Another character based off a memorable album title (HIM’s Razorblade Romance). Mostly, I just wanted to draw a dude with a pompadour and a razorblade.

13/30 – The Blind Boxer. This was the last one I’d done after a very long night, kinda copped out with a quick brush pen illustration. Blind Shaolin fighter.

14/30 – Clean-Up. After some lazy submissions, felt like doing some detail work on this one.

15/30 – Det. Robert Booker. Straight laced, no nonsense cop.

16/30 – Piggy Pig. Booker’s partner. Name’s how the criminal element in town refer to him.

17/30 – The Persistent Hunter. Undead cowboy bounty hunter.

18/30 – The Hermit. Wizened old ninja master hermit type.

19/30 – Grimace the Goblin. Another late night cop out.

20/30 – Riot Grrl. DIY vigilante heroine protecting her city.

#28 Nutt N. Bolt

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He’s electrifying!

#27 Bling Bling T. Pigglesworth

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Bling Bling loves collecting scrilla.

#20 Robo-Ra

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Futuristic pyramid guardian.

#19 Queen of Shadows

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“Off with their shadows!”

#18 The Dragon Tail Warrior

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“I stand for honor, courage and mayhem.”

#29 Chat Rouge

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Queen of the Hunt

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Not much to say- this just kinda came together and I went with the hunter-gatherer thing.

#24 Clem: The Human Turned Alien Via Evolution

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Second grade girl explains space aliens:

Girl: “We put people in space and they turned into aliens…”

Me: “How did they turn into aliens?”
Girl: “They couldn’t Breathe”

Me:”But how did they turn into aliens?”
Girl: They couldn’t breathe so they turned into aliens…”

Me: “so you’re saying it was an evolutionary response, so they could survive?”

Girl: “Yes. (befuddled look)”

Madame Secret

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A British spy between the time of WWI and WWII. She has the ability to gather information form bugs and birds. Figuring out what information is useful and what isn’t is the challenge!

#23 The Infamous Knife Stealing Sun

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Boy: I touched the sun once!
Me: Did you need special Laser gloves for that?
Boy: Well YEEEEAH! (Duh Mr. Kiefer)
Boy: I poked a hole in it.
Me: How did you poke a hole in it?
Boy: With a knife.
Me: What happens to it when you put a hole in it
Boy: Oh not really anything.
Me: Do you still have the knife
Boy: No it’s gone. The sun takes it.


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#30 Half Dome

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Day 29-Loafer

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After an accident a shoe store where he worked Jim McKenzie was transformed into a giant shoe. Now as the Loafer he patrols the city stamping out evil wherever he finds it.


#17 Sen-8-or

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The Sen-8-or ponders his new found responsibilities.