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#2 Forn

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#2 Devil’s Advocate

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After the whole incident with Daniel Webster, the Devil thought it would be a good idea to lawyer-up a bit…

#1 Devil of the Bayou

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“Let’s make a deal”

#1 Patrol Agent Mol McGinty

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#1 Patrol Agent Mol McGinty

Infinity is a hard concept to wrap your head around. But that is how many realities The Agency polices. To do that, it takes a special kind of person. Like Agent McGinty.

While she might not have any of the flashy superpowers some of her colleagues rely on, she’s crafty. For instance, your standard agent might hop between different dimensions & notice a difference in the way time flows. Only an agent like Mol would exploit that time variance as a means to optimize her training. While she may only appear to be in her mid twenties, she’s spent the equivalent of several lifetimes honing her skills. If, by chance, she somehow finds herself lacking experience in something new, just let her step through a portal. While it may seem like an instant to you, she’ll have come back with forty years of expertise without having aged a second. She’s one of the best agents because she’s willing to put in the time.

That said, some of her fellow agents are beginning to suspect all that time is starting to cause some adverse effects on her mental & emotional well-being. While she’s always been a bit cold & withdrawn, that’s only seemed to intensify lately. And the long quiet, staring spells they find her in sometimes aren’t too reassuring either.


This character is for a story I’m developing at the moment. It’s in the very beginning stages. The main protagonist is actually a different version of Mol (a Molly actually) from another dimension. I dunno. I like the idea of essentially having same person be two completely different characters, & them acting as foils to one another. This Mol is cold & methodical in a Bruce Wayne sort of sense, while the other… isn’t.

The hologram interface on her computer didn’t pan out quite the way I wanted, but I hope it still gets the point across. She’s not the character I was hoping to start off with either, but the first one had a lot of detail & was setting me back That’s why I’m a little behind starting off, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. More soon hopefully, & perhaps more from this story as it develops.

#2 MK – 330

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Once a human, little is known of this abomination. His data records indicate that he traveled from the future as a fugitive, injured from several bullet wounds, self administered healing nano-machines hat got corrupted from the time stream causing him to morph into a synthetic life form over time. The accident has changed his character and now he roams the strange land and time he has landed in to redeem what is left of his soul.

330 just began  to learn emotions such as compassion and courage.
He definitely has learned to adapt and survive by living on his own
as he had time to rethink about his situation and purpose in
whatever existence he has come to painfully embrace due to his
misfortune, or rebirth.

#2 – Brandon the Cyber Menace

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Brandon, having been transformed into a cyborg warrior, is a major threat.  He is one of the generals of an focused on taking over the world.

#1 Edwin J. Spradlin

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Eddie J. is practically a cartoon of a conservative red-neck and he is proud of it.



#2 Asta

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Zoo animal from my comic world :D

Zoo animal from my comic world 😀

#2-The Cherry Tomato

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The Cherry Tomato

#2 Demar the Spiritualist

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He’s like… an urban Arabian Ninja??? Forget smoke, it’s so over rated. He instead can burst into what seems to be thin pieces of paper! Beware of paper cuts!

#1 Heli-Ma-Copter Boy

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Heli-Ma-Copter Boy, the friendly news copter robot.


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#2 Derelict Scavenger

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When Earth’s orbit happened to coincide with the wreckage of a massive interstellar battlefield, derelict ships ranging in size from yards to miles rained down across the planet, causing cataclysmic destruction.  As humanity struggles to rebuild, salvage crews explore the wrecks, driven by curiosity, greed, or a thirst for knowledge.  Thao is one such scavenger, eagerly diving in and facing all manner of threats to retrieve and study the alien technology he finds.

Probably should’ve spent longer on the background here…well, we’re focusing on the characters, right?  In the future I’ll try to make the scenery less terrible!

Day Two: Car-Tell, the Autopath

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NAME: Car-Tell
LOCATION: Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
POWERS: Autopathy. He can talk to cars.

In the style of Drub.

#2 Daisy Schneider

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#2 Eye Guys

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Yes.. Eye Guys. What can I say.

” – [Engulfed my mind]” Day 02

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Day 1 – Johnny Guitar

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This is my character for Day 1: Johnny Guitar, the guitaromancer. He can make magic with his guitar. But not in a “his music is so good it will touch the deepest core of your soul and changer you forever” way. More in a “His guitar can shoot fireballs” kinda way.

Day 2: Copper Peace

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Copper Peace, also known as Copper Piece, is the last Word of the Law in Micro Town. With his shimmering armor, and never ending clock-work energy, he makes sure that the citizens under his vigilant gaze stay safe and secure. He knows the Code to keep tranquility to his community, and if any mischief makers try to disturb his peace, he will crush them with his mighty hammer.

#2 Tofu-chan

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Another character from the Bento Bunch.
Val G. (nittoai)


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#2 Henry

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chop chop chop

Little Henry went exploring in the woods, axe in hand and mischief on his mind…

#2 Pyjama Stripe Squid

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Inspired by the Pyjama Stripe Squid. Ironically, The PSS is not a squid, it’s a cuttlefish. Ironically, my character is part human part cuttlefish.

Didn’t want to draw a cuttlefish in cartoon form. Maybe part human part fish? Unfortunately, this lady isn’t as cute as these aquatic beings are, but! kinda getting there I think. Wha’chu think? #2 of creature posts for me.

#02 Oriental Dancer

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pepper the purple pug

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Every wonder where the socks you wash go

The yellow ones the striped ones the ones with the hole for the toe

Maybe there being ate or used  for gifts and hugs

In a world where sox are hats and worn by with purple pugs



# 1 Six Legged Lompa

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#02 Mama Vulture

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Mama Vulture, cookin’ up some supper for her young.

#2 Supernova Stag

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Name: Supernova Stag

Place of origin: The birth of a universe somewhere in the multiverse

Occupation: Cosmic Being

Legal status: Undocumented extraterrestrial alien

Marital status: Dominant male of his herd

Known relatives: Stellar Does, Cosmic Fawns

Group affiliation: Stellar Herd

Base of operations: Migratory through the multiverse

History: King of the Stellar Herd, Supernova Stag is prized among the hunters of time-space. Continue Reading

#2 Mustangerine

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While Gilbert Dancy was attempting to train a wild mustang in a tangerine orchard during a freak thunderstorm (just go with it), lightning struck. Gilbert awoke the next day a changed man. He now had the speed and strength of a tangerine with the Vitamin C content of a full grown mustang. His superhero career did not last long.

#2 Midas Knight

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The Midas Knight armor was created by Gaige Kincaid president, ceo and lead developer for Legion Industries a top cybernetic and weapons manufacturer.  The Midas Knight Prototype armor was sold to the US government for an undisclosed amount (but believed to be well over 10 billion dollars. The MD mk1 is an advancement over the original, drastically different design of the Amethyst Assault Armor (worn by the vigilante Amethyst).  Midas Knight is assigned as the official body guard of the president when she is overseas.

I didn’t realize til after i had colored him, how alike Iron Man he is. ah well.

#2 Punching Julie

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Julie is an Egyptian investigator who’s goal is to hunt down and capture the woman known only as “She Who Talks to Shadows” (see day 1)

She is a trained hand to hand combatant, which along with her long reach (she’s 6′ 5″), makes her a dangerous woman to anger.

She doesn’t believe in magic and thinks her target is a serial killer with a weird occult obsession.

Determined to prove herself a worthy agent, she will not give up until her target is neutralized one way or another.  She is trained to kill if necessary, but her main goal is to bring her target to justice.